Love between souls… KRIYAM… Part 6

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I am sorry guys.I was not well.

Morning.Saiyyam and Krishna reached Krishna’s home.

Saiyyam:- I am leaving now

Krishna:- what.U have to attend the marriage.please come

Saiyyam:- No it’s ok

By that time Krishna’s mom saumya comes there

Saumya:- Krishna beta aa gaye tum.come . Who is he?

Krishna:- He is my friend Saiyyam.He came to drop me.But i said that he has to attend the marriage.

Saumya:- of course Saiyyam beta.Come come.You two go and freshen up and get ready.Rasams will start after some time.
And Krishna take him to the guest room.

Krishna:- Ok mumma.but where is di.

Saumya:- She went to parlor.

Krishna:- ok mumma.come Saiyyam.i will drop you to the guest room

Saiyyam nods his head and go with Krishna

Saiyyam in his room think about his parents.Seeing saumya and her father he misses his parents.After freshen up Saiyyam comes to the living area.He looks for Krishna.Then Krishna comes in an yellow dress.He is mesmerized to see her.

She looked so beautiful in Yellow and white combo dress.she comes to Saiyyam.Saiyyam is looking at Krishna

Krishna:- Saiyyam what happened?why are you looking at me like this.R u ok

Saiyyam:- (stops looking at her)ya ya i am ok

Krishna:- Come functions will start now.

Saiyyam and Krishna comes to the hall where haldi function is going on.

Saumya:- Krishna beta come and apply haldi to you sister. Saiyyam beta you also come

Krishna:- Yes mumma

Krishna applies haldi to her sister.She gives haldi plate to Saiyyam.Saiyyam also applies haldi to Krishna’s sister Kanchan.

Saiyyam was just turning back but he losses his balance due to an electric wire on the ground.He falls over Krishna.Haldi from his hands got all over Krishna’s face.

Everyone get shocked.

Saumya:- Krishna, Saiyyam are you ok.

Krishna:- Ya mumma we are ok.

Saiyyam was looking at Krishna.Krishna pinches him.Het get up.

Saiyyam:- i am sorry Krishna

Krishna:- it’s ok

Krishna goes to change her dress

Saiyyam hears some women talking about the haldi incident.They say that Saiyyam and Krishna have some relation.Haldi got applied to Krishna by Saiyyam’s hand.This may be some sign.

Saumya hears them talking.She makes them understand that it was only an accident.Saiyyam goes from there.

Saumya says to Krishna to inform Saiyyam about evening mehendi function.

Krishna goes to Saiyyam’s room.She knocks the door.But there was no response.So she enter the room

Saiyyam just comes out from washroom in a towel.

Krishna:- oh i am sry.

Krishna and Saiyyam is in an awkward situation.

Saiyyam:- Krishna don’t you have manners

Krishna:- Actually i knocked your door.But there was no reply so i thought of coming in

Saiyyam:- (wears his t-shirt) will u say why u come here.

Krishna:- Ya ya mumma told to inform you about evening mehendi function.

Saiyyam:- ok i will come.

Krishna goes and her anklet fell in Saiyyam’s room.

Evening.Saiyyam gets ready for the function.He saw the anklet.

Saiyyam:- Anklet? May this is of Krishna’s.

Saiyyam comes to hall.Krishna comes down in a red lehenga.She was looking so beautiful.Saiyyam also got mesmerized by her beauty.Krishna comes to Saiyyam

Krishna:- come Saiyyam

Saiyyam:- Krishna i have to say you something.

Dj starts.They go outside to talk

Saiyyam:- Krishna may be this is your anklet.l got this in my room.

Krishna:- Oho Saiyyam.this is the matter.i thought it may be something serious

Krishna takes the anklet and wears it.But she struggles with her lehenga to wear it.

Saiyyam comes there and offers help.But she denies.

But he helps her.He asks her to sit.He touches her feet

She become nervous.He bites the anklet to make it fit.She feels his touch.They looks at each other.They have an eyelock.

Precap:- Saiyyam thinking about Krishna

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