Love between souls..KRIYAM..Part 3

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At Krishna’s hostel…

Akshada:- I know Krishu you are upset with all the things happened today. But please get over it.

Krishna:- No yaar i was thinking about Saiyyam.He is a good guy at heart.But I don’t know why is he hiding that goodness.I think I have to make him my friend.

Akshada:- R u sure Krish.He is very rude and unpredictable.

Krishna:- Ya i am sure.

Krishna and Saiyyam think about each other.

Next morning.Krishna get a call from her mom Soumya.She says that her(Krishna’s) sister’s wedding is fixed.So she has to come home.Train is at 10:30 pm.

Krishna:- What should I do.i am afraid to go alone.Yaaa….It is a good idea,i will ask Saiyyam to come along with me.

Krishna meet Saiyyam

Krishna:-Saiyyam it’s my sis wedding on next week.Can you please come along with train is at 10:30.

Saiyyam:- why me? Ask anyone else.

Krishna:- No Saiyyam all are busy with there assignment and projects and Adarsh said that you have already submitted your project report.Please help me Saiyyam.

Saiyyam:- ok me at 6:30pm at bus is the last bus through railway road.

Krishna:- (smiles brightly) ok.Thank you so much Saiyyam.

Saiyyam:-( with a fade smile). you are welcome.

Precap:-Saiyyam gives his shirt to Krishna ask to wear it.

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  1. Good. But the updates are bit short

  2. Nice ..make ur updates longer…it’s interesting story..plz update longer parts. Keep writing god bless u…Update next part soon…

  3. Rockstr

    Lived it yaar…bt pls make ur updates longer…

  4. Greena

    Ok guys I will make my updates longer

  5. Eveytime sayyam’s and krishna’s relationship begins with hatred.but this is a different approach.story is interesting but short.

  6. Greena

    Thanks for all your comments

  7. Boring story

    1. Greena

      Sorry for making boring story.i think i have to stop it.

      1. Rockstr

        Pls dont stop it…we all love it..its sdifferent and cute…

      2. Don’t stop.make it longer

      3. Pls dnt stop we luv it

  8. Aarti32

    Nice..But plzz make it longer next time

  9. Fanficwriter518

    Really enjoying it and your storyline is so different! Glad you update regularly x

  10. This was nice plz make it longer it was too short

  11. Precap??

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