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Shot 3
Kunj was shocked to know that twinkle married uv … Uv comes der with a smirk…
U: hi Mr. Kunj sarna forwards his hand .. glad to meet u again after 4 years ….says with a smirk
Kunj come to his senses ND forwards his hand lipsing hai ..
U: I didn’t expect this kunj . U came to India again … I am really happy for u .. says uv with fake smile .
Kunj just passed a smile without uttering a word … ND looks at twinkle who is bowing her head…. Twinkle r u happy marrying uv ???? Questioned kunj to twinkle … Twinkle just nodes her head still her head bowing..
U: kunj y u r asking such question .. she is very happy with me.saying wraps his hand around her shoulder and tighten the grip which gave her pain … She was having tears but didn’t showed her pain. She is just bearing that ..

T: yes kunj I am happy … I am blessed to have such a loving and caring husband …Says with lots of difficulty..
But kunj felt smtng fishy on the way uv wraps his hands and twinkles tears … But he didn’t say anything just he hugs twinkle .. she was abt to hug him but looking at uv who is giving death glares she pushes him and back off. Wat happened twinkle says kunj .. ntng kunj says twinkle ….Ok twinkle be careful and if u have any problem u call me I am der for u always.says kunj looking at uv angrily
U: Ok kunj we r getting late so we will leave …
K: Ok with fake smile ..
Uv holds twinkles wrist so tightly due to which she got a marks of his fingers on her wrist …ND takes her (actually he drags her ) ND they reached parking slot ND drove off to luthra mansion
Kunj was still looking at the door .. he was feeling bad for twinkle ..maya comes der ” kunj wat happened y u r standing here ND y u r looking soo dull” asks maya (guys maya was with her frnd during kuvi’s conversation)
K : it’s nothing maya come let’s go.
Luthra mansion
Uv drags twinkle into home and throws her she falls down and gets hurt on her for head ..She winces in pain .. uv wat happened y u r behaving like this .. Asks twinkle
U: oh u don’t know .. Ok den u tell me how I should behave tell me saying this he takes a belt and hits her .. twinkle shouts feeling pain ..
A: tuje hug karne ki bahut shouk tha Na .. saying this she holds her hair pulls her towards her ND slaps her hard … Uv u know she was hugging that kunj in public place … Saying this she again slaps her ….All the while twinkle was crying…

U: ha ma I know I too saw that …. ND twinkle don’t u have shame to f**k with another guy in front of ur husband saying this he starts to beat her with belt
T: uv wat u r telling … How can u think like that shouts at uv
U: y u r shouting at me huh saying this he drags her ND goes to his room ND shuts the door ……. I know wat u ppl have done in that room … I am not a small kid so don’t act like innocent ….
T: uv … U have misunderstood the situation…He was just dressing my wounds shows her wound
Uv: oh really ….Saying this he pulls her towards him I too want to f**k u saying this he captures her lips ND start biting her lips twinkle was struggling to get out off him …. She gathers her strength and pushes him …Making uv shocked
U:how dare u to push me …. ND while having s*x with kunj u were enjoy y can’t u here …..Saying this he pushes her on bed and came on top of her ..Plzzz uv aisa kuch nai hua hamare beech … ND don’t do this uv plzzz saying this she folds her hand but uv is not affected with her words ND he captures her lips again ND starts to byte her making them to bleed while kissing he removes twinkles pallu ND throws her saree on the floor ..
T: plzzz uv don’t do this cries
Uv: oh baby I want u today u gave a chance to kunj to taste u… Can’t u give that chance to me ND I am ur husband so I have all rights on u … ND huh don’t u dare I want u today night that’s all saying this he starts kissing her neck …He bytes her neck making her shout loudly … ND he come to her cle***ge ND bytes der he opens her blouse starts byting her… After sometime both were naked ND wrapped in one duvet .. uv started kissing all over her body ND byting der … All the while twinkle was just sleeping like lifeless body without any moment … Tears were rushing down her cheeks she shouts loudly wen uv enters her … He was thirsting her with his each moment she was undergoing a lots of pain … ND shouting after making love for 5 hours he rest beside her being tired …. Twinkle was unconscious by now … There was no moment in her ……..
Sarna mansion
Kunj was sitting on the bed thinking abt twinkle .. maya made sana to sleep ND comes to him …
M: kunj I am watching u from 2 hrs that u are looking so dull ND upset … Wat happened
K: ntng maya I am thinking about twinkle..
M: twinkle ????

K: han maya how can she marry that bad***d uv
M: wat twinkle married uv
K: yes maya he is such a fool ND womanizer … Y she married to him … ND I can see pain ND hateredness for uv …. u too know Na how uv was torturing twinkle during clg days … That time I was protecting her from him but now who will protect her .
A clg is shown wer all the students were engrossed in their own world some were chatting .. some were studying.. some wer teasing there frnds … Just den a guy comes as he enters into the gate gazes of all girls falls on him .. making other boys to burn in jealous he was wearing a black plain shirt with blue jeans looking hot ND stunning ND he is non other than our hotiie kunj sarna??? ……. He was abt to enter his classroom but stopped to see one guy misbehaving with a girl … He was touching all over her body .. kunj tightens his fist looking at the scenario
G: baby u r looking soo s**y saying this he touches her waist ND squeezes it
G: just leave me slaps him …
G: how dare u to slap me saying this he pulls her towards him …ND abt to kiss her but he fells down on the ground… ( He got a punch from kunj )
That guy looks at kunj ND he is revealed to be uv ..ND that girl comes to kunj ND hugs him tightly being scared
K: twinkle don’t be scared I am der Na … So guys that girl is twinkle ..
U: who r u to beat me huh … Kya lgata hai vo tuje
K: she is my frnd … ND next time be careful don’t u dare to come near her saying this he takes twinkle from der …
Screen freezes
Hope I reached ur expectations
Next episode would be the flash back of twinj ND uv …
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  1. SidMin23

    Nice hate this uv hope u won’t show uv and twinkle scene or touchering part can’t see her with this uv ???

  2. Presha

    Fabulous dii…
    Loved it..
    Too good..
    Love u.

  3. Fenil

    Happy birthday to your friend Salu or Neha.

    1. Shalini15

      Hawwww Fenil I’m not your friend??????? Hehehe just kidding ?? nd thank you so much for your wishes ????

  4. That’s was really amazing…. Can’t wait for next… This ff us really amazing…. Plz post soon…. Really eager to read more n thanks fr posting early…. ?

  5. Awsm episode dear
    Loved it
    Loved kunj’s caring towards twinkle??
    Hate that uv very much??I will kill him…..
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  6. Ya I hatee. Uv your cheating scences please jaldi se twinj reunion

  7. Rochika

    Yrr yeh yuvi and anita…they are crossing limits now…and how can yuvi do this with twinkle??????????
    Kunj is sooo protective yrr..?????
    The epi was rocking and amazing..???
    Post soon..
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  8. Twinj2000

    That was soooo emotional nishu di ?????
    Felt very bad for twinkle ?
    N this uv and Anita ☹️☹️???I hate them ?
    N I had guesses it right?that uv used to trouble twinkle during clog days ?
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  9. Feeling bad for twinkle bechari
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    Hawwww I cmmted in the morning.. abhi Tak nhi Aya… Koi ni…
    It was amazing ?????
    Loved it sooo much…..
    Feeling bad for twinkle…..
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    And a very very happy birthday shalu di
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    Yashu ?♥♥♥?♥???

    1. Shalini15

      Thank you so much Yashasvi for your sweet wishes ??

  12. awsm epi nishu di
    amzng n fab
    hate that bastard uv
    feeling bad for twi
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    1. Shalini15

      Thank you so much Ayesha for your sweet wishes ?? love you too ??❤❤

    2. wish u vry vry happy birthday dear neha ??????????????????

      luv u dear
      plzzz ff post kr do plzzz????

  13. Baby

    nishu dida bas kya hi khena ♥
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  16. Shalini15

    Nishu, thank you so much for dedicating it to me really love it so much ????? superb, mind blowing fabulous nd emotional episode. Feeling bad for twinkle nd hate this Uv. Love this it so much ? ? ? ?

    Today open TU just for you nd happy to see this. A big wala thank you ?????

    Love you too ??????❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Anusha

      Happy b’day shalini

    2. Happy birthday dear
      may god bless u

  17. Yr that was epic, mind blowing
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  18. Ananya_DSK

    Nishu akka…. How could that idiotic Yuvi do this???? ??? Bechari Twinkle!! But, your narration made me fall in love with this story…. Absolutely loved it!! So amazing…. Do post quickly akka… Even your other ff also… I’m waiting excitedly for both
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  19. Unheard-Of

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    Love you

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