Love ( Second Shot )

Hello everyone.
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Second shot.
Jealousy is sweet but only when its limited !!

I reached swara’s room to complete the case study. It was spotless clean just like ragini’s. The lights were dim and yellow,there were cushions and beanbags that crowded her room. It really looked like a mini bar !!

I made myself comfortable. I know I was staring at her ever since I entered her room, but I had no shady intensions. Now,I felt sorry for my outburst with ragini when I had found sanskar in her room. They were innocent, so was I !!
“Want something ?!!”, she asked.
“umm….err ?!!”, I got confused.
“Vodka,gin….whiskey ?!!”, she asked.
I didn’t know what to say. She got up from where she sat and opened her cupboard to reveal a mini freezer. I was just speechless !!
she poured us drinks and returned to her laptop. It was a lot of vodka….with nothing. I saw her finishing her drinks one after the other. It was as if she was drinking and I was getting drunk !! Her concentration did not waiver and we were done with the case in five hours !! After we were done we decided to chill for sometime.

“So laksh,isn’t ragini participating in this one ?!!”, she asked with a raised eyebrow.
“she is.” I replied.
“But not with you ?!!”, she asked.
“With sanskar”, I said alarmed.
She smiled wickedly. It seemed as if she knew why was I participating in this event.
“So love her a lot,huh ?!!”, she asked.
“You can say so”, I said. It always kills me to tell pretty girls that I was taken. But then,it was a small price to pay to be with someone as great as ragini.

Our talk was interupted with her phone ringing, and I could see sanskar’s name flash on the screen. She excused herself and went out to answer the call. She came after about 10 mins and she looked upset. I asked her if she was ohkay ?!!
“We can do without talking about him.” she said and I could see tears in her eyes.
“Yeah…. I guess I should leave as its getting late.” I got up to leave and hugged her good night.
As I left her room and she closed the door I could still hear her crying and sniffing. Swara had always been a strange girl, she never used to be close to anyone in the campus.
As I was walking, my phone beeped.
Felt good today. Thank you. I hope we did well. Good night.
It was swara. As I read it,a smile crept on my lips. She was indeed a sweetheart.
Thinking about her, I walked past ragini’s room and thought to surprise her. I knocked on her door. She opened the door and held my dangling hand and tugged at it.
She was inches away from me and I could feel her breath through my shirt.
” I missed you”, I said as her lips hover around mine.
“Did you drink ?!!”, she asked.
“Kind off”.
“With ?!!”. she asked. Now I was scared.
“Swara. Just one drink. She insisted.” I said.
“I think she likes you….” she said out of no where.
“Ahh !! She is nice too.” I said with a smirk.
“Nice ?!!”, she asked and pressed onto a love bite from a few days before which still pained.
“Aree….kidding. Don’t do that.” I pleased her.
She removed her hand from the love bite. Instead,she came close and planted her lips on my neck and started to suck on it. She bit, and bit hard enough to leave a mark. A bigger one.
“Now that would leave a hickey”, I said as soon as she left me.
“I want it to. I want a stamp on you that says you are mine.” she said.
“I should be giving you one too. You know, to tell sanskar that you are mine.” I said.
“I tell him that often.And you shouldn’t worry about him”. she said.
“And you shouldn’t worry about her.” I said.
I pulled her into my arms and she snuggled upto me. I kept on wondering that I would never find anyone who is as beautiful, as sweet or as funny as she is. I love her and that is never going to change. She taught me what love is. She is a part of me now and I can not let her go !!!
I would never accept it, but I had tears in my eyes. I felt lucky that I was around her and that she loved me. I knew she was not happy that I was working with swara……
Precap : Swalak getting selected for going to mumbai and a big big mistake !!!

So how was it people ?!! There is going to be a bit of drama in the next part which will change their lives.
So stay tunned guys and please so support and love me !!

  1. Please don’t seperate raglak

  2. Very nice awesome love it more jealous

  3. I am sorry to ask u but is it a story of Durjoy Dutta??? I mean a novel by him??? Swalak will kiss each other na in the event…

    1. Yup its his novel. I like him a lot and I like tejaswi and namish as well so I thought to combine the book and my favs !!

  4. The novel is “She broke up, i didn’t.. I just kissed someone else..”

  5. ragini rocks

  6. Hey plz dnt separate raglak

  7. Plzz make swasan together n don’t let raglak separate…

  8. Superb dr I loved it

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