Love, Romance, and Revenge #Riansh Episode 80


The episode starts with Vansh throwing the scarf that Riddhima has putted on his hand.

Vansh: You just know how you could create the wounds and then you come to treat the same wounds that you have caused it. I don’t want anything from me.

Riddhima: Vansh please don’t hurt me with those words.

Vansh: And what about me and how I’m really hurt?!

Riddhima comes closer to Vansh and she hugged him very tightly.

Riddhima: Please Vansh don’t hurt yourself and don’t make that Sam succeed in causing misunderstanding between us. Please know that I really didn’t meant to hide anything from you. Please listen to your heart as I’m sure that your heart is trusting my words.

Vansh was really want to listen to his heart that is telling him that his Riddhima is saying the truth, but his mind isn’t convinced from Riddhima’s words and his mind wasn’t able to listen to Riddhima’s words. His mind kept telling him that Riddhima was meant to hide this thing from him, his mind was convinced from every single word that Sam has said and that’s what really was hurting Vansh so much.

So he makes her away from him.

Vansh: Please leave me alone and give me the keys as I want to leave now otherwise I will keep punching my hand and I will hurt myself a lot.

Vansh kept punching his hand.

Riddhima wasn’t able to tolerate seeing him hurting himself.

So she didn’t have any option other than giving him the keys to stop him from hurting himself.

She gave him the keys.

After he has taken the keys, he immediately left the office and he was really angry.

Riddhima was crying very hard.

Riddhima to herself: Why this is happening to me?! Why after everything was just perfect between me and Vansh everything got spoiled?! Why my past has came back to destroy my present?! Please God help me and make Vansh know how much I really love him. Please God make Vansh know that I wasn’t meant to hide anything from him. Please God make Vansh know that Sam’s words are all false, please make him know that no one could take his place in my heart. I know how much Vansh is hurt and shattered, I know that what he has heard isn’t easy at all. I’m also shattered and hurt to see him in that state. I’m really blaming myself for being late in telling him everything about my past. I’m really blaming myself that Vansh has known the truth in that way and not directly from me. I really don’t know what shall I do now to clear all the misunderstandings between me and Vansh.

Siya: You must to make him know how much you love him. You mustn’t blame yourself and just concentrate on how you could clear the misunderstanding that is between you and Vansh.

Riddhima got surprised when she found Siya in front of her.

Siya: I have seen everything has happened downstairs.

Riddhima: Siya, please don’t think with the same way that Vansh is thinking with it. I really didn’t meant to hide anything from Vansh.

Siya makes Riddhima sit on the chair and she removes her tears.

Siya: Calm down Riddhima bhabi. I know that you weren’t meant to hide anything from Vansh bro. Actually, I’m sure that Vansh also feels the same, but due to how much he is hurt from what he has heard he isn’t able to listen to his heart.

Riddhima: I was trying my best to make him listen to me, but he didn’t gave me the chance.

Siya: You have to try hard bhabi. You mustn’t give up at all. You must do anything to make Vansh bro forgives you and understand the whole truth. You mustn’t make anyone succeed in separating you both from each other. You must have the courage to get your love back.

Siya’s words give the strength to Riddhima.

Riddhima: Yes Siya you are right. I mustn’t never make anyone separate me from Vansh. I know that it will not be easy to convince Vansh and I know that he now is very angry and hurt so handling him will not be easy at all, but if I also become shattered so who will solve this problem?!

Siya: That’s my strong bhabi. You must to know that I’m with you and I will help you in anything you want it from me. Just think about a way that you could start with it to make Vansh know the truth.

Riddhima: Don’t worry Siya. I know how I could solve this problem, I was just wanting someone to encourage me and you have succeeded in that. Thank you so much Siya darling for your support.

Siya: You don’t have to thank me bhbai and if you want my help in anything just tell me.

Riddhima: Of course Siya.

Riddhima left Siya so she could be able to search about Vansh.

She starts asking everyone about him, but she didn’t find him.

She called him a lot, but he wasn’t picking up the call.

Riddhima to himself: I know that you are now doing your best to be away from me, but you have forgotten that your wife is very smart. I will know your location now.

She opened an app in her mobile and she has known Vansh’s location.

Riddhima: Of course you have forgotten that each one of us has connected the mobile of the other so we could know each on of us’s location if we are away from the other.

Flashback shows Vansh and Riddhima watching the stars.

Vansh: I would never make anything make you away from me even if you are not with me.

Riddhima: And how this is possible?

Vansh takes Riddhima’s mobile and he installed an app that he also has installed it in his mobile.

Riddhima: So what the benefit from that app?

Vansh: Just wait and you will understand everything.

Then he connected his mobile to Riddhima’s mobile.

Vansh: So now each on of us will know the location of the other so we could always know the location of each one of us even if we are away from each other and that will make us feel always attached and connected to each other.

Riddhima: You always have a great ideas. I liked this idea so much.

He grabbed her towards him and he hugged her very tightly.

Vansh: The thing that I like it more is you sweetheart.

Riddhima: I love you Vansh.

Vansh: I love you too sweetheart.*Flashback ends*

Riddhima smiles when she has remembered this situation.

Riddhima to herself: I wish that this moments could return back. I promise you Vansh that I will get our memories back and I will clear all the misunderstandings between each other.

She gets Vansh’s location and she takes a car to reach to Vansh’s location.

At the same time, Vansh was very heart broken and he wasn’t able to return to the house in that state so he starts roaming with his car for awhile.

Then he stopped the car at the garden area and he sits on the upper of the car.

His eyes was full of tears.

He was so shattered and he was feeling as if there is someone who stabbed a knife in his heart.

Vansh to himself: I didn’t imagine that after all the happiness that I was sharing it with you Riddhima, we could pass through a tough situation like that. Why you have hided such a thing from me Riddhima?! How you could allow this stupid guy to touch you in that way?! How you could allow him to make him create a misunderstanding between each other. I really shattered and hurt that I wasn’t the first person to make a place in your heart. I really shattered and hurt to listen to that idiot’s words. I hope that you have told me everything from the beginning so we didn’t give the chance to that idiot to separate us.

Afterwards, Riddhima has reached to Vansh’s place.

Then she lefts the car and she starts searching about Vansh.

After a short time, she has found Vansh’s car and she found him sitting above the car.

Vansh got surprised when he found Riddhima in front him.

Vansh: What are you doing here?! Why you can’t understand that I want to be alone and I don’t want to see you.

Riddhima comes near him and she offered her hand to him so he could come down from above the car.

He didn’t respond to her help and he kept sitting above the car.

Vansh: I don’t need your fake help. I don’t need anything from you Riddhima.

Riddhima: You could be upset from me all the time that you want, but don’t say that my love and care about you is fake. I can tolerate your anger, but I can’t tolerate listening from you that my love towards you is fake. You know that I really love you so much and you can’t forget this thing even if you are really upset from me. Please listen to me and try and to understand how I really love you.

She offered her hand to him once again.

This time Vansh has responded to her and he holds her hand to come down from above the car.

Riddhima comes near Vansh and she takes his hands and puts them around her waist and she puts her hands around his neck.

So she could be very close to him and can feel his breaths.

Vansh was trying to make her away from him, but she was holding him very tightly.

Vansh: Don’t think that what are you doing will make me be forget what you made me feel, I can’t…..

She puts her finger on Vansh’s mouth to prevent him from saying any other word.

Riddhima: Enough Vansh. Enough saying those words that are really hurting me. You don’t have to say anything as I’m the one that must talk. I’m the one who must talk and I will not leave you until you listen to all the things that I want to say.

Riddhima was crying very hard.

Regardless that Vansh was very sad from Riddhima, but he wasn’t able to see her tears.

Vansh: Stop crying.

Riddhima: Why?! Do you really care about me?! If I’m the one who has caused a lot of hurt to you, so why you don’t leave me to pass through the same pain that you are suffering from?! If I’m the one who you don’t want to see her face so why you don’t leave me suffer until I die?!

He puts his finger on her lips to stop her from saying that word.

Riddhima: Why you have stopped me Vansh?! I will tell you why because simply you still love me and you know that I love you. You know that you are the only one on my heart. You will never blind your heart about the truth so please listen to my words and I’m sure that everything will be cleared between us.

Vansh was hoping that what Riddhima will say could make him be convinced because the pain that he really owns is really hard and he really can’t be convinced that his Riddhima was really meant to hide her old relationship from him.

The end of the episode. I hope you like like it and don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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