Love? – Episode 11 – Gauri’s outburst

om comes shocked to see gauri as well with riddhima.

gauri: you leave. i need to have privacy with omkaraji.

riddhima: fine!

she goes and locks the main door.

om: what is this drama gauri?!!?

gauri: drama?! arre no drama but till now i have only been bearing pain. for whom? you and meri children. and now i don’t need to anymore.

she holds up the divorce papers and om gets shocked seeing them.

gauri: divorce papers and your signature!

om: give them back.

gauri: shut up!

om was shocked hearing her say this.

gauri: what were those names you called me? oh right! sl*t! b*t*h! idiot! bad luck! and many more! the list goes on and on and on so does my pain! and today i have lost my bade bhaiya’s love. how do you think this makes me feel?

om was silent.

gauri: exactly! you don’t know. it makes me feel bad, it makes me feel like i am actually a bad omen. and how do you think i feel when my children are called illegitimate?!!?! BAD BECAUSE EVERY MOTHER FEELS BAD WHEN HER CHILD IS INSULTED!! AND MR OBEROI, YOU WANT TO CALL SOMEONE ILLEGITIMATE RIGHT?! THE PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU, THIS b*t*h, CALL HER ILLEGITIMATE!!

om was shocked.

gauri shots shouting and speaks in an angry tone still: i am illegitimate mr oberoi! my parents………… my parents never married. my parents are no longer in this world but my chacha and chachi tortured me to hell!

om: you are illegitimate?!?

gauri: shocking right? well this is more shocking! i never married you for money and viren was made as of your mistake and you forced yourself on me!!

‘please! stop!’

‘don’t stop me! i need you today!’

those words rang in her head. how she begged him to stop but om only wanted her for lust that night!

gauri: remember?! oh wait you don’t! because you were drunk!! and……. and this relationship between us, yeh jo hai kam se kam i am freeing you! forever and ever!

she fills a glass of water and pours it on herself removing her sindoor from her maag. she takes off her nuptial necklace and throws it across the room. finally she finds a pen and signs the papers.

gauri: from now on, we are no longer husband and wife!

she throws the papers at om and was about to get her kids when om said:

om: how will you feed my children!?

gauri: your children?!?! you never consider them as yours and do not worry, i know how to work! i got some money for bus and my chacha and chachi were moved out of their house, so i can take that.

she goes to her side of O.M. after a few minutes, she returns with a suitcase and her children.

gauri: it was nice knowing you! and two things. one, i never shot anika bhoojal and two, enjoy life with your girlfriend sorry sorry new wife riddhima patel.

om was shocked on how gauri knew riddhima. it made sense why she was with her in O.M.

gauri leaves the house with her children and om fell on the floor in absolute guilt!

precap: struggles start for gauri.

so what types of struggles will gauri face?

and how will she manage them?

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