Love? – Episode 10 – Riddhima tells Gauri who she is!


gauri goes inside only to find riddhima with the divorce papers she got from anika.

gauri: who are you?

riddhima: welcome gauri! i am riddhima patel! omkara singh oberoi’s first love!

gauri: what?

riddhima: yes. his one and only! what are you?! his wife?!?!

she laughs evilly.

riddhima: you are not his blo*dy wife! just for namesake! and soon i will be his wife!

gauri: i am not getting!

riddhima: of course you aren’t. you are a b*t*h! let me explain, om only married you because you were pregnant with his child! but he doesn’t accept you or your children!

gauri: i know that.

riddhima: and gauri, i know that you just want om for money. so leave him. oh wait, see these first!

she hands gauri the divorce papers and gauri reads them, seeing om’s signature. she was shocked seeing these papers.

riddhima: so once you sign, you can make a better life for you and your children, om doesn’t even mistreat me so i will be his wife legally. i am tired of being a mistress!

gauri: call omkaraji here.

riddhima: of course.

she calls om and tells him to meet her at O.M. om agrees.

precap: gauri’s outburst!

enjoy the next chappy and sorry agar yeh short thi.

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