Love in rain – twinj fs (tasan e isqh) shot 9

Mujhse type nahi horaha…very sick…written a week ago…short n boring…preshu aur aaru se vaada jo kiya…thanks for support in os comp…sry for being late

Here it goes..
I could not believe what I just heard. Tears started flowing down my cheeks. ‘Mission ST’ this word ecohed inside me. Why did u do this Twinkle…why??

Two years later
‘You are rejected.’ I shouted at a girl who was sitting right infront of me. Tears started forming in her eyes. ‘Get lost.’
She stood up n left my cabin with teary eyes. ‘Khadoos kahi ka.’ I heard  her. The word ‘khadoos’ made me even more angry. I threw the glass that was on the table. Shattered glasses on the floor n silence.

Yuvi came inside my cabin.
‘Why did u reject that girl? Her qualifications were upto mark n she deserved this job.’ Yuvraj my partner caterwauled but I prefered to stay silent. He continued, ‘Don’t u think u need to answer me.’ ‘Did u see her name?’ I closed the file I was going through.
‘Twinkle Sharma.’ I banged on the table. ‘So what if her name is Twinkle.’ he said putting his hands in his pocket. ‘U know very well what had happened. I hate her..not only her but everything related to her even her name. I hate her.’ I hollered with anger.
‘Kunj I know what she did was wrong but she did it for ur mum.’ Yuvi contradicted. ‘Don’t bring my mum inbetween. She even doesn’t  know about it n don’t  try to defend her atleast not infront of me.’ I turned around glaring angrily on the wall.
‘Itni bhi kya narazgi. Aab toh maaf karde ushe par tujhe Jitna thukhrana hae thukra le par yehi saach hae ki tu ushse pyaar karta hae.’ ‘Pyaar nahi nafrat.’
‘Never know when will this misunderstanding be cleared.’ Yuvi was about to leave my cabin but I pulled him aside. ‘Kya huwa.’ he said looking at me. ‘Dekh ke chalo.’ I pointed towards the glass pieces.’Aise he woh raat maine Twinkle ko bhi bachaya tha.’ This word slipped from my mouth. ‘Dekh tujhe aabhi bhi ushke saath bitaya haar waqat yaad hae…maan jah abhi bhi time hae apna le Twinkle ko.’ ‘Kabhi nahi.’

Five hours later
It was raining outside. This was the same rain where we met. Seeing the rain drops reminded me of her. I clutched my fist n hit the wall with my fist. Blood started flowing. Seeing it reminded me of her.


‘Twinkle aaj tumhe khana banane may madat kardu.’ Throwing the raddish up in the air.
‘Help karpauge.’ she bantered with a smile.
‘Koi sakh.’ She waggled her head in yes. ‘Aabh toh prove karna he parega.’ I took the knife n started cutting the vegetables. ‘Sikho mujhse kuch.’ I boasted but suddenly my finger got cut. ‘Ow!!’ I screamed in pain. She immediately started sucking the blood. ‘Sadu kahi ke dekh ke nahi kar sakte the.’ she scolded me as she bought the first aid box.

FB ends

A smile crept on my face but then ‘Mission ST.’ fuzzed in my mind. The smile faded away leaving me even more angry.

@ my room
My phone buzzed. It showed the name mum. ‘Hello.’ I said but to my suprise I heard ramu kaka’s voice. ‘Kunj baba your mum is ill and she needs you here.’
‘W-H-A-T…mum ko kya huwa…ok may aaj he flight pakadke aaraha hu.’

Precap: Twinj aamne samne…may be revelation bhi

  1. Just the way I like ff was this f2f yaar I like hartbreaking and angry kunj ff pls post sooon

  2. Can u pls take part in is competition I have some ideas irony know to write so please see the story should bee like kunj is married to twinkle and gates because she is very modern and loves to wear and do modern things but kunj is very strict person and a very big business man pls after this I can write your words

    1. Twinj

      Ok I will participate… I will try penning the story down but the storyline would be little modified…would it be ok…

  3. Presha

    Loved it…
    Thank u…
    Love u…
    Take care…

  4. Chanpreet0815

    Awesome one I loved it Twinj. Take care nd get well soon Dear.

    I really liked the way u had written each nd every dialogue.

    Nd ur title is supperb??
    Love in Rain. this title forced me to read ur FF.
    And I had read this FF for first time

  5. Rochika

    Ohh wowwww!! It was sooo sooo sooo sooo awesome!!!! ???? yrrr kunj hates twinkle????????…this is not done ….and yrrr pakka next mein revelation dikhana..pleazzzzzz.
    Post soon
    Love u!?

  6. Sidmin ki sadia

    Get well soon didi
    Epi was soo nice amazing loved it
    Lekin kunj twinkle se nafrat kyun karta hai ???

  7. What a shocking twist. Kunj hates Twinkle. Twinj amne samne means a blast is awaiting
    Post as soon as possible.

  8. Twinj the way u explained Kunj’s anger was praise worthy. Misunderstanding spoils everything n that’s what happening. Waiting to know the past.Get well soon. Post asap.

  9. Nishuu

    Superb episode

  10. Sohi

    Amazing episode
    But what is the full form of mission st

    Waiting for the twinj
    Take care dear
    Do continue

  11. Purnima.agrawal30

    Interesting suspense full

  12. Baby

    OMG !!!!! ♥
    aaku my aaku……….why don’t u take care of urslf haan……..♥
    yrr babes plss take meds on time and do get well asap……♥
    well srsly sch a huge change n shock twinj are nt together…♥
    wowowaaaa loved it…….♥
    emotional episode n cute too…….♥
    love u sooooooo mch lil sis…..♥
    post as u get well……..♥♥♥♥♥

  13. Woahhhhhhhh awesome Amazing
    Per kya hua full confusion
    Well take care
    Koi jaldi nahi hai
    Just u take care. Love you keep smiling

  14. Di di di diiiiiii
    The episode was as always marvellous
    Loved it so much
    Jaldi se post kardo…
    Take care
    Post soon
    Love u
    Keep smiling

  15. Shalini15

    Aaku meri choti yaar kya hua? Can’t you take care of yourself? Arrey yaar you should have take rest. Don’t be careless please…..
    Anyways episode was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb nd emotional. Twinj are not together so sad. Well waiting for their reunion. Do continue whenever you feel better. But first get well soon.

    Love youuuuuuuuuu ? ? ? ? ? ?

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