Love in Rain – Shot Five (By Twinj) Twinj fs (Sorry guys)

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I am so so so sorry. I really mean it. I know I am late. It has been a week since I posted so sorry. Please maaf kardo. Thank u for encouraging me guys n hah chocopie maine kiss ka effect nai dekha ya queki I felt that it was not the right time. Baby actually toto ko kehena tha koi chalaki nai u have to kiss in lips…yeh word chut gaya…sorry for the blunder n thanks for reminding me…Enjoy reading n here is the link to previous epi
I opened the door of the balcony. I was surprised to see Twinkle standing there in my balcony. “Twinkle tu yaha.” I said. “No I am not here. Sadu dekh raha hae na I am here.”
I- In midnight mere balcony may kya kar rahi ho. Kahi mera advantage lene wali toh nai na.
T- Waise tu itna handsome bhi nai hae.
I- Tu ne yeh toh maan liya ki may handsome HU.
T- Kunj I want to say something.
I- Kahi I love u toh nai bolne wali na.
T- I love u aur tumhe kabhi nai.
I-Kahi yesa na hoki ek din tumhe mujhse pyaar hojaye.

Twinkle came near me. I felt an unknown feeling going inside me. She brought her lips near my ears n whispered, “Tum may kuch toh baat hae par not my types…Any ways Happy birthday Sadu Sarna.”
Yeh na attitude queen he miss attitude….Just love this attitude…What are u thinking Sadu? She is not ur types. Aab may apne apko sadu bol raha hu…only siyaapa queen has the right to say me Sadu..Kunj what are u thinking. Jab se isne kiss kiya hae dil aur dimag dono may he siyaapa faill gaya hae. “Kunj what are u thinking?” Twinkle said shaking me gently.
“I am just thinking how did u came here.”
“From there.” She said pointing a ladder. “What tum chadke ahyi. Tumara sprain.”I said. Drops of rains started falling. “Woh toh fever ke saath thik hogaya.” She said folding her arms. Within few moments it started raining heavily. Twinkle spread her arms n looked up. She was enjoying the rain n I was staring her. She was looking so cute. Drops of rain were sliding down her body. But then I remembered that she fell sick last time jab woh barish may bigi thi n I didn’t wanted her to be sick. “Twinkle let’s go in.” I said catching her hand. She just shook her head in ‘No’. “Twinkle tu bimar par jayegi. Chal na.” I said pulling her a bit. “Meri itni care hum apke hae kaun.” She said with a smile. “Ur would be husband. Aab chalo.” I said. Oh fish what I just said.”Kya kaha.” She said looking at me. “I was joking aab chalo.” I said. “Do u know there is a little truth even in jokes.” She said. “We will talk later.” I said n lifted her in my arms as she was not ready to go in. I took her in.

Next Scene
The sun rays coming from the window disturbed my sleep. I just opened my eyes n was surprised to see Twinkle in my embrace. She was sleeping peacefully hugging me. She was looking very cute but how did she come here. Oh god yesterday we were talking n then she went but how come she is here. Slowly Twinkle also opened her eyes n screamed. I just put my hand on her mouth. “Kyu chik rahi ho.” I said. “Hum dono aise ek dusre ke embrace may….kaal raat kya huwa tha.” She said getting up. “I really don’t remember par humare bich aisa kuch nai huwa hae.” I said. “Toh maine kabh kaha aisa kuch huwa. I thought to play a prank with u may toh abhi ahyi hu..hehe.” she said laughing. “Siyaapa queen tut oh gayi.” I said throwing a pillow towards her. “Kya kaha. I am not a siyaapa queen huh. I won’t talk to u…go” she said n left my room. “I don’t care.” I shouted but I really did care. If she doesn’t talk to me then.
Next scene
The whole day Twinkle didn’t talk to me. I too acted as if I didn’t care but I couldn’t take it any longer. It’s my b-day yaar. Koi b-day boy ke saath aisa karta hae kya. “I am sorry. Please maaf kardo. Now I won’t call u siyaapa queen.” I said standing infront of the mirror. Actually I was rehearsing how to say sorry. “No Kunj it’s not right.” I said to my reflection. “What’s not right?” I heard a mom’s voice from the door. “Nothing maa.” I said with a fake smile. “ Niche sab wait kar rahe hae. Let’s go down. Yeh teri party hae yaar.” Maa said. I just shook my head n went down. While getting down from stairs everyone were looking at me but my eyes were searching her. I couldn’t see her anywhere. Few of my friends came to me n wished me. They were talking about their personal life. I was there but my heart was some where else. Finally she came. Oh god I couldn’t take myuu eyes off her. She was looking so pretty in that pink gown. My friends started staring her. “She is so beautiful.” Rishi said. At that moment I don’t know why my blood was boiling. I just ignored it n moved towards her but she just kind of ignored me. “I am sorry.” I said but she was still angry.

After sometime I got an idea. “Today in this special day I wanna sing two stangas of a song n I want to dedicate this song to Twinkle.” I announced from the mike with a guitar in my hand. I could see Twinkle surprised. A smile craved on her lips. I really don’t know from where I gathered the strength to say that. Then I sang the song.
Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye
Tera Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara Maanu
Mujhko Banaya Tere Jaise Hi Kisi Ke Liye
I just glanced at Twinkle. She was blushing. She had a big smile on her face n by seeing her smile I was feeling very happy. I continued.

Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye
Tera Milna Hai Uss Rab Ka Ishaara Maanu
Mujhko Banaya Tere Jaise Hi Kisi Ke Liye
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta
Kaise Hum Jaane Hume Kya Pata
Kuch Toh Hai Tujhse Raabta

Tu Humsafar Hai, Phir Kya Fikar Hai
Jeene Ki Wajah Hi Yahi Marna Issi Ke Liye
Kehte Hain Khuda Ne Iss Jahan Mein Sabhi Ke Liye
Kisi Na Kisi Ko Hai Banaya Har Kisi Ke Liye

My song was accompanied by a huge round of applause. I still was surprised how I gathered the strength n why I dedicated this song to her. I could have dedicated something else. Stop thinking much Kunj.

Precap: Twinkle drunk…

Hope u guys liked it. Sorry if it bored u n once again sorry. Please do cmt.

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  3. Yaar it was beutiful pls post asap cause now a days twinj storiez are very least posted pls post gast and if want i can give some ideas also cause u rite awsm yaar

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