love in Rain- OS (happy birthday ramya)

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Happy birthday wala birthday ramya. God u have turned four years old…such a big girl??….jokes apart but really a happy wala birthday..tumhari birthday ki starting toh baby aur neha dii karchuke hae thik ek mahine phele…I know may late hu…ek mahina late… but happy wala birthday sad wala naii… hope u like a small dedication from me??….

Love in rain(os)

The sky was cloudy. Cool breezes passed by touching every nooks n corner of my body. We were walking hand in hand on the silent road in the middle of midnight. ‘Kunj do u remember our first meet.’ resting her head on my shoulder. ‘Hmm how can I forget..’

‘Coffee☕☕☕.’ She offered. Although I hated coffee, I waggled my head to give a sign. A sign that said ‘Yes.’ She took a sip of coffee, I did the same. My hatred towards coffee had all of a sudden drifted away, I had started loving it. I could have same cup of coffee all over the day on the same coffee shop, if only I could hang out with her. It was the first day of college…our first meet and moreover I fell in love. I yearn for to explain her that I loved her.. I wanted to confess her… I love u Twinkle but I couldn’t . ‘Kya kaha tumne.’ She said. ‘Kya sunna tumne.’ I said. ‘Nothing.’ She said as she took a sip of coffee. I had heard that love connects not only two souls but also two hearts I guess that’s true. She just heard what I said to my heart. Does this means she loves me??

‘Kunj are u planing to drink this coffee only after a decade.’ she grinned. I smiled n took a sip.

All of a sudden the weather changed. The sky which was clear some moments ago was by now cloudy. A drop of rain fell down on my cheeks. Within no moments it started raining. I ran to the shed whereas Twinkle got up from her chair n slowly spread her both hands making an angel of 180°. She closed her eyes. She was enjoying the moment…. feeling the rain drops. She looked so cute. The water droplets were running down her face whereas my heart kept on pondering. I was lost in her beauty. She looked at me. She started moving towards me. She caught my wrist. ‘Kya pata kaal hona ho…so aaj khul ke jeeyo… life ka mazza baarish may bigne may aata hae…’ she said as she pulled me in the rain. I looked up at the sky n then her. She gave me a million dollar smile.

Flashback ends
Walking together on the silent road was a moment to be captured. Although it was not a great deal but being with her was the only thing which made me happy. Cool breezes passed by. Twinkle rubbed the exposed parts of her arms with her hand. Seeing this I took off my jacket n slowly draped it down on her shoulder. She lovingly looked at me. ‘This reminds me of your proposal.’ She smiled saying this.

I was walking here n there on the college corridor. I was hell nervous as I was gonna propose her. Suddenly my feet felt paralysed. My heart started pondering. She is here..she is here. I silently stared at her….She walked towards me whereas I was staring her like an idiot silently. I came back to my sense only when she snapped her finger in front of me. ‘Kaha koh gaye..’ I just shook my head. I with much more courage closed her eyes with my hands and led her. ‘Kunj where are u taking me. ‘Shh…u will know.’ I led her to a dark room that was just outside the college… I then took away my hand…’Where are we?’ As soon as she saw the dark room. She hugged me tight. Kunj plz don’t leave me.

‘I am scared of darkness.’ She hugged me tightly. ‘I will just switch on the light.’ I said but she kept hugging me. Finally with much difficulty I consoled her and went to switch on the light but again I heard her scream. Firstly I immediately switched on the light. ‘Oh no..’ Twinkle had fallen on the artificial pond which was just made to add beauty to the place. She was all wet. I helped her get up. She lovingly looked at me..Then the decorations around her. ‘Siyaapa queen.’ I teased. ‘Haww.…what did you say’ I shook my head in nothing but then she pushed me into the artificial pond. ‘I heard what u said.’ I then caught her wrist and pulled her into the pond. ‘Kunj.’ giving me a death glare. I caught both my ears.’Sorry.’ She pulled my cheeks. She was about to get up when I pulled her. ‘I..’ ‘LOVE…’ ‘U…’ I stammered. She hugged me tight.’Buddhu khul ke kaho aise haklate huwye nahi…’ I was suprised by seeing her reaction but still I was nervous.

‘I….I….lo…’ I stammered.
‘Wait may confess karke dikhti hu I love u kunj….I love u.’She said and hugged me.
I finally gathered some strength. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her close to me. ‘I love u.’ I said.
She smiled. ‘I love u too kunj.’

The end

ok I know ending itna aacha nahi tha…The confession was not that gud…I know it was funny n childish yet mujhe laga ki agar yesa confession hoga toh kesa hoga… sry for that but ramya a very very very wala happy birthday…love u to the moon…I know it’s not that gud but I hope u like it. Happy wala birthday????…happy birthday

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  1. Aaku ki bachi
    How dare you to say like that
    I loved it it’s so unique
    Hayeeee kitna cute hai
    Specially confession part was just amazing so lovely
    Yaar you are so special
    You made my day and my evening
    From yesterday you ate wishing me continuously and fulfilling my wishes.
    I can’t describe how I’m feeling
    Thank you so much Yaar
    It was best
    You are the best
    Oops thank you boldi so thank you wala part ko delete karde
    Uski jagah I love you
    I love you alot aaku
    This is was the best.
    I can’t thank god enough for sending me such friends com sisters and angels
    You all are the best that happened to me.
    Literally I’m having tears of happiness that they are someone who consider me as this special apart from family.
    Love you alooottttt
    Love you to sun and back
    Because sun earth distance is more na
    Love you
    Bye take care
    Keep smiling

    1. Twinj

      Woh thank u wala part delete kar ke aacha kiya warna may toh birthday girl pe barash jati…aabhi birthday thodi na end huwi hae…2 hrs baki hae…a whole lot of time..happy birthday aur two hrs baad ka happy belated birthday bhi advance may??…hah sun ka distance jyada hota hae pir toh love u to the pluto and back…although it’s not a planet any more par fir bhi exsist toh karta hae na…lovr u so so so so so so much??????…???happy birthday once again….ok may aab nahi kahungi yesa n sry hah I submitted this os today mrning but it got posted at evening late hogayi…oh fish mute that sry part…love u??? to the pluto n back..

      1. And I love you too some other universe
        Jo sabse door hoga jo meri imagination Mai hai
        Love you????????

  2. Presha


    Just loved it…
    Too good…
    Love u..??

  3. Fenil

    mind-blowing OS.

  4. Cheena2001Cp

    It was pure Bliss ! Perfect ??

  5. Nishuu

    It was superb ????????

  6. Twinj2000

    Hehe so cute
    Very nice
    Keep posting

  7. Amazing os dear

  8. Shalini15

    Hi Aaku, main yaad hun ya bhul gayi?????? mujhse gussa ho? Kyun gussa ho? Maine koi galti ki hai? Arrey mujhse baat kyun nahi karti? Nd ab toh mera ff bhi nahi padhti ????????? well koi nahi ab waise bhi main writing stop kar rahi hun only reading continue rahega ?????? but please gussa mat ho????? sorry if I’ve hurt you ??????????

    Anyways who told you it was not good? Who gives you the right to say like that??? Aage se aisa bola na to main……………. kuch nahi kar paungi ???????? but seriously yaar it was mind blowing fabulous nd superb concept. I love your writing way.. you describe everything very well I can’t explain that in words. Nd this episode was just amazing fabulous. Nd I loved the proposal. It was simply beautiful. Loved it so much ????????? hope you’ll be back with another story.
    Nd sorry for not commenting on your previous episodes ? ? ? ? ? ?

    Love you ? ? ? ? ? ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Twinj

      Diii one thing clear karte hae…I am not angry with u…it’s just that our timing doesn’t match….di sorry sorry sorry for the latest reply…u know I am ur late comentor…but diii itne samjhane request karnw ke baad bhi aap end kar rahe hae…nit fair….only coz of u guys I was stick to TU…agar aap log he writing chod rahe ho toh mera kya kaam…plzzz dii don’t stop writing…I know may cnt nahi kar rahi but dii may TU may bahat dini se on he nahi aayi…sorry na…plzzzz maaf kardo…plzzzz sorry sorry ek bada sa bada wala sorry

  9. SidMin23

    Beautiful written

  10. Ayesha51

    awsm aaku dii
    fabulously written
    loved it

    after a long time u posted
    happy seeing u back

    love u dii ♡♡♡

  11. nice os !
    keep writing

  12. Sana785

    Woww such a cute and lovely Os ….
    Loved it…..Confession part was awesome……

  13. Baby

    aaku ♥
    it was beautiful ♥
    loved it sooo mch ♥
    osm ♥
    cute ♥
    love u so mch ♥

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