Love…… Phir se!!! (Kanchi saga by abhilasha) EP 5

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Hello my dear friends… uh all….i was idiot to care for fake frnds but I have gems like u all who make me feel really happy!!! Amd thanks for ur lovely comments …it means a lo…keep supporting and encouraging me!!!!
Now lets set for kanchi journey!!

At hospital
Sanchi- I m not able to identify any of you……she panicked!
Jaya- beta I m your mother ……..
Sanchi hugs her…snchi- maa what had happened to me?
(A child can identify his/her mother with a single touch …so she without any hesitation or disbelief hugged her)
Jaya- shh…..calm down my child …….look he is kabir …….ur husband and she is kusum ur mother in law and thas isha and pragya ur besties …….and thts ur anand bade papa who is ur guider….
All show sanchi pics ….sanchi though uncomfortable but believed them or the immense love of her family and frnds make her believe!!
Sanchi’s wounds were almost recovered but she had plaster on her hand and bandage on her head.
Kabir took care of sanchi a lot in those few days of hospital and sanchi became comfortable with him.
Kabir- sanchi today is your discharge ….i want to know your opinion if you r comfortable enough to go with me or u wanna go with ur mother!
Sanchi- kabir I dnt remember any memory of my past but when I ne eyes I saw you and when I hugged you I feel comfortable this sensation is enough for me to go with u…I trust you!
Kabir was really happy on this but he was afraid that when she will get her memory she will leave him.
Kabir- we will make new memories!!
They left for kapoor mansion!

Kusum does arti of both and brings rice pot for sanchi to kick it and enter in her new life!
Sanchi followed all her instructions .
Kusum- now you go and take rest …..i will call you both at dinner.
Kabir takes her to his room now their room .
Sanchi was now little nervous as she although was comfortable but couldn’t accept him as her husband …kabir too couldn’t as he knew in what circumstances he married her even without her acceptance.
Kabir- sanchi I have ordered your clothes …I hope you will like it and go and get fresh up……I have to do some of my work … take care!
Sanchi- ok !
Sanchi comes after freshing up and open cupboard to see dresses… she was quite surprised as she really liked the dresses…
Sanchi’s pov- kabir really has a good taste or he knows me really well but I don’t even remember his single choice. What game destiny had played with me!
O teri! How I will wear this all in this plastered hand …poor me!
She saw a letter of kabir-“u cant wear this now check other side “
She opened that smiled on seeing some loose clothes for her comfort .
She takes them and goes to change ….maid helped her.

After sometime kabir comes-
He was amazed to see her wife in jhalli avatar with messy hairs and loose t-shirt.
Sanchi- am I looking that funny!
Kabir- u r looking really cute.
Sanchi- I m hungry.
Kabir- o yaa I forgot maa called us for dinner.
Kabir takes her to dinner and feeds her…
Kusum- god what a game you have played with them ……I always wanted sanchi as my dil but not at cost of veer’s loss but its all ur wish!
Kusum- kabir I will go to my friend’s house tomorrow morning and would return next day so take offand take care of sanchi!
Kabir- ok maa and take care of yourself and don’t forget to take your medicines.
Sanchi- maa happy journey!
Kabir and kusum both were happy with sanchi’s acceptance for kusum.
Kusum- sure my child!
Later in kanchi’s room
Kanchi hurts her hand and shouts aah
Kabir- how careless you are …buddhu …can’t you take care of yourself.
Sanchi – sorry!
Kabir- say holding ear.
Sanchi holds his ear and said- sorry!
Kabir- I said to hold yours not mine.
Sanchi- jo tumhara h wo mera h aur jo mera h wo tumhara!
Kabir smiles seeing her innocence!

Next day kanchi bids bye to kusum .
Sanchi- kabir I wanna know about me my behavior …my professional life ….
Kabir- u were the best intern of sdch and I know u will soon gain your position. Then your behavior u were very crazy … he memoriees their first meet…u likked to live ur life to its full and isha and pragya are ur partner in crime!
Sancji- achcha and what about us how we married and where me met first…it was a live or arrange marriage.
Kabir became silent now ….he had no answer for this …..
Kabir – leave those old memories and yaa we were best frnds before our marriage and u were really bully to me.
Sanchi- seriously!!
Kabir – ya ofcourse.
Both laugh!!
Sanchi- ok tell me about you!
Kabir- u will get to know about it don’t tress urself …
Sanchi pouts.
They heard sound of doorbell.
Kabir went to open and saw ishagya.
Ishagya- sorry sir we came without informing but we ……
Kabir cuts their words- no need for sorry ….sanchi needs u an plz don’t talk about veer or she will go hysteric!
Ishagya enters with a big teddy bear and chocolates and flowers.
Sanchi smiles.
Pragya- abe yar now we have to make him memorise who we are .
Isha- yaa she is not much frmds with us!
Sanchi- lets start from start!
Ishagya- good idea!
Isha- listen mrs sanchi kapoor I m isha negi…..superstar of upcoming era with a doctor’s degree.
Pragya- fir shuru ho gyi!so madam I am pragya yadav …..and I am solution of ur all problems.
isha- and even the problem itself.
Both starte fighting … came on listening the sounds and came …both ishgya were silent to see him glaring an there was silence broken by a melodious wholehearted laugh….sanchi was laughing and kabir was just lose in her … looks at him and both share a cute eyelock.
Ishagya coughs!
Later all had lunch.
Sanchi hugged ishagya
Sanchi- what if I dt remembered the beautiful memories of us …..we mill make more beautiful memories now.
All smiles.

One week passed on and kanchi were Coming close….sanchi had grown a soft corber for kabir but kabir didn’t show his love as ge thought its wrong!
Kabir- sanchi lets go ….tday ur plaster and bandages will remove!
Sanchi- yaa …thank god and we are going to sdch!
Both reached and sanchi got relieved of that burden.
sanchi- doctor can I join my medical practice?
Kabir was shocked!
Doctor- yaa u can!
Kabir- but dr she didn’t remember anything then..
Doctor- dr kabir her memory loss is of memories basically related to moments she spend with family being the neurologist u have much knowledge that brain stores different memories separately.
Sanchi- I didn’t understand kabir!
Kabir- sanchi I ask u some questions and u answer them!
Sanchi- ok!
kkabir- so tell me what is angioplasty?
Sanchi- its basically balloon catheterisation to remove atherosclerotic plaques from coronary artery through ballooning.
Kabir- good now tell me about PEM .
Sanchi- its nutritional problem among children specially infants to 5 yr old ones which leads to growth retardation.
Kabir- gr8….now tell me about SARS.
Sanchi- severe acute respiratory syndrome causcaused by human coronavirus …diagnosed by ELISA and prevention through Ribavirin with some corticosteroids.
Kabir- undoubtedly u can persue ur internship whenever u want.
( I used enough of my medical knowledge)
Sanchi- I wuld luke to join from tomorrow itself …
Kabir- sure !
They left for home kabir messaged miss Fernandez to inform all staff to keep their mouth shut about veer and kanchi’s marriage infront of sanchi.
Sanchi- I m so happy …shlaid her head on his shoulder.
Kabir felt happy .

Precap- sanchi plans surprise for kabir’s birthday…she sings-“sunte hai jab pyaar ho to diye jal uthte hai”…..kanchi to kiss but……………
Part at kanchi’s home and kanchi dance!


srry if it was boring but if u like it then plzz comment … keep smiling!

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