Love…… Phir se!!! (Kanchi saga by abhilasha) EP 4

Hello friends….today I would share something…you know what I always been a good advisor for my frnds in all matters and always cares tem but still I always get hurt coz noone understands me whereas I can tell problems of my frnds by looking their faces…I ve been tired of being understanding and caring and everyone comes and hurts me and I m getting depressed… suggest me some ways to live carefree life!!!
Now lets move to our story and thank you for being such great readers…lv uh all!!!

Scene 1
Kabir was practicing something since long …….
Kabir – I want…I love……..oh god I cant say 3 words ….yr kabir relaxe and try once more…u can do it man….ok
Sanchi you r my life …my soul….i love you!!!….yes I can do it now I will go to sanchi .
In cafeteria-
Sanchi comes but found noone there ……suddenly it starts raining rose petals …. She rotates and play with rose petals…then she receive 3 balloons ..on one was written ‘I’ on 2nd was written ‘love’ and on 3rd was written ‘you’ ……she smiles…..
veer- do you like it?
Sanchi- I loved it veer!
Veer- I love you !
Sanchi- I love you too!

All came there and clapped and congratulates them even anand malhotra wittness this but was happy as he wanted that.
But one person was brokenhearted……..his world was stopped ……..he was kabir…..he never knew that his first love….first time he fall for someone but ……..he cried ya the hitler and khadoos kabir kapoor cried!!!
He calmed himself- love is not getting…its sacrificing……I want sanchi to be happy.
Sanchi comes! Kabir maintain himself.
Sanchi- kabir I m finding you from whole day and you r here ….ok guess I have a goodnews ……tomorrow is my engagement and next week is my marriage with veer…im so happy and you have to be there …get it !
Kabir- sanchi but I have some urgent work….
Sanchi- oyee how dare you….u r my bestie and if you didn’t came I will break ur handsome face ….no ifs and buts!
Kabir- ok!…he gives a fade smile.
Sanchi’s pov- kabir’s company always make me feel happy …he is the best…….but why I m thinking about him?
Kabir’s pov- sanchi you are really the best ….but u r not in my destiny but I will surely let not come my one-sided love to ovovershadow our friendship!!

Time skips to engagement-
Preparations were going on with full enthusiasm in malhotra mansion.
On the other hand sanchi was getting ready but bychance cuts her ring finger…..kabir reaches there and saw her hand bleeding.
Kabir- sanchi u r really silly …… u take care.
Sanchi pouts.
Kabir tied the bandage on her finger ……somehow it was their engagement!
Sanchi amd veer were about to exchange rings when veer was going to wear her ring he saw her finger tied with bandage….
Sanchi explains her…veer somehow make her wear ring.
All clapped …kabir too smiled fadely.
Sanchi and veer danced on chaar kadam … chance sanchi was about to slip from stage but kabir holds her in nick of time …both shared an eyelock.
Both came in senses with voice of claps!
All danced on kala chashma…..kabir didn’t joined but sanchi forcefully pulled him but he was just standing.

Next day-
Sanchi and kabir performed surgery together successfully…
Break time-
Kanchi were in kabir’s cabin
Sanchi- kabir thank u for always being there ….u r my bestest friend……just never leave me!
Kabir- oyee what happened to you ….u r marrying that doesn’t mean our friendship will end….i will always be there for u!
Sanchi’s functions were done in these days but kabir was deeply hurt ….his love was about to be someone’s else.
(I wont stretch marriage functions of sanchi md veer as its kanchi ff)
Marriage day-
Sanchi was looking so beautiful in golden desighner lehenga with pink dupatta ….jaya puts black mark on her ear…….
Sanchi- I m missing ragu badly!
Jaya- beta u knw na her semesters are going on in us……meet her later!
Ishagya- oye hoye someone will surely die on seeing u…
Sanchi blushes.
Ishagya takes her to mandap……
Barat was taking so long to reach….all were tensed including kabir…….
Sanchi was almost crying.

Later barat came but without any shehnai but a bad news!
Anand was crying badly and whole malhotra family was weeping badly.
Sanchi- bade papa what happened…..where is veer?
Anand- he left us……..
sanchi’s world was stopped….she was expressionless ……..shshe falls on floor.
Ishagya and jaya too were was revealed that veer’s car fall in cliff while coming to sanchi’s house and he along with driver and his friend fall in cliff.
Somehow all managed to mantaim there calm but savitri was broken
Savitri- its all because of you sanchi…..u r reason for my son’s death…u r impious……..u snatched my son!!
Sanchi was not in her senses.

All people were talking that sanchi is reason for this…she is apshaguni.
Woman 1 – she her would to be husband.
Woman 2 – panauti h ye!
Woman 3- now who will marry her?
Kabir was tired of this …at last he erupt- are u guys dumb……hhow silly accusations….how hollow accusations u r putting on an innocent girl…whats her fault……..
Woman- o so u r really caring for her…then marry her……will u?
All people raise finger on sanchi’s character……..kabir couldn’t bear that …heputs vermilion and fills sanchi’s hairline…….maher wear nupital chain……then took seven bows….
Jaya- kabir what u did son?
Kabir-I m doing correct aunty…..
Sanchi realised everything and then thought about peoples sayings and ran away.
Kabir followed her……
Sanchi takes out her car and drives in full speed thinking about all incidents.
Kabir was following her …..
Sanchi’s car was about to struck with atruck…in order to save …she strucks car with tree by mistake…..he head stuk to steeringwheel.
Kabir reached – sanchi!!!!!!!
Sanchi ‘s head was bleeding badly.
Kabir takes her out and rushed to hospital.

In hospital-
Kabir was not in senses ….he was just looking at sanchi
Sanchi was in ot …….after 2hr soctor comes and inform kabir that situation is under control.
Kabir relaxeed….family of sanchi reached along with anand .
Anand- kabir I always said u that u r like my son …so promise me u will take care of sanchi.
Kabir- I promise you sir.
Jaya joined hands in front of kabir ….he hold her hands and said- what are u doing this aunty.
Jaya- beta I have no words to thank u…..she cries.
Kabir- aunty now sanchi is my responsibility…. Don’t worry!
Kusum- I m proud of you my son!!

All go to meet sanchi.
Sanchi opened her eyes….
Sanchi- who are u all?
She rises from bed and hugs kabir….
All were shocked.
Sanchi- who are you all… who am i?
Kabir calms her down .
Sanchi- u r my ??????
Kabir- am ur husband!
Sanchi- but I dnt knw u!!!
Sanchi panicked and faints!
Doctor checked her and said- due to deep injury on her head she had lost her memory.
All were shocked and tensed!!!!
Now starts journey of kanchi!

Precap- sanchi’s entry in kapoor mansion and kabir’s room.

Guys internet connection of our has stopped working due to that ram-rahim case so I m not able to update or reply u guys…..sorry for that and keep reading an plzzz drop cmnt yr …..comments are decreasing and it looks like I mnot writing good!
Keep smiling???!!!

  1. Hema69

    its soooo gud dear
    u said about ur frnds na and this hapens to all at once in their life
    plz ignore as u can

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear and yaa I will try to ignore as much I can!

  2. Hi dear…sometime people don’t understand & they take sweet people for granted…I guess that is life….ur ff was awesome as usual…take care

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear and totally agree with u….!!

  3. Wow awesome I love this memory lose part now we will enjoy . Great Abhilasha u r excellent

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear!!!!!

  4. This is really very good abhilasha now the twists will start u nailed it dear love u loads.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear and really happy u liked it!!

  5. It’s so amazing superb mindblowing and many more and u just ignore people saying that it and life is very strange

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear…… It means alot!!… And u r correct!!

  6. i am so sorry for not commenting your previous ff as i was busy in my M.E admission
    it was so nice and awesome..waiting for next one

    1. Abhilasha

      Its ok dear… How’s ur admission process going.. I wish everything goes successfully and thank you soooo muchhh dear!!

  7. Nice story

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear

  8. It was suppppperb episode yaar loved it a lot. And same pinch to u about friends.observe ur surronding u will get happiness in every movement and if they dont understand u dont worry we all r there for u and also understand u….

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear an it means a lot and ur cmnt make me feel so positive… Thanks yr…. I will do what u say!!

  9. Anee

    Hey abhi dear don’t be upset with others opinion. if you have blieve ownself that mean you are right and be happy ignores to all who don’t listen you and who don’t cares you. and this moment is happens in everyones life so just blieve on yourself…………………cmg to ff it ws feb as always.good work keep writing.

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear totally agree with u and yaa u r right no more taking tension and I will surely do as u say and tku once again… I m feeling good!!

  10. Abhilasha you should not worry about this all mess and just be tensionfree dont think so much it happen with all but just chill yar and true friend never creat problem for you☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺
    And in pragya style
    Abe khate kya ho jo itne achay idea atay hain tare demag main
    Udate daily specialy tomorrow . A long one plz

    1. Abhilasha

      A big wala thank you first of all for this precious cmnt full of love and positive ness and ya yr I agree with u and now its time to chill… Tku!!

  11. I am totaly satified with kanchi’s comments and dont think that you are not liked by anyone

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank u so much yr…. I m feeling really happy now!!

  12. sanchi? kabir

    Me to agree to kanchi and kanchi fqn and plz update tomorrow along one it specail for us three

    1. Abhilasha

      Yaa of course I will update tomorrow….. Specially for u all!!

  13. abhilasha dear…….just remember this…….if someone is stupid enough to walk away from u, be smart enough to let them go & maturity is learning to walk away from people & situations that threaten ur peace of mind, self-respect, values & self worth……….
    to be honest, mere life ka ek hi funda hai………giving the gift of my absence to those who don’t appreciate my presence………thats it………..
    hope i’m somewhat & to some extent, able to bring some peace of mind for u with this…………..

    1. coming to the episode, its really gonna be interesting………..keep up the good work dear…….

    2. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear and really happy u liked it!!!

    3. Abhilasha

      Dear till now I believed that you r an amazing reader who can boost up a author to write moumore good and happily but ur this cmnt make me believe that u can make a sad person truly smile….. Ur this cmnt really bring me to peace and now I will also follow ur superb funda…. Luv uh lots dear… And one thing is that I have so sweet friends like you who without knowing me personally make me feel so good!!

  14. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow what a twist yaar at first I felt so bad for kabir and now Saanchi ? And they were destined to be together ? Can’t believe dr Malhotra is the good one and Savitri is the bad one here ?

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear and glad u liked it… Savitri isn’t bad but she became emotional!!

  15. Moonlight25

    Abhilasha dear, if some friends leave you then be happy because you just found out that they were not your worth…dont worry…ignore them…live your life and be happy…you have lots of friends and fans too….we are your friends so don’t worry or be depressed…we love you….coming to the episode it was mind blowing just like you you loads ???

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear and ur cmnt is like positive vibe and ya u r right when I have so good frnds like u all then why to care those u take me for granted!
      Luv uh too!!

  16. Don’t worry abhilasha ,once this happened with me also . I prefer u to let them go qnd it might take some time may be few days,weeks or months but u will surely get some true freinds . It took about 2 Months for me but fate does everything.

    My best friend sally took me as granted but when she left me i became lonely and all my friends supported her. Due to which i strated sharing my feelings with a girl who hardly spoke to some and now we have seted an example of true and unbreakable friendship.
    So hope u get some true friends dear.

    1. Abhilasha

      Yar first of all I am really happy that u hot true frndship and for me you people are so good that I don’t need care about other people and it is so sweet of you for sharing ur experience and making me feel so good….. I hope urs and ur bestie’s frndship remains forever and really grateful to u for this…. ????

  17. Neha7873

    Interesting plot Abhilasha

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear.

  18. Dear abhilasha, this is my first comment on this ff page. Your writing is wonderful.. Friends toh tabhi pehchaan mein aatein hai jab dukh ka samay hota hai.. Ignore all and be confident always. If u want to make someone friend then animals are better than human beings.. U will always remain happy..

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear and really u said absolutely right animals are better…….. I will try do s u say…. Thank u yr for such a a gr8 and peace giving advice!

  19. AnahitaAnnie

    I am so sorry for not commenting for so many days Abhilasha. But promise I read all of them and each of them is a master piece. If Trish is the queen of OS, u are the queen of twists and turns and suspense. I felt to sad for Veer. And don’t even think that ur writing is bad. Its one of the best and never doubt yourself. Coming back to ur friends. I have faced a thousand situations like this. I won’t say ignore or forget since its not easy. Try to keep yourself engaged in different other work. Make more friends, act bold and most important give urself importance. Believe me I was in such a place where I had no friends, I was a nerdy type. But starting from middle school I gave myself an edge and went bold and I am the most popular girl in high school now.. In USA we have like a popularity group in all high schools. I know I added my story instead of advice becoz I believe empathy is a lot better than sympathy. Now, I am like ur friend too right? I will always be there to talk to u about anything. U can PM me and we will have a lot of gossip. A talented person can’t be brought down or depressed. Ur skill is ur biggest power. Love u sooo much..??? and do u have any news on Trish?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      And yes don’t walk behind for them. Let them walk behind for you.. I am sure u will find tons of friends. Becoz I found my best friends too. Not just one but 13. And u have the potential to do anything.and I guarantee u have great persons waiting in ur life for you.??

    2. Abhilasha

      Thank you once again dear and yaa u r right I will follow ur sayings and dear even I don’t know about trishu…. Missing her writings AMD when u r writing??
      Missing uh… Luv uh.!!

    3. Abhilasha

      Annie dear I was literally missing u and ur cmnts and u came with such a encouraging comment…. U won’t believe but this is first time that I feel such special…. Ur cmnt charged me… I can’t even express my feelings and title given by you is like feather on cap and I m overwhelmed with this… U r loveliest and sweetest person I have met…….. And thanks for sharing ur experience it make me learn a lot and Luv uh infinity ???….and strange but truth we don’t even know each other perfectly but that really doesn’t matter some frndship bonds are beyond that and I have that with u!!! Love u so much!

  20. Wow!! Superb. Too good. Waiting for the next

    1. Abhilasha

      Thank you soooo muchhh dear!!

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