I Love You (Part 3) c

After some months
Swasan house
Swara was running behind sara to make her ready
Sw – (shouts) sara stop please
Sara giggles while running
Sw – im tired we need to get ready dad will come now
Suddenly they heard car sound
Sa – dad dad
Sara runs to hall

Sw – she again runs oh god this girl
Sara goes to hall and hugs sanskar by legs sanskar took her in his arms
San – my doll (kisses her cheeks)
sara too kisses him back
San – you are not ready yet now your mumma will come and scold me
Sw – reached mr maheshwari you know your daughter was making me run behind her (he looks at sara who was giggling)look she is laughing you make her this much naughty
Like father like daughter. We need to go to kolkata
San – how much youll talk shona (wraps his arms around her her shoulder and walk towards their room) flight is at 5 now its only 3 then whats is the need of worrying( they enter their room)
Sw – only 3 only two hours are left i need make you both then i also need to get ready and im not worrying i m getting mad by living with you both(she saw sanra smiling) look now to you both are laughing at me when you both team up nobody can win over you
She took sara in her arms and make her stand on bed
Sw – now stand here ill get your clothes dont try to run away ok
Sara nodes by understanding her mother while sanskar was smiling on both of them
Swara makes sara ready

Sw – finished sanskar now you go and get ready
Sara was playing with her toys
Swara goes to wardrobe to take his dress
Suddenly swara feels hot breath on neck and arms wrapping around her shoulder
Sw – sanskar what are you doing
San – you actually dont know what im doing(bites her neck)
Sw – ahh sanskar its not the time for romance(push him and kept dress on his hands)get ready

and come soon
San – unromantic wifey
Swara laughs

Maheshwari mansion
Su – laksh did you call sanskar
Lak – ha chachi he called me
Ap – where did they reach
Lak – they reach kolkata now only 20 minutes are left for them to be here

Swasan were in car
Sw – im so happy first time in my life im going to kolkata
Sanskar smiles
Sanskar pov( guys im very bad at writing this actually i want to give swasan scenes only thats why im writing sanskars past and what happens when adarsh meet sanskar in his office in sanskars pov)
After 4 years im going to my home. My birth place. I still remember old days here. It include happy as well as sad moments.

All things are now same but with one difference that evils are not around my family. I feel so happy everything is normal. Adarsh maheshwari has gone out from our lives. 4 years ago he ruined my life . In our family all thought that he was very innocent which he is not . He was in love with a girl one day the girl came and told him that she was pregnent but he was not ready to accept i was a friend of that girl she toldme every thing. When i confront him he deny saying she was lying . Next day i hear a shocking news that the girl was suicide but i know it was a murder done by adarsh maheshwari when i was gojng to say about this to bade papa he (adarsh) came and told that i was the one who did all these things they all believe him i tried my best to convince them but they wdre not believing me.

Atlast they understood it after 4 years when adarsh cheated them. When i saw after 4 years i was actually smiling inside my heart when i saw him suffering. I blackmailed him and make all the properties on bade papas name and send him to jail to make him suffer .
Sanskar trance broke when sara called him
Sa – dad dad
San – yes baby(make her sit in his lap)
Sw – we are going to see our family baby
They reach mm
All came and welcome them
Swara and sanskar took elders blessing
La- sara come (took her in his arms and kisses her cheeks)
Sara looks at him for sometimes and started crying
Sa – mom… dad…
Sanskar took her in arms
Ra – swara these are my parents
Introduce shekhar and sharmistha to them

Sw – namaste (she take their blessing)
Sha – ragini has talked a lot about you
Sw – same here aunty she used to talk always about you both
All were included in chatting and time passes it was 10
Swasan room
Utt – bhabhi look this one (shows a pic) it was shot when he was 7 year old
Uttara was showing sanskars childhood photos to swara
Sw – he is looking too cute
Ra – ha swara , sara is actually his carbon copy
Sw – not only his face but also his habits
Ap – is she is naughty

Sw – of course she is every day both used to team up and will start to play tantrums on me
Su – in child hood he was also naughty
Sw – he used to miss you all very much
Su -we know beta and we are sor..
Sw – what are you saying aunty we need to forget past now everything is normal
Su – no everything is not normal
Sw – what happend aunty
Su – who iam to sanskar
Sw – his mother
Su – then what you are calling me aunty you shoul call me maa did you get that
Sw – sorry aunty no no maa(tears)
Ap – what happend beta
Sw – nothing bade ma something went to my eyes
Ap -childrens will not lie to their mothers
Sw – i missed my mom & dad
Ap hugs her
Sw – when they both left me i didnt call anybody maa thats why
Su -its okay beta but you should not cry ok (she nodes ) its getting late all should sleep now right jiji

Ap – ha sujata
Sanskar came to the room with a sleeping sara in his arms
San – shona she slept (give her to swara)
Swara make her lay on the cradle
Ap – lets go now
Utt – good night bhai bhabhi
Swasan – good night
Samskar close the door when they all left and hugs swara
San – i love you shona
Sw – i love you too sanskar
San – wipe your tears

Sw – do you know mind reading
San – your husband knows everything
Sw – everything
San – yes and you know he is even good at romance (leans towards her)
Sw – ohh (pushes him) its late sleep now
San – today ill not allow you to sleep
Sw – (blushes) are you mad look is there
San – so what she is sleeping right
He carries her in his arms and places her on the bed and came on top of her
San – lets start baby

One more part is there which is filled with swasan romance ill update it tomorrow
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