love or religion? — extracts from the past

gauri went to where somu was and said: we have to leave.

somu: but why?

hira: daddy?

somu: did hira just say….

gauri interrupting: i will tell you at home but we have to go. i can’t stay here for another minute.

somu nodded, very concerned for gauri. they go from the cafe.


gauri: hira baby, you go upstairs. mummy going to talk to somu maasi.

hira nods and goes upstairs. once she was out of sight,  somu started to ask her questions.

somu: gauri, what’s going on? why is hira saying ‘daddy’? what happened, just tell me!

gauri: hira met him.

somu: what?!

gauri: hira met that man who i have been trying to keep away from her since she was born. i can’t believe she has met him and called him ‘daddy’. somu, i am happy that hira has started to speak. really i am but hearing ‘daddy’ from her is not what i expected and meeting the man who is her so called father.

somu: did he call you ‘insiya’?

gauri: yes. he claims that i…that i am insiya! i never was insiya khan, i am not insiya khan and i will never be insiya khan kyunki meri naam hai gauri kumari sharma and that is final! and….and waht is he doing in goa?

somu: gauri, relax. don’t stress too much please!

gauri: how can i not stress? my daughter met someone who can’t keep his promises. my daughter met someone who betrayed her mother. he claims that i am insiya…my nightmares are coming true.

somu: but have you ever thought why he betrayed you? have you ever thought that for even once?

gauri was silent. she knew why but she didn’t want to say it.


it started to rain as om was walking in shock and sad. he remembered when hira called him ‘daddy’ and when he met gauri – well in his case insiya. why was she claiming that she wasn’t insiya? he knew insiya for a long time and he could never forget her face and those eyes. then why? and why did hira call a complete stranger ‘daddy’ unless he was her father.

so many questions

but no answers.

back to gauri and somu:

somu: and think if hira called him daddy then she must have felt some connection with him, like some weird feeling. gauri, i know that you hate him with all your heart and i have said my say in this. the rest you think of. i will leave you alone.

she goes upstairs leaving gauri alone. gauri collapsed on the floor crying.

whilst om – on the other hand- banged his hand against the wall of a building letting the blood flow out.

Teri meri aankhon ne
Milke jo khwaab bune
Woh bade pyare thhe
Tere mere paaon chale
Milke ke do pairon tale
Taare hi taare thhe

gauri remembered someone who would always pamper her even when she didn’t want to be pampered. sometimes chocolate, sometimes flowers, sometimes teddy bears. sometimes they would be left at her doorstep and she would lie to her parents about it.

Saari baatein mujhe yaad hain
Woh chand raatein mujhe yaad hain

om remembered insiya who would always find some way to make him laugh even when he was in a bad mood. because of her bubbly nature, om always ended up smiling and laughing.

Mujhe bhi tere haathon ki narmiyan yaad hain
Woh maasoom pyari si besharmiyan yaad hain

she remembered every minute she spent with that man. how he would do fasting with her despite how many times she had said no. she remembered how she would steal his paints and he would chase her and when she was trapped in his arms, tickle her till she would give the paints back.

Yaad hai sab mujhe yaad hai
Saari baatein mujhe yaad hain

he remembered that despite being unmarried, she would always do karva chauth fast and sneak out somehow at night to break her fast with him. her laughter echoed in the wind. that laughter which was so precious to find and he would do anything just to hear it from her mouth again and again.

Yaad hai sab mujhe yaad hai
Saari baatein mujhe yaad hain

his smile was the most important thing to her and everything she would do to make his lips form a smile.

Yaad hai tumko woh barsaatein?
Jab milke hum bheege thhe
Kyun andar se aanch uthi
Jab baahar se hum geele thhe

om remembered when insiya broke the news to him.


insiya came to om crying. she hugged him tight making his shirt wet wit her tears.

om: what happened insiya?

insiya: shaadi.

om: what? i am sorry, please explain to me properly.

insiya: my parents are going to make me marry to a man who i have never met before.

om: but why?

insiya: because for my dad to get a promotion, his manager wants him to mrry me off to his son.

om: but why not your sister?

insiya: my sister is already engaged to someone. if i have to marry at 16 then i will only marry you and if i can’t marry you then i will die.

om: what are you trying to say?

insiya: tomorrow i will have to marry and it’s either a man who is 17 years older than me or you!

om: tomorrow we will marry no matter what! you will meet in this very temple and here our wedding will happen. but for that you have to elope.

insiya: anything for you.

Kaisi thi woh befikri
Guzri… phir bhi na guzri

gauri remembered when the one she loved came with someone else. another woman to that temple and said that he would marry her only

Aisi shaamein mujhe yaad hain
Aisi baatein mujhe yaad hain
he remembered when he said to her that their dreams were ashes.

Koi jaan ke jaan se toh guzarta nahi
Kabhi apni marzi se koi bichhadta nahi

they were trapped in a room that night and both drank some spiked drink. before they knew it, he was on top of her and clothes were on the floor.

Yaad hai sab mujhe yaad hai
Saari baatein mujhe yaad hain

‘she’s dead’

the words which ruined his life forever.

Yaad hai sab mujhe yaad hai
Saari baatein mujhe yaad hain


Kaandhe pe sar rakh ke tere
Soyi thi main kitni der
Dhoondh rahi thi duniya mujhko
Khoyi thi main kitni der

gauri remembered when she found out that she was pregnant. she was only 16 then and was carrying a child. everyone told told her to abort it but somu came and said that the child was gauri’s and gauri can decide what’s right for her child.

Kaisi thi woh befikri
Guzri… phir bhi na guzri
Saari shaamein mujhe yaad hain
Saari baatein mujhe yaad hain

Jo hothon se naa keh saka
Harf woh bhi to hai
Jo aankhon se naa beh saka
Dard woh bhi to hai…

Yaad hai sab mujhe yaad hai
Saari baatein mujhe yaad hain

Yaad hai sab mujhe yaad hai
Saari baatein mujhe yaad hain

the scene ended with both om and gauri crying their hearts out rememberign the bitter past.

precap: kiya shocked

so why is kiya shocked.

find out in the next chappy.

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