love or religion? — chapter 4 first day of college

gauri woke up as the water was thrown at her. she saw hira smiling cheekily with an empty water in her hand.

gauri: arre meri baccha is so cheeky. you throw water at mama?

hira nods. gauri pulls her cheeks lightly and says: very cheeky.

she kisses her forehead and goes to change for college.


gauri came downstairs with hira in her arms. somu was sorting some files but lifted her head when saw her two favourites.

somu: good morning.

she takes hira in her arms and look at gauri.

somu: you gonna wear that to college?

gauri: yes, it’s just a salwar.

somu smiles lightly and gets a packet out of her bag.

somu: wear this.

gauri: what is this?

somu: jeans and a shirt.

gauri: no somu, i can’t wear this.

somu: kyu? look gauri, you are going to college and you want to look cool. don’t look like one of those old mums who wear sari, salwar. you are only 19. you are still very young. so waer this.

gauri: but i can’t you. i keep telling you not to buy stuff for me. i feel guilty.

somu: so? i am your elder sister and an elder sister must pamper her younger sister.

gauri nodded and goes to change. once she was changed, she drank some milk and went out of the house with somu and gauri.


somu: and here is your college.

gauri looked at a big building with many people there.

gauri: is this for business studies?

somu: yeah. like you said.

gauri: good.

somu: look gauri, why didn’t you take music?

gauri: music is sometimes when i am in pain.

somu: but music was your life.

gauri: not anymore. sometimes is fine but not all the time. now it’s time to make a fresh start, this is why i chose business studies.

the bell rang and gauri hugs somu tight and kisses hira’s forehead and then goes into the building.

2 hours later:

gauri: room 12? where is that?

she looks around but all she could see was a crowd of people. just then she got knocked down because of the ground and landed on the floor.

voice: are you ok?

gauri looked up to see a girl holding out her hand. gauri grabbed the hand and stood up.

gauri: yeah, i’m fine thanks. um.. do you know where room 12 is? my next class is in there.

girl: same. i know where it is. come with me.

gauri goes with the girl and they reach the room.

gauri: thanks.

girl: by the way, your name?

gauri: gauri. and yours?

girl: i’m kaira.

gauri: nice to meet you.

she and kaira goes in the room and sit at their seats.

precap: om in goa

note this is kaira:

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    It is nice

  2. Jasminerahul

    gauri soumya scene was so gauri joined the college and she got a friend like kaira.surprised to see alia as kaira. thanks for updating this fast

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