Love Or Deceit?? ~ Jabir’s Story Of Love In The Middle Of War Episode 1


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Again, before starting this ff, I would like to inform that I have never watched EBSS nor being a fan of couple JABIR. The whole idea of this ff being an inspirational story from Godfather (1991 Malayalam movie) remade in Hindi Hulchul, is from one of MOST FAVOURITE LOYAL reader friends Jasmine Rahul. This ff is completely her idea, I’m just putting in words to her idea. So, I dedicate this ff to Jasmine Rahul and ask all the readers of this ff to give the credits to her.


Mittal house, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Servants (only MEN) are running here and there, decorating the whole house and preparing a great feast. Kishan Mittal is seen seated on the main sofa with his newspaper and watching amusingly, how the servants are jostling with one another while being busy in their work. Just then, their head cook comes and asks him, “Bade saab, Chote babu’s favourite dessert is Rasmalai right?? Today, when everything in this house is arranged exclusively only for his return, I have made his favourite dessert, only for him, just taste this and tell me how is it made!!!” Kishan Mittal with a spoon takes a bite and smirks saying, “You have really made it well, but the FLAVOUR IN THIS sweet is not complete and that can be completed only through the HANDS OF A WOMAN!!!” PK who had been passing by, listens to his dad’s comment and says, “And there shall no WOMAN in PK’S HOUSE to complete that flavour, dad!!!” Kishan looks dismayed on hearing those words from PK. He lets out a sigh, while PK signs at the servant who retires to the kitchen. PK comes forward towards his dad and says, “DAD, how many times do I have to tell you not to speak about WOMEN in this HOUSE!!!” Kishan looking disappointed and frustrated at his words replies, “You have NOT BECOME MY FATHER YET, PK!!! You cannot STOP me from speaking what I want to say and NO MATTER HOW MUCH GREAT WOMAN-HATER my son is, I will stick on to the FACT that without women in the HOUSEHOLD, a FAMILY cannot be complete!!!” PK getting irritated shouts back, “My FAMILY doesn’t need any WOMAN to make it COMPLETE, myself, you, my two sons and my nephew are ENOUGH!!!” Kishan getting saddened at his words says, “PK, you can make decisions for your life but not for others!!! Don’t you think your two sons WILL NEED SOMEONE IN THEIR LIFE IN FUTURE??? And Jay, he is your elder brother’s son, PK!!! But you have separated him from his own MOTHER and SISTER, all because you don’t want women in this HOUSE!!!” PK raises his voice and points out, “Dad, I did not separate Jay from his family, but he himself chose to stay here, all for the reason of his friendship with my Kabir and regarding my sons: Dhruv and Kabir. Just then, Dhruv comes there to ask something from his dad. PK continues, “I’m sure they too have MY SAME OPINIONS, dad!!! They will never yearn for any WOMAN IN THEIR LIFE!!!” Dhruv gets shocked and thoughtful on hearing that, while Kishan looks at him with a sorrowful face. PK turns towards Dhruv and asks him, “What is the matter, Dhruv??” Dhruv coming out of his thoughts tells him, “Dad, I guess Kabir will soon be landing, shouldn’t we send a vehicle to pick him up. As PK is about to say something, Jay comes there saying, “Leave that to me, Dhruv Bhai, today, I myself will go and welcome my BEST CHUDDY KA BUDDY from Airport. PK smiles and goes on to check the servants while Kishan gets back to his newspaper.

Dhruv gets a phone call, he sees the call and gets reminded of his dad’s words that his sons will never yearn for any WOMAN in their life, he gets sad and disconnects the call.

Sharma’s Household, Kanpur.

Anuradha is shouting at the lady security for having let in male salesmen into the house, “How dare you??? Haven’t I told you that no men should enter this household and that is why I have hired you, but if you can’t do your JOB well, then what is the need to keep you, YOU ARE FIRED!!!” The security guard pleads with her not to fire her, but Anuradha gives a deaf ear to her pleas and asks her to get lost. Rani comes there and gets tensed seeing the situation. She comes to her mother and says, “Ma, I want to go to my friend’s birthday party??” Anuradha without looking up towards her replies to her sternly, “YOU CAN’T!!!” Rani gets worried and tries to justify saying, “But Ma….” However Anuradha motions her hand at her and says, “How many times do I  have to make you understand Rani, that there will be MEN in parties and my DAUGHTERS are not ALLOWED to MINGLE WITH ANY MAN and that is why I have always protected you from all the MEN of the WORLD, while keeping only women in my house and sending you both only to women’s colleges. She then calls out Pooja. Pooja comes there and asks her mother, “What is the matter, Ma??” Anuradha points out, “Learn something from your sister, Rani, my POOJA never does anything against my wishes!!!” Pooja gives out a beaming smile on hearing that while Rani gets disappointed. Anuradha asks Pooja to leave Rani to her college. Pooja replies “Sure Ma, Rani loves to ride with me, because I can drive a motorcycle like a MAN and she can feel she is riding with a man!!!” Rani frowns and goes outside, while Pooja takes leave and goes towards her.

Pooja and Rani are on the bike while Rani asks her sister, “How can you agree with each and everything what Ma says, di!!!” Pooja asks her, “Why, what is the problem with that?” Rani gets irritated and asks, “Come on di, Like HAVING NO MAN IN OUR LIVES, is it even possible??” Pooja smiles and says, “Well having you and Ma with me, I don’t really think I need a man in my LIFE!!!” Rani gets angry and tells her in a challenging tone, “Let’s wait and see di, if you will utter the same words, when THAT LUCKY MAN comes to your life!!” Just then a car passes by and splashes muddy water on both of them. Pooja stops her bike and shouts at the driver, “Are you blind??” Jay stops his car on hearing her voice, sticks out his tongue and tells Kabir, “Bro, I have messed up with the wrong people!!!” Kabir tells him, “I’ll handle this!!!” He comes out of the car and looks towards the women and slowly his gaze falls on Pooja who looks back towards him (Dekho zara dekho kya hai ladki, hulchul song plays….)


To be continued.

(Next episode to be updated on 14-02-2020, Friday)


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  1. Jasminerahul

    i just requested you to write a ff on this movie .but it’s your hard work and imagination.the full credit goes to you only .good that pk’s dad is not a women hater like jay staying away from his mom n sis just because he wants to stay with druv n kabir or is there some other reason?shocking that even anuradha is a man hater. sad that just because boys will be there she didn’t allow rani to attend the party.I wonder how will pooja pretend to love kabir like in the movie when she supports her mom regarding staying away from rani said let’s see whether pooja will say the same when her man enters her now jabir are going to exciting.can’t will get lots of jabir pics.plz try n see if you can add them here.

  2. Aleyamma

    But without your IDEA, this FF would never have been created by me, that I want to accredit you completely for this ff. All your analysis of the story is absolutely right!!! Jay is indeed staying away from his mom and sister becaue of his friendship with Kabir. And regarding the rest of the story, it’s a suspense, just wait and watch!!!
    Pics, I will think about it, if I get the appropriate ones!!!

  3. Hey aleyamma….i guess from ur ffzz that u r a keralite….even i am…i love the movie godfather….one of the evergreen movies….
    interesting to see how pooja kabir love story would progress in such a situation…..
    and ur actual name???
    also, i’m a fan of all ur ffzz….especially the one on kumkum bhagya…..
    why wont u publish all these stories in wattpad???

    1. Aleyamma

      Hey Sree Nandana, you are absolutely right about me being a KERALITE and I’m so glad to see other mallus here!!!
      But this ff was not my idea at all, as I mentioned in the beginning, the idea is completely of my loy reader and friend Jasmine’s, I’ve just put on the words.
      And thanks a million for reading my ffs and appreciating them, that is really lovely from your part!!!
      Actually at first I was not interested but again due to the insistence of one of my reader friends, I did start publishing these stories on wattpad too.
      So, along with getting published on TU, these stories are simuntaneously published on wattpad.

  4. Aleyamma

    The next update is rescheduled to 21-02-2020, Friday, so please do read the update on that day!!!

  5. Aleyamma

    Hey reader friends,
    Apologies once again. I’m not updating this FF today and will not be doing for a some more weeks as I’m taking a break from this FF right now.
    But I assure you I am not discontinuing it as I never discontinue anything once I start and will surely update after some time.
    Right now, I will be just focusing on my three FFs on KKB, YJHJK and RadhaKrishn.

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