Love of my life! AdiYa OS

hey guys I know I am late but still I am trying to post a os which is very special to me and I hope you like it. Soon I will post FF also but I am having my exams so you have to wait.

“No No again the same thing Arjun I am not writing” spoke Aditya Hooda a famous script writer to his director Arjun Mehra. “Please yaar I beg you write another story like your last one please”begged Arjun. Aditya sighed “Arjun try to understand a story needs to be new and unique everytime the same is not true”. 

Aditya Hooda was one of the best script writer right now. 8 blockbuster movie and all credit goes to Aditya Hooda in just last two years. From 8 blockbuster movies 5 movies he did with Arjun Mehra and now they were friends. All this fame and success still didn’t made Aditya happy because somewhere he did not have anyone own to share the happiness with. 

“And the award goes to Aditya Hooda for best script of the year.” Spoke Aditya’s mentor Harshavardhan from stage. Aditya was winning his second award for best script and was very happy to get the award from his mentor Harshavardhan Khanna. He went on stage to collect it and then bent down to touch his mentor’s feet but he stopped him from doing so and hugged him and whispered in Aditya’s ear”Aditya how much will you write other story when your own story is incomplete you are incomplete.” 

The award night was over and Aditya was back home. He sighed and thought about Harshavardhan’s words. He lost his parents long back and after 5 years of struggle he was in Mumbai. He was born and brought up in Mussoorie and was interested in writing since childhood and completed his dream in last two years. The person who is always between fame, success and people was actually totally alone for sharing his success with. He thought about Harshavardhan’s words. He had lots of fan on social media but year he was all alone. Mumbai was still not his own place.

“Where is Aditya? Yaar please pick up my phone” Arjun was trying his phone as Aditya just left writing a SMS to him “Going to find my own story.” Aditya reached Mussoorie and directly went in a hotel and booked his room for 15 days.

Aditya was sitting In the cafe area writing his next script for Arjun’s movie when he heard a sweet melodious voice.”Are you here to find your own story?” Aditya looked up and saw a beautiful girl standing infront of him wearing a peach kurti with white plazzo,her brown hairs open and a incandescent smile on her face. It was not that Aditya hadn’t met any girl before but she was different. She smiled and sat infront of Aditya. She forwarded her hand”Zoya Siddique. Manager of this hotel. You are here for a long time so came to visit you.” Aditya smiled at her and Shaked his hands with her. 

It was now and everyday routine of Aditya to meet Zoya in the cafe area and having a cup of tea with her. He talking about movies and bollywood while she talking about her life in mussorie. There was a different kind of relation between them just of smiling at each other if crosses the path or else having a tea in the morning together. Aditya was alright here and was also feeling that his script was going well. He felt that he was being self discovered living here and decided to stay here for 15 days. 

” I am going in the main city would you like to join ” asked Aditya on one fine day to Zoya. “No Arshad is coming tommorow. He is my fiance.” This one line pricked Aditya. He didn’t spoke anything and went in his room. Did she played with my heart? Why didn’t she ever told me that she is engaged. Why? But did we ever shared about our personal lives? No. I can’t tell her that in just last 7 days I feel in love with her immensely! How bollywood movie types it feels. She will not break her engagement for me. But Aditya was now angry with Zoya. For next three days Aditya didn’t came out from his room and kept on writing the script with all his heart and feelings. Zoya’s talks and behaviour helped Aditya to self discover himself which he forgotted in this year between fame and success. 

Aditya left mussorie without even meeting with Zoya as he felt that it is not ok to meet her as his eyes will all show his feelings for her. As he reached Mumbai Arjun hugged him”Where were you bro I was so tensed. No social media update no phone nothing and why are you glowing so much”. “No more questions Arjun. Your script is ready and see it”. Aditya went away and decided to meet Harshavardhan. “You are lucky that you got a chance to feel the love Aditya or else people spend whole life in finding that true love. Love is not only about having someone.” Spoke Harshavardhan as Aditya narrated him and Arjun everything. 

Arjun decided to have the shooting of his film in Mussoorie only and the hotel was same. Aditya didn’t wanted this but Arjun didn’t agreed to it. Arjun checked the script and was surprised that why the story  didn’t  have any climax. He asked Aditya but Aditya hopefully spoke that “this story will complete itself.” As two months passed by the shooting was coming to an end. Arjun felt that story should be of Aditya and Zoya and he changed the script.

Aditya was sitting in the balcony of his room when he felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned to find Zoya holding the cup of tea. “You” spoke Aditya shockingly. Zoya sat infront of him passing him the tea. Aditya didn’t found the marriage ring in her finger and asked “marriage?” “I didn’t do” “Why ?” “Because… Zoya didn’t have strength to spoke and tears rolled down her eyes. “why didn’t you told me that you love me?” Asked Zoya with her voice crooked. She held his collar and pulled him closer “why didn’t you understood that even I started loving you” Aditya wiped her tears. ” I am sorry” spoke Aditya holding her face and he also being on verge of crying. “When you went away without telling me I felt that I will never meet you again but when I saw you today early morning. I came back to you. I broke my wedding just for you.” Spoke Zoya which made Aditya smile. “Sorry – The Love Of My Life”. spoke Aditya holding his ears which made Zoya smile and they hugged each other. Aditya felt complete and his journey of self discovery was complete. Arjun saw AdiYa hugging and knew that the story is complete.😘❤️🤩😍

The end!!

Tell me in the comment section how the OS is!! Keep supporting and loving.

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  1. Super!

  2. I really like adyita abd zoya what a beautiful couple. They are the once that bring out the show. That’s why the ration on beepanan was ration one of the best soaps

    Looking forward to see that show started up on tv.

  3. It’s beautiful love story….adiya first meeting was very lovely…when zoya said that she is engaged…I become upset…but then she break her marriage btw Arshad and she returned back to adi…that was was really good…post the ff soon dear…

  4. Anuva

    Wow…fantastic. Aditya is a script writer, nice. Your description about Zoya is fabulous. Adi self discovered himself within 7 days. Zoya too, lovely. Good Arjun planned for shooting in Mussorie and same hotel. Zoya break her marriage eventhough she had any hope to See Adi again. Atlast Adiya united. Super OS

  5. Can you write a ff about jenshad 😍

  6. This was superb man , awesome os dear 😍😍😘😘🤔

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