Because their love was not mean’t to be easy; Kaira (Chapter 7)

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Chapter 7

Naira walks restlessly. It looked as if her world had just finished. Nothing was left. No mean to live neither no mean to die. She was just thinking about all that Manish Goenka had just told her when her phone rang. It was Kartik

“Hi jaan! What are you doing?” Kartik started.

“Nothing much Kartik. Can I call you after sometime actually I’m a little busy.” Cut off Naira

“All’s well jaan? You don’t seem right to me!” Kartik concluded.

“No no it’s all good Kartik.” Naira said with a bright voice.

“Okay then. Call me when you are free. Bye” Kartik ended and the phone went off.

Kartik felt something fishy but did not wanted to irritate Naira so just left it to go. And there at the other side Naira felt guilty without any crone looking at Kartik’s care. She was just not able to decide what to do and what not to do.

At one side was her family and the other side was her love. She knew her family did not support her when she needed them the most but her brother and small sister were not on any fault. She could have decided to tell everything to Kartik and decide not to leave but the only question she asked herself was,

“Will you be able to live after being blamed for a wrong deed for a life time?”

And the answer was definitely a no! She thought and thought the whole night and her only companions at this moment were a bunch of pain killers for her blasting head.

When finally she looked up at the clock it was 8 in the morning. That’s when she counted the hours left and came up to a conclusion. She grabbed her laptop pressed a little keys and then went downstairs.

And there early in the morning, her mother was in the kitchen. Her sister was getting ready for school and her father and brother were having some business talks when she started of

“Listen everyone I need to say something. I hope you understand and trust me in this decision there is nothing related to Kartik nor does he have any interference. I have booked my ticket to London and my flight is exactly after 4 hours. I want to leave everything behind and go. I hope you guys will support me.” Concluded Naira.

“I would only let you go because I still have some trust left on you.” Naira’s Dad said.

“Don’t worry Dad. I won’t break your promise. I just want to leave everything behind and start my life from a new start there. If you don’t believe me you can ask Kartik. He does not know anything about this.” Naira finished.

“Okay then. It’s final. Help Naira in packing Akshara. Driver will drop her. We are leaving. Bye Naira. Have a safe journey and always remember you still have a family here.” Naira’s dad and brother bid her a goodbye and left.

Naira texted Manish Goenka which read,

“I am boarding a flight in the next 4 hours. Don’t worry your son does not know anything. But very half heartedly I would say that hatred has definitely won against love but do not forget that you are spoiling your son’s life too. See you never again! Good Bye.”

She ran inside her the storeroom and cried. Cried her heart out because she had realized that, that 10 seconds call with Kartik was the last time she had talked to him. And this stabbed her heart. She poured her heart out in the storeroom because her mother was packing things in her room.


Precap: A letter

Hi guys! I know this is a very emotional chappy. Even I weeped while writing it but don’t worry the next 2 chapters would only be emotional and then the story would take it’s twist and turns so don’t worry there would surely be a Kaira milan and just enjoy the story. Please give suggestions. Babye?

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