Love Has No Eyes (Shot 9)

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Thank u for Ur comments. Here is Ur next shot. Today there will be more Raglak scene. I promise!
At Ragini’s room around 11:45 pm,
Ragini heard a voice saying “Because for me”. Ragini was shell shocked she knew whose voice it is. But she could not understand that how it is coming from her room. So turned back her cute innocent red color teary eyes widened and she whispered “Laksh!”
Laksh: Haan Ragini. U have got 14 rejections because only for this Laksh. God had decided u should be only mine. So only he made those 14 persons to reject u. He just wanted me to be with u throughout my life. He wanted us to become a cute couple. Ragini I thought u r such an extra ordinary courageous girl by seeing u on the engagement hall. But it was not true, u r such a cute crying baby.
Ragini doesn’t know what to do. She was standing shell shocked. She didn’t expect him, that too in her room at this time. She doesn’t what to speak to him and was totally dumbstruck. Laksh was staring her lovingly and his eyes were filled with Ragini’s image. He could not take away his eyes. She was looking like a moon princess and moonlight falling on her face made her look more complicated. Laksh’s heartbeat rose every second. He doesn’t want that silence because it was killing like anything. So he jerked Ragini and now Ragini came to reality and try to search some words in her mind and at last…
Ragini: Laksh? How does u know me? I mean my name and my address and my room, and what r u doing in my room? Why r u staring me like this? And… Ragini was about to say something just then Laksh kept his finger on her lips and said ‘Shhhh, calm down Ragini? I will explain u everything.’ Saying this he took out her letters and gifts from a bag which he had brought. Ragini did u remember these things.

Ragini: Did u read my letters daily? (She asked him excitedly and a glow was on her face. Laksh smiled at her)
Laksh: Not daily. But in one night I had completely read those letters that too on my birthday. U had wished me naa ‘May this birthday give u the precious thing which u are feeling in Ur life’? Yes I got my princess charming in my life for this birthday.
Ragini’s eyes were filled with tears and she remembered his confession of loving someone. So she said.
Ragini: I know it. U has already fallen for ur co actor Smriti, right?
Laksh’s eyes widened and asked ‘who told u like this?’
Ragini: That’s u who had confessed in an interview that u r in love with someone. I know u r loving her and dating with her.
Laksh started to laugh and he could not control it and this made Ragini irritating.
Ragini: Why r u laughing like this, as ur truth had came out; So to think what to say next, u r just laughing like this right?
Laksh somehow controlled his laugh and said
Laksh: No Ragini, u r wrong this time too. Really I could not control myself from laughing at ur belief on crazy rumors.
Ragini: No, I saw that interview many times and I confirm that u had told it from ur mouth. (Saying this she glared at him)
Laksh: Ok what did I told in that interview? May I repeat it deeply? Ok listen. When I was giving that interview I had a crush with an ‘anarkali girl’. She was such an awesome and cute girl I had ever met (Ragini felt jealous after hearing his appreciation of complication of that ‘anarkali girl’ i.e. actually herself which she doesn’t know). So when a reporter asked me ‘if u r in love or crush with someone?’ I just said ‘yes I am love’. Now ur confusion is cleared, right? (He asked just like Ragini to tease her. Ragini got much irritated and Laksh liked to see her irritated face).
Ragini: Ok. Who is that anarkali girl? (She asked him in an irritated and jealousy tone. To make her more jealous, Laksh said)
Laksh: Ragini! Why r u questioning me like my ‘girl friend’? (Ragini suddenly came to reality and looked away and said)

Ragini: No Laksh, not like that. I just asked in curious. That’s it. (Laksh wanted her to confess her feelings for him from her mouth. So he decided to make her more jealous)
Laksh: Ok Ragini, I like ur curiosity and after all u r my fan, right? (Ragini became angry and said)
Ragini: I am not ur fan! I am just ur admire, well wisher and friend if u like. That’s it and nothing more than that. (Laksh became little irritated seeing her attitude, so he said)
Laksh: Ok leave it. Now coming about my crush, ‘anarkali girl’, she was such a beautiful girl whenever I see her, my heart will be racing, and my other organs will stop functioning. Even though she didn’t have looked at me, I will see her continuously. U know Ragini, she was my first crush in my life and no one can snatch that place from my heart. (Hearing this Ragini felt jealous, angry, heartbroken, irritation. So she said)
Ragini: Laksh enough! U r inside my room and it’s too late. So I need to sleep. Will u get out of my room? (Hearing this Laksh was happy that she was feeling more jealous so he continued that)
Laksh: Ragini! Will u hurt ur love like this? (Hearing this she was completely shocked and asked)
Ragini: LOVE??
Laksh: Haan ur love, I know it’s me. (saying this he winked at her)
Ragini: Who said that I am in love that too with u? (She turned to other side and thought what she said)
Laksh: O come on Ragini. No more ego and attitude. Just say it and I am waiting to hear it from ur mouth.
Ragini: No. I didn’t love anyone till now. I will love the guy whom my father selects. (She doesn’t know what to say next. Laksh lifted one of his eyebrows and teasingly asked)
Laksh: So u loved those 14 persons whom ur father had selected. (Ragini was shocked and turned towards him and look straight into his eyes and said)
Ragini: I mean the guy who would marry me. Understood u idiot? (Laksh was shocked because she had scolded him and now he teasingly looked at her and said)
Laksh: So it means u r not married yet and not in love with anyone. Am I right?
Ragini: This is what I am trying to say it to u from beginning. But u fools! U could not understand it. (Laksh was happy that she was treating him as her possession. Then he took a letter from his pocket and gave it to her asking)

Laksh 9in little serious tone): Then why did u wrote such a non sense in this 101st letter? (Ragini was shocked and realized that she was trapped now. She doesn’t what to say so she turned to the other side but Laksh held her hand turned her towards him and looked into her eyes and asked) Why did u do this? Answer me. Have u lost ur brain while writing this letter. Did u know how my heart had broken into pieces? I became a lifeless body when read this letter. I had heard my heart crying and saying ‘PLEASE DON’T KILL ME’. I had became a mad that night and tried very hard to pacify my heart. The next day when I saw u standing for a commitment of a relation, I was about to die. But ur word ‘NO’ has saved me from death. Ragini, I realized that not only in this birth but also in other births I could not see u with others because u had born only for me; u had grown up only for me; u had been rejected by all only for me. Ragini! U r mine! U r my soul; U r my life; U r my present; U r my future; U are my mom; U r my friend; U r my child and u r my jaan. I cannot miss u Ragini. I am incomplete without u Ragini. I LOVE U RAGINI. I REALLY REALLY LOVE U RAGINI.
Both of them were having tears in their eyes and Ragini was staring him lovingly and could read through his eyes that he was saying all these things only from his heart. Now her heart shouted that, ‘U HAS MET UR PRINCE CHARM RAGINI. HE WAS BEFORE UR EYES; DON’T MISS HIM RAGINI’. Ragini hugged him tightly and shouted,
Ragini: NEVER. I won’t miss u Laksh. I LOVE U. U r my prince charm. U are only mine Laksh. (It was sharp 12’o clock and they started their new relation on a new day). (Just then Ragini realized something and glared at Laksh. Laksh, who was in extreme happy that he had met his soul mate, saw at her glaring him and asked)
Laksh: What happened to u my princess?
Ragini: Who was that ‘anarkali girl’? (This time she asked him with full rights and possessiveness)
Laksh laughed and said ‘U r the first person asking herself whom’. Saying this he continued to laugh but Ragini was confused and asked ‘What’? Then Laksh controlled his laugh and explained her about watching her in park and in home.
Ragini too remembered that on those incidents she wore ‘anarkali’ only and started to blush and Laksh looked at her blushing and this made her to blush more.

How is the shot today? I think so u has enjoyed it. I tried hard to make it cute and romantic; but blabbered something. Please forgive me if there are any mistakes or felt not okay. Please post ur comments. Have a nice day.

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