Love Has No Eyes (Shot 8)

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Guys I think so u all would like the upcoming twist. Thank u for the comments. Here is ur next shot.

At Maheshwari Mansion,
Laksh entered the house and his servant asked him to have food. But he didn’t respond him and move towards his room. Just then his servant told that a letter had came. Laksh’s face glows into 1000 w bulb and asked him to give it immediately. He too gave the letter to Laksh. Laksh took that letter and ran to his room and sat on the couch in balcony and started to read it. But his glow disappears and his eyes were full of tears and frustration. He threw the letter which falls on the bed and shouted that ‘this can’t happen. She wasn’t married. She was just telling lie. No she tells the lie, but why? Why should she lie to me? Why was she writing such a non sense? In all her letters I could find only love and care for me. But in this only heartbreaking words and emotions are used, but why? Why was she breaking my heart like this? I need to find it out. I should meet her and I should definitely attend tomorrow’s engagement ceremony only to know about u, Miss. Ragini Gaddodia. I am sure u r not a married girl. My heart is saying that u r made only for me. I am coming for u Ragini.’ Saying this he took that letter and kept on the night stand and slept.
Next Morning, a new day which was going to give the solution for all the misunderstandings had came.

At Ragini’s house,
Everyone was busy in arrangements, both Ragini and Swara with the broken heart were readying for the engagement. Just then Ragini noticed that Swara was so dull and cheers were in her face. Ragini asked her about it but Swara said nothing and went out of the room. Ragini senses something wrong, just then her maa came and said that Sanskar had arrived. And now her thoughts were filled with Laksh. Her eyes blurred but she managed to control her tears. Her maa went outside and she saw Swara dragging Sanskar’s hand to the terrace. Ragini managed to follow them and heard what they talk.
(Actually Swara will be pleading Sanskar to marry her di and told the reason behind it. But Sanskar denied it and said he would solve their misunderstandings. Just then Swara hugged him and said ‘please Sanskar do it for me. I want my sister to be happy. For me her happiness is important than mine. Please accept her Sanskar. Please’. After hearing her plead he could not say anything and went from there with a heavy heart.) This is what Ragini heard and now she comes to know that her sister was in love with Sanskar with whom she herself was going to be committed. So she thought something and her eyes were with full of determination.

The engagement ceremony starts…
Sanskar was on the stage and Ragini was going on the steps to the stage. Just then Laksh entered the engagement hall and saw Sanskar was standing with ‘anarkali girl’. He doesn’t know what is going on. He saw Sanskar’s face which has no happiness and filled with sadness and frustration. He then saw anarkali girl’s face whose eyes were red in color and her face had simple make up which makes her so beautiful and her eyes were continuously watching a girl whom he saw in Sanskar’s mobile. Laksh then came to know that she was Swara. He could not understand what was that anarkali girl doing there and where is Ragini. He was still standing on the entrance in confusion and shock.
Just then the pandit ji said ‘Ragini, put that ring to Sanskar’. Hearing her name Laksh’s heart was filled with mixed of emotions. Because he was happy that his crush and his love were the same and he was thrilled that she was not yet married and he was broken that ‘his’ Ragini was going to get engaged with his ‘bhai’. Laksh was broken down and was about to go just then he heard a sweet voice saying ‘NO! I could not do this.’ He turned and saw that it was Ragini who said it. His eyes got wider and teary in happiness.
Ragini: No maa. I can’t do this to my sister. (Everyone was shell shocked except Laksh who was happy to hear ‘no’ from her).
Ragini: Maa, papa! I know I should not say like this. But at the same time I should not snatch my sister’s loved one from her.
Ragini then stepped down from the stage and went near to Swara.

Sharmistha: Ragini! What r u saying? What is going on here? I could not understand anything.
Ragini: I will explain u maa. (Then she told Swara’s love story and their misunderstanding of alliance.) Hearing this Swara became emotional and hugged her and she could not say anything.
Ragini: Maa, papa! I know what u was thinking. How to marry Swara before me? Am I right? U both were concerning about my feelings that I am again being rejected. Just then Sanskar was about to say something but then Ragini continued.
Ragini: Papa please try to understand the situation, If Sanskar would had mentioned Swara as his loved one, then what would u have done. Shall I say it? U would have convinced Sanskar that their marriage could happen only after my marriage. Am I right maa, papa? Both of them shook their head positively. Then Ragini continued.
Ragini: Now what is preventing u to go ahead on this engagement? Please accept this. Really Sanskar and Swara were good pair. They must be united and not separated. Please don’t worry about me or about this society. Maa I have already said that when I meet my prince charm then I would marry him only. The same does Swara. She had met her prince charm so she wanted to marry him. There is nothing wrong in it. Please accept their love. Please papa, please maa. (Now Sanskar came down and asked forgiveness thinking that because of him this misunderstanding had happened)
Shekhar: Ragini, I am not an enemy of love. Because I myself had a love story with ur mom. I also know about love and its pain when separated. I am silently standing because I am worried that I am breaking ur heart again and again. But seeing ur courage, confidence and love for ur sister, made my heart to accept them. I am ready for their marriage. Go and ask permission from ur mom. Just then,

Sharmistha: No Ragini, I don’t have any objection for their marriage. I am just worried that when my one daughter’s life was full of happiness then my other daughter’s life was full of worries. I could not be happy that my daughter was happy and at the same could not be worried for my other daughter. What can I do?
Ragini: Maa! This is what is ur problem. (Saying this she took a ‘smiley’ kerchief and showed it to her) Maa, please understand that ur daughters can be happy when one of their life was happy and would fight against worries together when one of their life was worried. Then she held Swara’s hand and they both said,
After all we both were one called ‘SWARAGINI’. Saying this they hugged each other emotionally. Then everyone was convinced and Swasan’s engagement was held. While Laksh was looking only at Ragini, he thought to talk to her but then he stopped himself thinking it was not the correct time and correct place.
At night about 11:30 pm,

Ragini went to the terrace and saw Swara talking to Sanskar happily. So she went from there and went inside the room. She then went near her window watching the moon.
She remembered Laksh’s interview and his confession that he loves someone. She broken down completely and started crying very vigorously. Then
Ragini: Why this is happening to me? For the first time I am crying like this. I have met 14 rejections but at that time I didn’t felt my heartbreaking down but today I can clearly hear my heartbreaking. I tried to be courage girl to make my parents comfortable. But how long can I act like it? This time I am completely broken not because of this engagement. I am broken into pieces because of that ‘Laksh’ only. Yes because of him I am crying like this. These many years I didn’t have any crush or become crazy with anyone. But when I saw Laksh I had crush with him and me gone crazy on him. I know that it was my mistake to slip my heart to him though knowing that I do not deserve him. I should not have switched on that TV that. If not I hadn’t switched on it then I wouldn’t have saw him and wouldn’t have wrote some stupid letters for him. But why did I saw him? Why did lose my heart to him? Why I am feeling my heart so heavy? Why I am feeling lonely? Why those 14 people rejected me? Please god tell me. Please!!

Just then she heard a voice saying “Because for me”. She was stunned to hear that voice that too in her room. She turned and saw ‘him’.
What will happen next? Will they both confess their love? Will everyone accept their love? Wait for only one shot please. Post ur comments and it is a request of me.

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