Love Has No Eyes (Shot 7)

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I think so today’s shot will be interesting, because a very big misunderstanding was going to happen. Thank u all for reading this ff regularly. Here is ur next shot. Hope u will enjoy.

Next day morning,
Ragini went to the temple. Swara was on the terrace moving here and there as she was looking for someone.

Swara’s POV
OMG! Where does he have gone? Why he hasn’t reached yet? I already made him clear that mom dad will be going out of station today. But he was adamant and till now he hasn’t come. My parents will be going in half an hour. O my gods please help me. I didn’t know how I have fallen for that stupid angry man. But what to do I have fallen for his loyal eyes and his angry look. We even don’t know each other’s name. But we have fallen in love. Yes when I was going to Nithya’s house in my di’s scooty. I had hit his car accidentally. He came out of the car angrily. But he didn’t even scold and went from there.

After that I accidentally saw him in café and he too looked at me but removed his eyes. I got so much angry because he was showing attitude to me. After then we have many encounters but didn’t shared a word. One day he came to my college and said “I Love U” directly without any hesitation and with much loyalty. I liked his proposal and even loved him itself. But then we have met every evening but only shared an eye lock and nothing more than that. Yesterday he came and said that he will be coming to my house and to ask permission for our marriage before I can say something, he went from there. Just then I heard a car’s horn and ran to the hall. There my parents received him and confusedly look at each other.

Man: Glad to meet u uncle. My name is Sanskar Mehra. My parents have died in an accident and I was brought up in an orphan home. (It was the same orphan home where Laksh was also brought up and hence Laksh came to know about him.) I am working as a serial director at present and trying to direct a movie in future.
All the three were shocked especially Swara. Then he continued

Sanskar: I will come to the matter directly. I am in love with ur daughter. I even expressed but she didn’t respond me. But I don’t want to miss her. So I came here for her hand. Will u accept my proposal? I will wait for ur answer. Thank u for hearing me completely.
Here the misunderstanding starts. Both Shekhar and Sharmistha thought that Sanskar was talking about Ragini. They both got happy and said yes to him. Swara was completely surprised because they have accepted Sanskar.

Shekhar: Where is Ragini? We shall ask her for wish. He whispered it to Sharmistha which Swara also hear and became heartbroken. Her eyes got moist and tears escaped from her eyes. She was about to say her interest on Sanskar but stopped herself. She thought that she can’t be selfish by breaking this alliance too for her di. She thought that Sanskar can be a best husband for Ragini. So she ran inside her room and started remember about her moments with Sanskar. She wiped off her tears and determined that she should move on by forgetting Sanskar.

Sanskar, who was thinking that Swara was only daughter, committed the relationship. They fixed the engagement the next day itself. Both Shekhar and Sharmistha thought that Ragini would accept the alliance. They thought Sanskar was very truthful and loyal.

At temple,

Ragini was about to enter into the temple, she got a call from Sharmi who said that Laksh was in relationship with his co actor Smriti. After hearing this she checked about him on her mobile. She found while Laksh was giving interview he accepted that he was in love with someone. But he didn’t reveal her name. This made Ragini to collapse on the ground and tears escaped from her eyes and her heart was broken into many pieces. Then she thought that how can she be crazy on him? How can she be an admirer of him? How can she ‘love’ him?

Just she realized what she had thought. She asked ‘Am I loving him? No, not at all, I am just his crazy admire not his lover. I could not love him, because he was in love with someone. I don’t know if he had ever opened her letter and gifts, then how could she love her? No, I should not. I am not the suitable girl for him. I could not be his loved one. I could not be his life. He could not spent his whole life for me.’ Thinking this she cried badly. Then got up and made herself strong and took out the letter which she have written last night. She tarred it into pieces and took another paper and pen.

She sat near the pond in that temple and started writing the letter.

Ragini’s Letter,
Hello Mr.Laksh Maheshwari. I am that same Ragini. I don’t know y but I thought ur expressions in the romantic scenes are so good. I have read that u r in relationship with her. U know what I am so happy for u that u have met ur soul mate. Here is happy news that I won’t write letters for u, because I am moving to the states with my husband. ( A mere lie). So I could not be able to comment u. I wish u to have a happy married life with ur soul mate. Finally, Goodbye to u.

After writing that letter Ragini was completely broken down. Then she wiped her eye and went to pray the god. She prayed that Laksh should get all the happiness in his life. Then with the heavy heart she posted the letter and went to her house.

At Maheshwari Mansion,
Laksh after having a peaceful sleep, he thought of yesterday’s incident. Then he remembered that ‘anarkali girl’. He knows that he have some crush on her.

Laksh’s POV

She was a cute innocent kind hearted beautiful girl ever I have met. But I didn’t know anything about her. If I had committed to that ‘anarkali girl’, then would not have fallen for Ragini. Ragini’s beauty of heart is clearly visible to me. I don’t how she would look and what was her character, but I am sure that only she could understand me. I don’t want any crush in my life. I just want a girl who understands me and a princess charming. I want to spent my complete life with her only. He smiled thing about her gifts and letters.

Then he took that recipe book and found some of the recipe written by her. It was mostly ‘Parottas’ which was Laksh’s favorite dish. So he gave that recipe book to his servant and asked him do some dishes by reading from that book. He also warned him to keep it safe or else he would kill him. After saying this he went to the shooting spot. He was there on time and he looked at the ‘smiley’ kerchief given by Ragini and kept his hand on the chest and said “All is well”. Then he got some confidence and went to Sanskar.

Laksh: Good morning sir (with some smile on his face)
Sanskar: Morning. (he said it while looking away) Laksh then spoke out from his heart.
Laksh: Bhai! I know I am wrong. But please don’t misunderstand that I am not caring about my aim. Please. I know for some days I am not in full concentration in my work. It was due to a crush on a girl. But now everything was cleared I have met my soul mate. She gave the confidence back. I know bhai u r angry with me, because u r caring for me and my future. I am promising u that I won’t repeat this mistake again. (while saying this tears escaped from his eyes) Sanskar turned towards him and asked did u call me as ‘bhai’? Laksh shook his head positively. Sanskar hugged him and he too became emotional because from his small age no one called him with such possessive relation.

Sanskar: Ok I am forgiving u as ur ‘bhai’. But if u want to forgive as ur ‘sir’ then u should be loyal to ur work ok?
Laksh: Surely sir. Then they had a friendly hug. Just then
Sanskar: Laksh tomorrow is my engagement with my loved one and u must be on time. Did u get it? Laksh who was shocked hearing this he asked
Laksh: Really. U haven’t informed me that u r in love with someone. Who was that lucky to get u as her husband? Laksh teasingly asked him. Then Sanskar smiled and took out Swara’s photo and showed to him.

Sanskar: She is my lucky girl, Miss. Swara Gaddodia. Laksh was shocked hearing that surname ‘Gaddodia’. He remembered that Ragini’s name also ends the same. Many questions have risen in his mind. Before he could ask Sanskar asked him to get ready for the shooting. Laksh thought that he should definitely attend the function at least to know about Ragini.

At Ragini’s house,
Ragini entered the house and found some decorations. She asked her mom about it. And she explained about Sanskar’s alliance. She asked Ragini if she will accept the alliance. Ragini thought about her crush no, no; her love for Laksh and his announcement. Then she shook her saying yes. Sharmistha got happy and hugged her. Ragini went inside the room and cried badly and was Swara too. But both Sanskar and Laksh were eagerly waiting for the next day.

What will happen on the engagement day? Will the pairs be Ragsan or Raglak or Swasan? Wait for only one more shot. Please post ur comments. Thank u.

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