Love Has No Eyes (Shot 6)

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Sorry guys for not able to submit the previous shot on time. Hope u will forgive me. Here is ur next shot…

At Temple,
Ragini was quite tensed seeing Laksh like that. So she prayed to make him happy today because it was his birthday. After praying she remembered her gifts and thought that he might like it.
At shooting spot,
Laksh was 1 hour late because of staring Ragini like idiot and then due to traffic. His angry man (director) was much frustrated. Laksh went to him and
Laksh: Sorry sir. Today I went to the ‘home’ and spent some time with those children so that I am late today. Sir u know that I am punctual. But today. Before completing his director,
Director: Yes I know u r always punctual and I knew that u went to that ‘home’ because it was ur birthday. U know well about me than others. U knows well that how much I will get angry when someone was late for their duty. And u too knows that I don’t like the persons who were reasoning for their mistakes. U know what Laksh the person who was reasoning his mistakes will not succeed in his life. I didn’t expect this from u Laksh. I thought u will surely succeed because of ur hard work and punctuality. But u has already left that ‘hard work’ and now ur ‘punctuality’. I don’t want to waste my time by advising u or scolding u. But don’t think that I will not punish u. Today my assistant Mr.Laksh Maheshwari have to get out from here. (Actually Laksh was that director’s assistant before entering into that serial. The director was impressed by his sincerity, hard work, punctuality and his determination. So he gave the main role to him and often scolds him and get angry on him to make him to fulfill his aim. His name was Sanskar Mehra)

Laksh became heartbroken and went out from there because he knows that his ‘sir’ didn’t like disobeying. He was so much worried, hurt, frustrated and he went to his house.
At Maheshwari Mansion,
Laksh entered his room and saw many gifts from his friends and fans arranged on the table. Laksh was very much frustrated and threw the gifts on the floor. Then he went to a bar inside his house and drank the bottle of wine completely. He was now in unsteady state and went to his room.

At night,
Laksh was sleeping on the bed and suddenly get up from his bed his head was so much aching. He saw some gifts were spread on the floor and some gifts on that table. He went to the balcony and saw the moon with much worried eyes.

Laksh’s POV
Why god? Why this is happening to me? I lost my family and their love when I was just 7 years. I happened to be a rich person so my relations sent me to an orphan home to enjoy my richness. After I was brought up, my father’s lawyer fought for me and get me my father’s wealth. But I don’t want this wealth and business, because I want to be an actor, so that I joined as an assistant for a best loyal director Mr.Sanskar Mehra. He taught me, how to live the life and spent the life only for our ambitions. I considered him as my own brother because his care for me and my aim made me to think like that. Even though I call him as ‘sir’ my heart will always call him as ’bhai’. But now his words have hurt me. If called me as useless or scolded me with bad word I won’t felt sad. I am sad because I have lost his trust on me. I have lost his faith and care for me. Yes I know I had done wrong, but what can I do? Whenever I saw that girl my heart was feeling good and my worries tension were flow away from me. I even don’t who she was but my heart is longing for her. What is happening to me? How can I get back that trust back from him? How can I?

Just then tears escaped from his eyes and wind blows through his windows and a chart which was lying down rolled towards him and hit on his leg. Laksh came back to the reality and saw that chart and he bend down and picked that chart and sat on the couch.

At Ragini’s room,
Ragini was standing near the window thinking about his tensed face. She doesn’t what had happened to him which makes him much worried. Her heart says that something had happened to him which makes him worried. After hearing her heart a tear escaped from her eyes and she looked at the moon with that moist eyes. Just then her eyes fell on Swara who was in the garden jumping and continuously saying ‘thank u god’. Ragini smiled after seeing her sister so much happy. She wiped the tears and asked
Ragini: Swara! What happened to u?
Swara realized that Ragini had noticed her so she,
Swara: Nothing di.

Ragini: whatever it is, thank the god silently and not like this. Neighbors will be coming and shouting. Saying this Ragini smiled and went inside her room. Swara too realized it and ran to her room.

At Laksh’s room,
Laksh looking at that rolled chart in his hands. He then opened it. His teary eyes become wider and saw his own picture which was an oil painting and upto his chest and his face was full of laughter with a ball spinning in his hands and he was in black shirt and white colored blazer. Laksh remembered that it was his entry scene in that serial. He looked down and saw a sign ‘Ragini’. His worried had some smile and looked at the letter pinned to it. In the letter,

“At last u has opened my 100th letter. Have u found my name through that painting? I thought that I should not but what can I do my hand had signed without listening to my mind. Anyways I am so happy that it was my 100th day of writing letter and too on ur birthday. OMG! I am really happy so I am wishing u whole heartedly ‘MANY MORE HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY’. May this birthday gift u the precious thing which u are feeling in ur life. Have u opened my other gifts like chocolate, handkerchief, a puzzle book, a recipe book and a small plant. U may thing that these things were crazy but I thought it may be helpful in every emotions of life. If not u have opened my other gifts, let it be. But u may those things (showing some attitude)

By ur admire, well wisher and friend if u accept it. Bye”
Now Laksh some smile on his face after reading this letter and he eager to find the other gifts. So he searched in for her gifts. At last he found a beautiful and cute parcel. He sat on the bed and opened it and found those things which she had mentioned and some small bit of paper in those things.
He first took the chocolates and a small letter in which ‘Share it with all when u r happy’. He smiled at it and kept on the night stand. Then he took a puzzle book in the first page she had written ‘Try to solve it when u feel boring’. He lifted one of his eyebrows and smiled. He kept it aside. Then he took a recipe book in which she had written ‘When u r tired first fill ur stomach’. Laksh laughed at it and kept aside. Then he took a kerchief which had an ‘smiley:):)’ expression and in a letter she wrote that ‘Use it when ur feeling sad or worried and give it to others who were feeling the same and keep ur hand on ur heart and say that “All is well”.’ Then he remembered the morning incident and kept his hand on his chest and said ‘All is well’. And that time he felt some good feeling in his heart. It was like cheer and potential to the heart. This made him to see at her letter with much grateful in his eyes.

Then he took a small plant which had small buds and in a large leaf of some other plant she had written ‘thank god u had opened it or else it would have died. I know u won’t let it die because u r a life saver who once have saved my life. If u don’t remember when then read my 1st letter. Ok go and plant it. Whenever its flower blossoms ur life will get a lovely gift’. He gave a confused look because she had mentioned that he was a ‘life saver’. But then he took the plant and went to the garden and planted and watered it.

Then he remembered that it was 100th letter which means she had written 99 letters for him. So with much curiosity he went asked his servant for his letters. His went inside the store room and took it. He said that if he didn’t asked it today then he would have thrown into the dustbin. This made Laksh angry and asked him to do only his work and not to do the things which he hadn’t told. Seeing him angry, the servant asked him sorry. Laksh then into his room and started to read the letters.
At 2:30 am,

Laksh switched on the TV and saw that serial just like Ragini. Then looked at the letters and asked ‘What is ur full name, my princess? I want to meet u and now but how can I?’ Just then his eyes fall on the clues left by her on the envelope. Then he tried making them into words and he found that it had made into a name ‘Ragini’. So continued further and found her name as ‘Ragini Gaddodia’. He then noted it on his mobile and starred at it saying “Miss. Ragini Gaddodia, I am coming for u”. Just then he realized what he have said and thought “If u r Miss. Ragini Gaddodia or Mrs. Ragini Gaddodia?” Then his face became tensed and prayed to the god ‘that please I want her to be Miss. please at least u make this happen. Please.’

Why Laksh is praying to the god like? Does he have fallen for Ragini? Why Ragini’s feeling sorry for Laksh? Is she loving Laksh?

A new twist was going to happen which make Raglak to meet. What was it? Wait for 2 more shots. Thank u for commenting and nikky I like ur comment and considering it.

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