Love Has No Eyes (Shot 3)

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Welcome Back Guys. Here is ur next shot. Hope u will enjoy it

At night about 1:00 am
Ragini was staring at the moon lovingly.
Ragini’s POV
It was strange that I had started to love my life. Yesterday at this time I want to leave this earth but in the morning everything was normal and they were obeying my words that to be happy not feel sad. O my god, if I had attempted suicide then my family what will be doing now. I can’t even imagine that horrible. God I am not going to thank u for saving my life. Because u knows that I won’t die. I am not going to thank my family, because they even don’t know what I am going to do. I am going to say THANK YOU to only to HIM. Laksh Maheshwari. No, no; Laksh. Yes I am to thank him only. He doesn’t who I am, where I am, how I am, etc, but he had saved me. How miracle was this. So I am going to thank him. But how? How can I say thank u to him. Can I send it through internet? No it won’t be that much good. What can I do??
Just then her eyes fall on a notebook. She then reminded something.

Ragini was 15 years old and Swara was 13 years old. While they were readying for school packing their bags on the bed, they had a fight on silly thing. But Ragini in anger pushed her down. So Swara had fallen down and got hurt and so she cried. Hearing her cry, Sharmistha and Shekhar came inside their room. They saw Swara crying with a wound on her hand and sitting on the bed watching Swara crying with some guilt. Then after first aiding Swara, they both went to the school. At evening Swara avoided Ragini. This made Ragini to cry. There came her maa and consoled her.
Ragini: I had done wrong maa. I had hurt my sister and she was upset with me. What can I do maa? Please tell me. Ragini said while hugging her.
Sharmistha: Ladoo. It’s just a small fight, no need to worry. Swara will be normal after her wound healed. But Ragini was not yet convinced. So she gave Ragini a bundle of empty papers which had some design making it so cute.
Sharmistha: Ladoo, have it with u and write whatever u are thinking to say to something. Then give it to the respected person. If u wants to ask sorry to Swara then write it in this letter and give it to her. Ok don’t cry baby please. After Sharmistha had gone out, Ragini took a letter and wrote”I am sorry Swara. I won’t do this again. Please talk with me normally. Please?” Then she gave it to Swara with some of her favorite chocolates. Swara laughed and hugged her after seeing the letter.
Swara: di, I know u will definitely ask me sorry. But I didn’t expect this letter. I love u so much di. U r my best di. Please don’t do this again. Because its hurting. Swara said it while hugging her.
Ragini: no Shona I won’t do this again.
Flashback ends.

Ragini’s POV
It is a good idea. The power of writing is more than expressing it through saying. But what can I write in it and moreover how can I send it without any address? Suddenly se got an idea. She picked up her phone and called Sharmila or Sharmi (Ragini’s best friend in college who was now working as a VJ in a music channel)
Sharmi: hello Ragini. What happened to u .why r u calling me at this time? Is everything ok? Sharmila asked in a caring tone.
Ragini: Haan Sharmi everything is fine. I need a help from u.
Sharmi: what did u want Ragini? Did u need any star’s mobile number?
She asked teasingly.
Ragini: no, I need an address of an upcoming star (Laksh).
Sharmi: What Ragini? r u serious? Had anything happened to u? OMG! U are asking me man’s number??
She asked shockingly.
Ragini: Actually I want to write a letter to Laksh. Sorry! Laksh Maheshwari. Then she said everything to her. Sharmi was shocked and at the same time she was happy that she had decided to grow confidence on herself.
Sharmi: ok Ragini. I will message his address tomorrow morning. Bye.
Ragini: thank u. bye!

It was now 2:30 am, so she switched on TV and started to look that serial especially at Laksh.
Next day at early morning, Ragini went to the temple even though she had slept late at night. She wore a red colored anarkali with some touch up on her face making her so beautiful. Ragini went to the temple and ask the god to give happiness to all and also to give her some courage. Just then she got message from Sharmi and was overjoyed. Then said thank u to god and replied her “Thank u so much dear.”

On the way to her house, she was on her scooty at a signal. She then saw the road which has only some vehicles and in a park near by some people jogging and doing exercises. In that park she saw some small children doing exercise and jogging which reminded her Swara who hates doing morning walk and exercises. A smile was on her lips and admired those children. She was admiring only those children. But a pair of eyes were admiring her innocent face with amazement and smiling. It belongs to a man around her age, in his casual suit standing just behind those children. Suddenly Ragini heard some horn sound and came to the reality. She turned and said sorry and started her scooty. Again her eyes fall on those children, she smiled and turned. But this time she got a glimpse of that man who was staring at her. But she could not get a clear view so she left it out of her mind and moved from there. Then that man got a call. He answered that “Laksh Maheshwari will be there on time. Ok” and ended the call. Yes that man was none other than LAKSH.

Laksh was admiring Ragini? How will they come to face to face? Will they end up in love?

Thank u guys. Please tell me if I have to do any corrections. Please give me ur precious comments even though it is negative. Bye. Have a nice day:):)

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