Love Has No Eyes (Shot 21)

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So hi guys! Thank u for the comments and sorry for the late update. Some had guessed that ‘she’ is Ragini. Ok let’s see who is that? So here is the next shot…
At a mansion,
Laksh was sitting on the bed and having that another half hearted bracelet in his hand and looking it lovingly with tears in his eyes. Then he tapped on Ragini’s photo and found that Ragini’s dot was moving towards the direction of his dot. He felt very happy and decided to escape from here and reach her. His gaze just then falls on curtains and he got an idea. He removed the curtains and joined them by putting knots and tied one end on the window and the other end on his hand. He peeped outside and found that the guards had fallen asleep so he took the chance and escaped from there. Then only he found that it was a farm house. He then started to move towards the direction of Ragini’s dot.

At Baadi,
Nikhil was very happy that Ragini had accepted him. He was ordering his goons to take care of decorations. Suddenly his phone vibrated and he attended the call.
OP: Sir, Laksh had escaped. We r really sorry sir but,
Nikhil smirked: U don’t worry. I know he will be directly coming here. That is what I want. His escape was just my plan. He will be coming here but it will be very late as there is no transport service. In front of his eyes I will take Ragini away from him. He will be lifeless body with breathe. That is what I want. It was the punishment for him to love my Ragini. That is what my plan is. U just follow him and inform me about his every move. I need to know his struggle to achieve his love. Saying this he laughed loudly and evilly.
OP: Ok sir.

He ended the call and involved in decoration works. Here Sanskar and ‘she’ were in the car with the bracelet and nearing Laksh. Finally they saw Laksh. The trio felt very happy looking each other. Laksh hugged Sanskar tightly and then hugged her. This was noted by the goon who was following Laksh. He called Nikhil.
Goon: Sir. Somebody had came and hugged Laksh then they went in a car.
Nikhil fumed in anger and shouted: What r u saying?
Goon gulped in fear and stammered: Sir. A man and a lady had came and took him. Shall I follow him?
But Nikhil cut the phone and he realized that a lady hugged Laksh. So he thought that it was Ragini and felt very angry that she had cheated him. He broke the vase in anger. He then realized that they would be coming to save Ragini’s family. Suddenly he planned something and started to get ready as groom.
At Swara’s room,

Only 2 hours is left for marriage. But nobody had come. I don’t know what to do. But I have confidence that everything will be fine. So I am going to get ready and I can’t wait till they return.
She got up and get ready in pink and sandal bridal dress. Then she took some jewels and wore it with slight make up and placed a veil on her face. It was revealed to be Ragini. She then lost in some thoughts.
Yesterday’s night at Ragini’
Sanskar: fine. So now I will go and bring him as soon as possible. Then only we could stop that Nikhil.
Ragini: I will also come with u.
Swara: No I will come with u.
Sanskar looked at both of them. Ragini was lost in some thoughts and Swara kept on blabbering that she will go.
Ragini: Yes. U both go and bring him. I will wait for u guys.
Swasan looked at her surprised and shocked,

Ragini understood their thoughts and said: Yes I also wanted to go to Laksh and save him. But at the same time I could not only think only emotionally. In the time of difficulties we have to think practically and logically. According to me, I will stay back in Swara’s room and u both go and save Laksh. I don’t know where he had kept Laksh. But I am sure that it will be at very long distance so that even Laksh himself escapes he could not reach here on time to stop marriage. So when u both reach him and take him, here he will start marriage rituals and when he searches for me, I will not be in my room as I will be in Swara’s room with a veil on my face. In the frustration that I am not there, he will be acting crazily and will speak page to page dialogues. Mean while u can come along with police. So we can escape from him.
Swasan mouth were hung open hearing her plan. They accepted her plan and helped her in reaching Swara’s room.
At Swara’s room,
Sanskar: Ok take care and be careful. Saying this Swasan went from there.
Flash back ends.

Ragini closed her eyes and prayed god for everyone’s safety. Just then she heard a large sound on her door and looked at it and was shocked to see Nikhil in groom’s attire with a frustration and smirk on his face. He came near her and held her hand.
Nikhil thinking that she is Swara: It’s good that u yourself had got ready. U r going to be my bride today, ur sister had cheated me and ran away from me. But I am not a stupid to stop the wedding and catch them then separate. It was a lengthy job. But I want to make Laksh suffer. Only it was my goal now. So if I marry u and torture then ur sister will feel guilty that ur condition was only because of her. She will be living a guilty life. Seeing her like that Laksh will break completely. That is what I want. So without any arguments just come to my hell and enjoy ur bad time.
Saying this he dragged her outside. Shekhar and Sharmistha could not so anything. They were surrounded by Nikhil’s goons. Ragini was completely shocked that she didn’t expect that move and she tried to escape from his grip but he tightened the grip. She then bites him and Nikhil shouted in pain and left her hand. She escaped from him and the goons chased her. After some Tom and Jerry fight Nikhil caught her and slapped her hardly and she fallen on ground with some blood coming from her lips. He then dragged her to the mandap and asked the pandit to start the rituals whereas the goons had tightly held Ragini. Ragini’s eyes were red and her heart was racing and her mind was blank and her body was weak. She could not do anything rather than feeling pity on herself. She was slowly losing her confidence but her love was strong enough to struggle to escape from that psycho.
Just then they heard a gunshot on air at the entrance. It was found to be Lakswasan with police.
I end my shot here. I am really sorry for a small shot. Next episode is the wedding episode and then next will be their first night. I am thinking to give it little bit different. Ok today’s shot is just a drama and I myself felt bored in typing this. But I will try to give the next two shots beautifully. Thank u and bye.

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