Love never lies..


Happy birthday Sameera wish you a great happy birthday Happy, happy birthday! You deserve all the cakes, love, hugs and happiness today. Enjoy your day my friend:May God shower you with blessings today and always. Happy birthday wishes for my friend!????????.


Scene start Singapore cruise ?..

the cruise going from Singapore to India it’s a luxury cruise.People was enjoying happily.Just than a man come at bar side he was with his bestie Aman.

Heyyy Kunj this cruise this totally awesome I must say Amna spoke.

Yup buddy that’s why I bring you here how’s it my plan.. he asked him take the sip of drink..

Totally awesome my buddy he added he cuddles him.

Kunj look at here and there. Wow so many butterflies here let’s enjoy ?Kunj said see a girl and smirked.

I didn’t understand you till now Kunj Sarna one side you running behind girls and other hand your great jolly LLB father Manohar sarna.. he finding girls for you why you don’t get ready for marriage haan he said?

Brother there is different between marriage and my girl funda ?kabhi kishi ko apne gale me apne haatho se fasi Ka funda dal te suna hai Kya haan. Papa ki ladkiya woh fasi Ka funda hai samja and about me I’m just a cool dashing boy who just take fun of girls nothing else baby Aman Kunj said..

{Kunj sarna great fun loving boy who loves his family lott his father wants he joint their family business but he deny because it’s just a start he wanted to enjoy first than he will do other thing so than family behind his marriage he deny for this as well than Kunj leave the house and run with his bestie Aman..

Manohar sarna Kunj Sarna father who is retire lawyer very famous lawyer who didn’t uncart a single case of his life stay with his honesty that’s it}

Kunj love to flirt with girls lott he never cross his limits. And he calling his father jolly LLB ?..

Kunj run and come to Singapore than he and Amna get passes of this cruise it’s cherry on cake for them all family members try to call Kunj and Aman but they didn’t receive their calls and enjoyed in thus cruise..

Kunj went near a girl she passed smile at him he smiled back and smirked at Aman.

Fas gai jal me machli Aman murmured ?..

Heyyy Kunj said in very cute voice.

Hi she said back..

you looking so beautiful my eyes just landed on you only something different at you baby Kunj said she blushed.

Hoo really haan man even you aren’t less hot boy she said.

Thanks everyone saying this only to me Kunj added.

Drink??? Kunj asked her.

Sure mr she said

Hmm mr Kunj he said

Hoo Kunj nice name she added

What’s your?? Kunj asked her?

My Reema she said..

Hoo Reema my one friend name is reena ?he said aman giggles totally lies..

Kunj forward his hand for her she give her hand in his hands he pulled her take her near bar.

Waiter one wine please he Oder the drink. She take seat beside Kunj Aman come and sit beside to Kunj.

Meet my friend Aman Verma Kunj said

Hi she said wine come she take.

You are alone here Aman asked her.

Why you wanted her father too come Kunj murmured ?.. he nodded in no.

No I’m alone na and you both to going India she said

Obviously cruise going India so we will too na Aman said Kunj show him eyes.Than they went to dance floor dancing nashe si chadh gayi song.they fully immersed in dance.

Heyyyyy Kamini Esha come fast we will get late always a girl said..

Aai yaar Esha said.. they come stand lounge area.

Aww Esha its amazing na twinkle said..

Haan yaar you did right we come for holiday and get this cruise passes all thanks to Yuvi he send for us Esha said.

Haan my Yuvi is the best twinkle added.

Now madam let’s enjoy this 15 days is yours and mine only no drama of anyone.Twinkle said.

Yup Esha hummed.They both hold each other’s and went towards bar and take soft drink and take seat in side.. Kunj get tired with dance so he leave the dance floor and went to take drink twinkle glass over so she get up to take another one.

Hey one soft drink twinkle and Kunj both said together than they look at each other’s. twinkle turned her gaze while Kunj still looking at her.

She looking so beautiful in this beautiful jumped suit..

Waiter keep the their glass your drink sir and madam he said twinkle and Kunj forward their hand they both keep hand on same glass.Their hands touch twinkle immediately take the glass.

It’s mine miss Kunj said.

Acha your name not written on glass mr she said she take sip of soft drink.And went from there.Kunj take his glass and pour vodka in it and drink in one go.

What a girl.

Kunj leave everything he went in side take seat from

Where he can see twinkle easily.Aman come and joint him.

Heyy bro why you leave your Reema haan where are you lost he said and see Kunj lost in someone his eye went in his direction of eye sight. He understands and see girls.

Kunjjj again I mean just now Reema now this two he shake him.

Ahah man why you always broke my concentration haan? Kunj said.

Pata hain Kiya concentration hai Tera samja Na. Yeh bata why you staring that girls. He asked him.

Not girls man only girl see that black dress wali she give me Tashan huhu Kunj said.

Leave this let’s enjoy.Aman said take him again to dance floor even Esha as well they all dancing.Kunj see twinkle and she too but she try to ignore him Kunj see her face expression and giggles out.a man push twinkle she about to falls down Kunj hold her on time both looked into each other’s. twinkle come in sense.

Heyyy leave me she said.

Okay ji?Kunj said and leave her immediately she falls down.

Ahah you fucking man huhu. She said and scream in pain…

Better next time cute lady he forward his hand to her kya agar you come under anyone heels than toh keema banjayega Kunj said with a giggles.

Twinkle looking at him with anger eyes than she give hand to Kunj and he pulled her she landed on his chest .

Keema Acha twinkle stamping her sandal on his feet’s baldy.

Ouch Kunj scream..?.

Keema man huhu she said and went from there.

What the Fuc…. he stop.

Twinkle and Esha taking the safari of this beautiful cruise.They had their food in a restaurant.

Aman and Kunj standing at railing and see the moon those shadow sinking in sea..

Kya hua haan aman asked him?

Kuch nahi that girl so wired man. He said

Ahah she must be first who didn’t give Bhav like others ??..Kunj gritting his teeth at him.

Twinkle what happened you just stuck at that boy who he is Haan tell me Esha asked with curiosity..

Koi captain America nahi ta woh samji he is so chipku I can understand this type of boys they just behind girls twinkle said.

Acha than he must not first boy you see in this planet twinkle Taneja Ji..

why you giving heed this much leave him. Esha said.they both reached near poolside where Kunj and Aman was.they both too went near railing and stand.

They four of them busy in their own conversations just than Aman eyes went on twinkle and Esha he gestured Kunj he sees them.Same with them twinkle turned her eyes in side Kunj giggles to see her.

See chipku come here too behind me twinkle said

Acha he come or we esha added ?.

Kamini you are my friend not his samji twinkle said.

I’m your only baby Esha said..

Just than there Reema come and back hugged Kunj.

Heyy Kunj baby lets go in casino.She said she come in front.

Nahi I’ll not now he said.Twinkle see Reema so close to Kunj.she make faces and went from there after sometimes later Kunj and Aman as well.

They sleep Kunj just thinking about he falls in sleep..

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Reema birthday was so she kept a party there and allowed whole cruise members in that..

Kunj was thinking about twinkle firstly he don’t know her name nothing else. Whole day Kunj finding but twinkle was busy in chilling out..

at night they all get ready and come in party..Kunj wear party suit looking hot. He went towards Reema.

Heyy baby happiest birthday to you. He said and pecks on her cheek..

aww thanks Kunj baby she kiss on his cheek back.They smiled.Come Kunj let’s enjoy the party.They take drinks and chit chatting with each other’s Esha and twinkle entered there Kunj eyes falls down at her he was just waiting for her only as soon as he saw her and get hell happy don’t know why.they come to Reema.

Happy birthday twinkle said.

Thank you dear Reema added.Kunj ruffles his hairs she look damn cute.

Meet with my friend Kunj Sarna Reema said.Twinkle look at him.

Hii Kunj said.

Hi she hummed.

Kunj forward his hand twinkle look at him.Esha giggles and gestures her she shake her hand with him both shakes hands with each other’s. leave her hand.

You didn’t tell your name Aman said twinkle look at them..

twinkleeee Esha said loudly twinkle give her look..

twinkleeeee nice name twinkle little star ?Kunj humming..

nahi im just twinkle mr.. she said

Mr Kunj Sarna twinkle ji ?Kunj said.

Ahah twinkle make faces and went in side.Esha look at Aman and both smiled at each other’s.twinkle take the glass of wine Kunj come and he too take.

Cheers he said.

Not twinkle added and cheers with Aman Kunj shocked ??.. all enjoying party many girls standing around Kunj.

He can see future Aman said girls.

Really all girls said.Kunj nodded.They all show him their hands.Kunj acting like he reading their palm lines.

Hoo you will be super Sarna Priya Kunj said.

Acha great omg she pose like model ?. Twinkle see this from side.

See twinkle he can read hands lines Chal na we should asked him can I’ll get boyfriend Esha said.

Acha ??he is palmistry Haan ?really he will tell us our future first see his future na langoor look at him stick with all girls flirter that’s it Huhu.twinkle gulps whole glass of wine..

It’s getting bored guys do something Hey handsome do you have anything to entertainment to us Priya said..

Yeah I’m full entertainer Kunj said while looking at twinkle.Kunj went near drums he started playing drums.his eyes stuck at twinkle only.

Why this devil looking at me Haan. All clapping Kunj come in centre he hold Priya hand. Started singing song.

{Nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha hai, yeh meree bat yaaron maano

Nashe me yaar dub jao, raho na hosh me deewaano

Nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha hai, yeh meree bat yaaron maano

Nashe me yaar dub jao, raho na hosh me deewaano

Kee jabse maine tumko yeh dil de diya, mitha mitha sa dard

le liye

Suno o priya, maine tumko dil diya

Nasha yeh pyaar ka nasha hai, yeh meree bat yaaron maano

Nashe me yaar dub jao, raho na hosh me deewaano}

Kunj dancing with all girls all girls and boys each and everyone dancing with their partners Aman looks at Esha she give him his hand and they too go for dance.

Twinkle just standing alone and looking here and there Kunj giggles to see her lott.

Kunj went near her.She going in backwards Kunj hold her hand and started dancing with her twinkle shocked.

jabse maine tumko yeh dil de diya Kunj sing while looking into twinkle eyes..

she push him he run behind her he open her hairs she show him her finger Kunj pass her flying kiss..

Kya Hai why he behind me man she murmured she get irritates.Kunj take trumpet and playing near twinkle ears she closed her eyes all giggles fully.. ?.

Kyaaa twinkle said loudly all stop no music nothing..

Tujhko dekhenge sitare toh ziya mangenge,aur pyase teri zulfon se ghata mangenge  apne kaandhe se dupatta na sarakne dena, varna budhe bhi jawani ki dua mangenge kunj spoke.tied her hairs back she look at him. {If the stars see you then they will ask for light, and the thirsty will ask for clouds from your hair don’t let the scarf slide from your shoulders, otherwise even the old will pray and ask for youth}…

Kunj hold twinkle hand take her in centre and started dancing with her he twirl her they looking so beautiful all started humming song along with Kunj and they too dancing.

Why you carry this face like jaguar Haan. ??this look didn’t suits on you twinkle after all you are so cute pulled her cheeks he said.

Don’t touch me get it and why you behind me haan she said.

I’m not behind you come here itself and me as well but don’t know na I’ll collide with you amazing Kunj and twinkle nice na..?Kunj said.

O hello what Kunj and twinkle stop your mind I don’t know you stranger.. she added

If you don’t know me chalo ek dusre ko jaan lete hai what’s say we have 14 days here to get to know each other’s I’m ready he said ?.

Haha she laughs out sarcastically you are mad I’m not interested in you kunj please leave me let me enjoy my trip.. she said:

When I deny twinkle let’s enjoy together see your bestie she get engaged with my buddy why we leave he said ??.

Huhu ??can’t you understand simple language haan idiot she said.

Looking gorgeous lady love he said

What didn’t you said lady love haan ?I know what type of man you are she said

Tell me na Kunj asked her.. ?

Flirter only behind girls that’s it she said and push him.Went in side Kunj laughs out and lay down on side couch and laughing twinkle turned and see him she itself giggles..

Heyy babaji I see this first girl in my life who didn’t ready to spend time with me nobody deny me but she did.what so special in her which attracting me lott Chal Kunj behind twinkle ??he said.

Twinkle dancing with a guy happily Kunj adoring her from aide Aman and Esha went towards him and sit take drink.

Arey Kunj you made this party awesome Aman said.

Haan right Esha said..

What problem your bestie have Kunj asked her.

Arey she is like this great twinkle Taneja she is it’s so hard for her to fall for himself ??.she isn’t easy who comes in anyone trikes Esha said.

Interesting even I love tough things it will be fun full Kunj said.They trio become friends.

Chal Esha from here you drink enough twinkle said

Why miss twinkle taking her you should joint us Kunj said

Can’t you keep your mouth shut up I’m not talking to you na she said

Why you always so hot I know you are hot ??but cool down your temperature baby Kunj said.

Impossible man really see him he is your bestie and handle him I’ll complain about you twinkle added..

Go head twinkle mein kaunsa darta hu kunj said proudly pass her glass of drink.Let’s become friends it would be good Chal Aman both buddies went from there.

Kya adami hai Esha murmured.

Ek dam pagal huhu twinkle said and they both too went from there than next day they went in casino and meet with each.

Kunj playing casino and he winning first twinkle and Esha too play Aman went in twinkle team while Esha comes in Kunj team. Firstly Kunj win and twinkle making puppy faces.

Haha twinkle you will not win Kunj is awesome Kunj arching his eye brows twinkle did same ?..

Huhu we toh just losing.. twinkle said in cute voice.

Koi na Aman said they again play Than Kunj Itself losing the game twinkle get happy she started jumping in happiness Kunj see this he smiled fully.

{ why I’m so happy after see her happiness something he glamor at me..}

Hehe Mr Sarna you lose the game ?twinkle said

Congratulations miss twinkle he said and went from there.They played more games than Kunj sitting in poolside twinkle see him and went near him and sit beside Kunj.

Arey tum yeha I m not stalking you he said

I know ?but I’m she said.hmmm weather is so cool na she Hummed.

Hmm right because we are middle of sea Kunj said.Kunj drinking coffee twinkle see the mug.

Coffee today why alcohol lover she said ?.

Hoo you know so much about me impressing ?he said

Can’t you talk normally I mean always ready to do flirt with me Yeah with every girls. She said.

Hmm probably everyone just for fun don’t take I’m interested in girls just time pass he said

Acha than with me as well for fun me bhi time pass She added.

Hmm nope he ruffles his hairs and looking here and there don’t know why tum time pass ke liye nahi bani ho Kunj said. Twinkle look at him.

Than phir Kish ke liye she asked him.


Tumhe pata you are first boy who flirting this much with me nahi toh Abhi take toh you will be in icu whoever try to do flirt with me I beat me lottt she said Kunj laughs out??.,

Cool why you didn’t beat me I’m ready dear pulled her cheeks he said..

what you wanted from me she asked him.

Arey nothing if you feel bad sorry he said.

Nahi don’t be sorry and thanks you lose for me na made me win she said Kunj look at her.

Nahi toh woh mann nahi ta mera thats all don’t find anything in your mind he said ?in teasing tone.

Nahi I’ll not you as well flirter number one. She murmured

I am ?.. he said..They talk for while and Kunj passing jokes twinkle just laugh out.

You are totally funny Kunj twinkle said uff..

people love my company you are the one and only who throwing tantrums he said.

Because I’m unique na let’s friends forward her hand Kunj look at her and hand he smiled and shake the hands.

Friends he said loudly..

How you come here I mean Kunj asked her.

Arey I come Singapore with Esha she is my bestie and my bestie yuvi he send gift me this cruise trip she said and you?? She asked..

hmm I run from my house he said

What twinkle shocked ?you run what do you mean you aren’t girl she said

Haa Kya only girls run from house sometimes my type of boys as well. He said

Still why you run I mean she asked him.

It’s normal my papa behind for all things I’ll joint his work than Shadi bache everything that’s why I run and come here and this cruise with my bestie Aman will go back he said

Totally weird and funny likes you twinkle said. Just than twinkle get yuvi call.

Excuse me she said and Kunj nodded she get up and went in side.

Heyy yuvi baby how’s you today you call me twinkle said

Acha Kamini you didn’t call me after reached to cruise yuvi said.

Whatever thanks yuvi this cruise is amazing twinkle said in full excitement.

You enjoying na he asked her.

Yes fully because we have entertainer here she said ??.

Acha great you enjoy by love you he said

Yeah bye she said and end the calls.

{ twinkle Taneja bubbly girl who staying with her Bebe she don’t have parents Yuvraj Bebe do each and everything of twinkle after twinkle parents death in a car accident.And yuvi love twinkle they grown up together he working in multi international company while twinkle teaching orphanage kids Bebe wanted twinkle and yuvi marry with each other’s they are too happy with that..} Twinkle went in her room.

Kunj too went in his room and he changed into his nightdress and went in his room balcony and stand just than his phone ring Kunj see caller id he smiled like anything.

He pick up the call..

heyy baby how’s you he said

Kya baby Ka bacha she said..

hoo dadi you angry with me Haan Kunj asked her

Yes I’ll na you leave us and went why Kunj she said

Arey dadi I didn’t leave anyone I just come Singapore now I’m in a cruise he said

What you went Singapore when haan. She  added

When I run from home for enjoyment dadi let me enjoy na please papa behind me now you as well not fair Haan Kunj said

Okay nobody behind you. And you enjoyed come soon I wanted to find bahu for you soon she said

You all always ends up on bahu?Kunj said.

Yes we will dadi said..

Don’t be angry dadi I’ll less your work he said ?

Means she asked him?

Means I’ll find bahu for you he said ??.

Really good send me her photo she is beautiful or not she asked him.

Bas bas meri Maa I’m just joking okay you take in serious way he said ?

Bada hi kamina hai Kiara was right she said.

Acha than go to your Kiara find a husband for her he said.

Okay come soon I’m missing you even others too she said.

Haan even me too tell papa I’ll come soon he said

From side tell him papa will stand at door entrance only having bat in his hand for him to beat Kiara said from back. Kunj listen this?

Acha Tell this female honey Singh Keep her mouth shut up he Said.

Even you tooo gorzilla..??she scream

Tu gorzilla samji not me he said.. they started fighting lastly dadi have to cut the call both laughs out. And Kunj lay down on bed and thinking about twinkle again.

I come here to relax my mind but what happened to me this twinkle take my peace and sleep everything why.. he murmured and sleep..

Esha and twinkle talking about Kunj and laughs out..

he is cute twinkle Esha said

Hmm for you na not for me twinkle added

Because you just behind yuvi only Esha said.

Haan because he is my bestie. She said

Twinkle do you love yuvi Esha asked her twinkle become silent she don’t know what to say? Esha smiles Chal soja she said and turned her face other side and sleep. Twinkle too and fighting with her thoughts

When yuvi said me I love you why I can’t reply him back I love you too babaji she asked herself..again Kunj picture flashing in her mind ahah again this Kunj closed her eyed and sleep.

Like this twinkle and Kunj or Aman alone with Esha they four of them spending whole day with each other’s having lots of fun Kunj didn’t leave single dance to pulled twinkle leg he flirt with her lott she get irritated but happy as well enjoy fully. They become good friends.They were in pool twinkle come out of the pool wearing black goggles looking damn hot every guys eyes just at her Kunj see and feel angry why?? Kunj remove his shirt and jumped in pool he looking killer.Twinkle sit in side and adorning him he dancing with Esha in pool twinkle see and giggles and feel jealousy as well?. Kunj see twinkle from pool he giggles he come out of the pool and went near her sit in side.

Wow she is so cute na he said

Acha for you every girl is cute twinkle murmured in irritating tone?.

Why you get irritated I think someone is jealous ?he said

Acha I’ll jealous it’s your highly mistake Kunj Sarna and I’m fixed with my bestie she said give shocked to Kunj..

what?koi na Shadi nahi hui hai miss twinkle he pulled her towards himself.

Looking killer but it’s not good he forward his shirt to her she take and wear it she smiled inside her heart.

Good Kunj said..?he get up and take champagne bottle and sprinkling at Aman and Esha they all having fun twinkle enjoy.

They playing game there twinkle come joint them as well they all playing together game. She about to fall down Kunj hold her.


Haha you always falling down every time I’ll not come to save you baby he said.

Huhu sadu you becomes sweet with everyone why with me so sadu haan. She said?

Because you are a siyappa queen ?he added.They all dancing and dancing Kunj and twinkle falls down in pool.Kunj hold twinkle hand just than there a announcement happened each and everyone went inside only twinkle and Kunj in pool..

danceee Kunj asked her she smiled and give her hand in his hand they both dancing in the pool romantically.Kunj

Hands touching her bare body pass current pass in their bodies.Twinkle lost in Kunj and he too.Kunj kissed on twinkle cheeks she clutched his shoulder hitched up.Kunj caress her wet cheeks.

Unexpected meeting with each other’s. Kunj joint their foreheads twinkle smiled.

They come out of the pool and going inside twinkle leg was wet fully due to this her leg stuck in carpet and twist. ouchh she scream Kunj turned and see her

Again man can’t you walk.. he said twinkle look at him take out her shoes and throw at him ahah twinkle ?sorry he said and went towards her. Chal I’ll help you. He asked

I can’t walk aha she said.

Hmm he think than lift her in his arms.

Arey what is this why you lift me Haan twinkle said.

Madam you can’t walk because your leg twist ?and this is the way I’ll not bring JCB ??he said.

Very funny twinkle hit on his shouldertwinkle added.

They went in twinkle room Kunj place twinkle on bed and finding any pain spray finally he find it Kunj spray at twinkle leg..

now you rest twinkle till night I’ll see you at night tonight let’s have dinner together what’s say.. he asked her

Hmm me bahut expensive hu she said

Acha lets see tonight ?he added kissed on her forehead and went from there.

Twinkle surprised and touch her forehead she smiled like anything.

What happening me haan why I feel good when he is around me haan na no I can’t anyone thought in my mind yuviii and cuddles blanket..

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Kunj where are you going haan? Aman asked him.

I’m going with twinkle for dinner Kunj said

What dinner with twinkle alone alone huhu he added

Acha whole day you behind Esha did I said anything Haan Kunj said

Cool I think dadi will get her bahu?he said and giggles

Saale Kunj throw pillow at him and wear his jacked and went out of the room. There many restaurants in cruise Kunj take twinkle best restaurant of this whole cruise ?.

Twinkle get ready she see herself in mirror Esha watching her.

Babes past from 30 minutes you just check out yourself in mirror you going with Kunj justt for a dinner not for a DATE. She said

Huhu jealous girl I didn’t said anything when you busy with Aman what’s going on haan she said

Ab I’m not like taking footage he wanted gf and I bf and I like his company become each other’s gf and bf ??she said.

Hehe so fast just 4 days left than this cruise trip end baby and your love story as well. Twinkle said

Meri Ka pata nahi but teri love story surely raising ???she added.

Whatever she take her clutch okay bye she said

Bye Esha murmured twinkle left.

Twinkle finding kunj. Offo where this kunj went now babaji twinkle said just than kunj give her he went behind her back and tickles on her back neck.

Aha she said and turned tum..

yes me Kunj totally lost to see her.

Twinkle see him she snapped her finger near his face she laughs out to see him.

Kunjj come in sense she added she push him.

Ahah??looking killer twinkle Taneja he said.

Acha everyday you saying this only try something else I get bored of this she said

Chale Kunj said.

Yes twinkle Hummed..

they both went in elevator and went to restaurant they went inside Kunj book table for them he take her and pulled hair for her twinkle see him and smiled she like his this sweet gestures.?..they both sit.

Hmm amazing ambiance Kunj Sarna impressive twinkle said

At last tum impress toh hui mere se?he added

Hehe you behind me to just to impress me she asked he rolled his eyes didn’t give her answer.Kunj call waiter and Oder drinks for them and give her favourite food Oder twinkle get surprised how he knows waiter take Oder and went..

how you know my favourite things she asked him

Hmm I’m mind reader don’t you know palmistry ??he said

Huhu kunjjj..

Arey if I’ll say I know than you will not believe and I don’t like jhoot i ask Esha she told me happy now he said

Acha why you ask her about me she said.

You talking none stop full talktime..he murmured. They enjoy their drinks.

After here what’s your plans??kunj asked her

Hmm nothing much again old life my bebe and me. She said

Acha what about parents Kunj asked twinkle get sad after Listen parents name.

Heyy what happened sorry.

Nahi I’m okay my parents wasn’t when I was 10 years old they died in a car accident and now I’m staying with Bebe who is yuvi dadi even years back his parents too died now we three with each other’s she said

Hoo sorry for your loss twinkle okay now

Don’t be said he said

Yeah and your family? She asked him.

My family totally filmy ?.Ek sister hai younger and dadi hai Maa and papa ?.

Happy family that’s it he said


Their food come twinkle get happy waiter about served them Kunj stop him and tell he will do. He served twinkle and himself.

Let’s start the dinner she said

Yeah.He said..

They both started having food it’s so yummy twinkle enjoying fully Kunj adoring her with love eyes twinkle and Kunj feed each other’s.

Food is so tasty she said

Now have dessert baby he said mad feed her dessert she smiled and have happily slightly apply on Kunj cheeks he make frown faces twinkle giggles and clear softly she smiled they having amazing moments Kunj hold twinkle which resting on table.He kissed on her hand she smiled even shiver as well.

I hope I didn’t get your bored and you will Like this dinner date?he said

Acha date..she said??

Friendly wali date.. pagali ab Teri jeshi gf ko lega apni jaan pe??he said

Huhu sadu sarna. Where you staying? She asked him.

Amritsar he said

Whattt even me too Than good after here we can meet with each other’s she said he nodded in yes and smiled.

I never we will become friends so fast she said

Even I too after you showing so much tantrums ??itna time I spend behind you just to talk to you in normal way itne 10 ladkiyo ka pata leta me??.He said

So shameless you are twinkle murmured.

Woh suna hai na PYAAR MEIN JUNOON HAIN AUR DOSTI MEIN SUKOON HAI.He said twinkle look at him.

So true tum yeh sab bhi pata hai flirting ke alawa ??she said

Acha bachu should I show you what more I know. Kunj said and get up twinkle get yo and run from there she giggles Kunj behind her.They were running here and there. Lastly Kunj caught twinkle he lift her from back.

Ahah kunjjj leave me she giggles..

Kunj twirl her fully she enjoyed.

Last few days they totally spend together in alone doing lots of Masti twinkle forget everything yuvi calling her she cut her calls and enjoy every bit of it with Kunj.

She started feeling for him.Same with Kunj. He captured her all photos in his phone. So finally their cruise going to end in some hours soon they will be in India..

Twinkle and Kunj laying on floor they were at terrace of cruise.

Kya Hua sad Kunj said

Hmm little bite don’t wanted Yeh end ho Kitna maza aaya kunj haina she said

Yeah I don’t this cruise trip become so memorable for me after meet with you he said twinkle look at him they share a eye lock. She immediately break and look at other side having tears in her eyes Kunj slightly come upon her.

Hmm tears not suits in your eyes twinkle ji. She look at him you stay happy just he wiped her tears twinkle twinkle little star he said she laughs out.

Tum na pagal ?.She cuddles him he hugged her back.They share a passionate hug.Kunj kissed on her temple.Than they went in their respective rooms and packed their all things and get ready.after sometimes later cruise reached India. They all meet with each other’s and come out of the cruise.

Twinkle and Kunj didn’t meet with each other’s last time both feeling so bad.

Esha and twinkle do taxi and went from there while Kunj call car and he and Aman too sit and left.

Twinkle and Esha reaches their homes they were each other’s neighbours. Esha went at her home while twinkle as well. Twinkle entered bebe see her get hell happy.

Finally meri bachi come she said and cupped her face and kissed on twinkle forehead twinkle smiled. And take her blessing.

Bebeeee she said and cuddles her. They sit bebe give her water.

Aur how’s your trip haan she asked her?

Amazing bebe I didn’t enjoy this much this trip was absolutely amazing she said think about Kunj.

Good yuvi too tell me same that you busy there fully so you didn’t taking his calls as well bebe said twinkle look at bebe.

Woh bebe mostly phone I keep at silent mode she said

Koi na Chal you go and get freshen up. She added twinkle nodded in yes and went in her room she throw everything in side and sit.

Ahah why I m feeling so bad he didn’t meet me at last time so bad sadu sarna huhu.Why I missing him tears falls down from her eyes and falls on twinkle hand she see why I cry for him babaji.she said and look at herself in mirror her red eyes and sad face.

I’m missing her normally send so many days with him that’s why but I spend my half time with yuvi never miss him iss tarike se babaji having pain in my heart she said and closed her eyes.She went in washroom and get freshen up after get freshen up twinkle sleep.

Kunj and Amna standing at gate of Sarna Mansion.

Kunjj ja na Aman said

Arey kaise papa will shoo me ??.He said

Acha bhai you should think before only na. Aman said I’m going bye he said and went from there..

Hey babaji please help me after lotts of strength he went inside and tip toe..

Manohar come down and see Kunj.He

didn’t said anything let him go.

There Usha come see her son..

Areyyy Kunjjj puttar she said. As soon as Kunj listen this he closed his eyes and stop.and look at Usha.Manohar come come. She went near him.

When my bacha come she asked him.

Just now like a thief Manohar said Kunj see him and stand behind Usha back.

After long days kunjj sarna come back. Seems like you went for a holiday haan he said

Woh papa I’m sorry na I went Singapore ?he said..

Good he said.

Chalo koi na he wanted holiday he went na leave it you go and rest you must be tired cupped his face he nodded in yes. Kunj went from there.

Your and Maa love spoils him just Manohar said

Kya aap bhi ek hi toh beta hai humhara I’ll bring tea for you she said and went in kitchen.

Kunj entered in room and throw his bag in side and jumped on bed.

Kya babaji she didn’t meet with me last time not fair he take out his phone and see her photo. Hayee?she is so beautiful stole my heart babaji I run from here because I’ll save from girls but there I got her Yeh pyaar pagal kardega surely ?. He said and sleep..

Like this days were passing twinkle and Kunj missing each every seconds twinkle fully confused why she missing Kunj she flow her tears for him.Kunj too but see her photo and feel better.

Esha teasing twinkle with Kunj name she deny her not if bebe little big siyappa happens..

Kunj started working along with Aman. Having fun Manohar scold him lott but he enjoys his scold as well.Kunj finding twinkle today she will bumped with him somewhere.Same with twinkle as well.

Kunj love paintings and he made as well in his pass time..

Twinkle was sitting in a cafe With Esha.

After come back from trip you become so sad why yaar twinkle see I have aman number if you want can I call him than you can meet with Kunj she said.

Did you meet with Aman after that ?she asked her.

Nope Arey one day he message me wanna meet with me and I don’t have time that’s it. She said

But you toh love him she added?

Kya twinkle I said we like each other’s not like you for kunj??you know you are fixed with yuvi still leave na she said

Yaar I try but every time end up at Kunj only missing so badly maybe our bonding he teased me that’s leave let’s have coffee she said

Yeah Esha said. Their coffee come and they enjoy Chal twinkle lets go for movie tere Shahrukh ki movie hai??.. Esha said

Chal even I too wanted mind bhi fresh ho jayega… she said..

Aman and Kunj walking talking with each other’s

Kya Hua teri cruise wali gf Ka call nahi aaya Kya Kunj asked her.

Acha meri puch raha Kya phir wanted to know about twinkle ji?. He said

Huhu kamina kaha yaar don’t have her number wanna meet with her here papa behind my marriage there in 15 days I lost my heart and fall for her like anything he said

Kunj you know what mujhe tujhe pe hasi bhut aarahi hai..??I mean see your will change girls every day like a clothes from past 2months you just stuck at one girl twinkle ??is not interesting ?he said

Abhi maruga na sab interesting hojayega he said in frustration.

Okay sorry bhabhi mil jayegi lets go for movie I have two tickets for us he drag him and they both went.

At theatre ?[email protected]

Esha and twinkle reached twinkle taking popcorns Kunj too come to take coke.

One coke please kunj said.they both take their respective things and about to go they feel something like he and she is here only.. Esha see Aman.

Heyy you are here Esha asked him?

Hi tum what a surprise Kunj and twinkle come to their besties and see each other’s and shocked but hell happy.

Hi kunjj see twinkle kunjj??Esha said

Hmm hi tum dono she added

How’s you kunj asked.

Very good now toh fully Esha said.. ?.

Jishe dunda gali gali woh mili srk ki movie me babaji ??he murmured.

Good we again meet let’s watch movie na. Aman said

Hmm Esha hummed they both went twinkle and Kunj look at each other’s.

Chale Kunj said in low voice twinkle blinks her eyes both smiling like anything.

They take their seats Kunj sit beside twinkle and Esha and Aman. Movie starts.

Hayee babaji finally I meet with sadu again today I’m hell happy thanks. Twinkle keeps her hand in side even kunj keep he don’t know twinkle hand already keeping there in darkness twinkle look at him he too.Song come in movie Kunj resting his hand on twinkle hand than he hold her hand tightly twinkle closed her eyes.They all enjoying the movie Kunj more than movie he was busy in twinkle and this she knows watching from corner of her eyesight.In break Kunj bring again popcorn for twinkle and they continued movie and having popcorn and share coke..they enjoy movie fully finally movie end twinkle crying in the last because of sad scene Kunj see her.

Why you crying madam?? He asked her

Because of Shahrukh ?maa she said..

Bas yehi baki ta sometimes you make me fall for you more he said she look at time they went out of the theatre..

Kunj Chal it’s too late aman said kunj look at twinkle and she too at him.

Yeah just a minute bro you bring car I’ll come.He said

Yeah Chal Esha he said and they both went.Kunj hold twinkle hand take in side.

Kunjjj twinkle scream..

Kya kunjjj you didn’t miss me haan I miss you alottt man hugged her tightly she too hugged him back feel so good caressing his back.Everywhere my eyes finding you twinkle finally we meet again that day you went we couldn’t get time to meet with each other’s they break the hug.he said.Twinkle looking at him having tears in her eyes.Twinkle run from there Kunj behind her and put chit in her hand she look at him.

Bye he said and sit in car they left.Even Esha and twinkle as well.Twinkle reached her home and went in her room.

She sit and open her fist open the chit with Kunj give her.She see he give her his mobile number..

whyyy I can’t stay without she look at yuvi photo which keeping in side babaji please help.She said she keep the chit in side drawer.

Kunj waiting for twinkle message but she didn’t message at last he take Esha number from Aman and from her he take twinkle number immediately calls her..

Twinkle thinking about Kunj she stuck between her mind and heart puzzle..

Just than her phone beep she see unknown number she ignores first again phone ring than she pick up.

Kyaa why you calling she said..

twinkleee.Kunj said.. twinkle shocked as soon as she hears his voice…

Kunjjj?escape from her mouth..

Haan why you didn’t call me haan at last I have your number from Esha and call you kuch kiya mene ignore me haan he said

Nahi why I’ll just tired nothing else aur bata tu kesha hai. She added

Kaisa hoga tera bina he said.twinkle closed her eyes hmmm she Hummed..

Tu itni silent hai aur tera pati aaya Kya he said ?.

Pati really Than wouldn’t talk to you at this time she said and giggles

That’s true ?.Chal milte hai he said

Hmm let’s see now I don’t have time Acha Kunj will talk to you later bye goodnight. She added

Okay goodnight take care of yourself he said with heavy heart and both end the calls.

Twinkle cuddles phone and cried.. night they pass just in turning sides..

twinkle wake up she went down and sit beside bebe.

What happened to you twinkle beta after come back you stay so off something happened haan? Bebe asked her.

Nahi bebe aap batao yuvi Ka call aaya she said.

Haan he wanted to talk to you bebe said twinkle video call yuvi. He immediately pick up.

Hello ladies how’s you both give them flying bebe and twinkle smiled Arey Kya Hua chatter box yuvi said.

I’m fine yuvi even bebe too what about you twinkle said.

Even me too just missing you both like anything it’s been a year I did come India he said

I toh told you come yuvi but you didn’t come I get bored twinkle added. And lost in her thoughts.

Haan yuvi puttar you send her for trip she enjoyed there lott now become so sad always lost in deep thoughts bebe said.

Acha Bebe kyu ?KISHI KO DIL DE BETI HAI KYA. He said twinkle look at him. She nodded in no.

Arey pagal She toh loves you and you too now come and marry with each other fulfil my dream.bebe said

Haan Bebe as soon as I’ll come immediately makes her mine yuvi said twinkle give smile.they both talk for sometimes yuvi find something fishy in her behaviour but he didn’t asked her and they end the calls.after sometimes later twinke have her food and left for her school.

Kunj sitting and thinking about twinkle there dadi and Kiara come..

Arey Kunj you busy here nowadays what happened to you Haan dadi said.

Yeah dadi no parties no girls as well ?she said.

Very funny Chal ka yeha se lizard he said Kiara make faces and went from there.

Ab bol Kunj puttar at least tell me dadi asked him.

Dadiii he hold her hand.. I love her lottt can’t live without twinkle now Kunj said rest his head on her chest she smiled.

I’m so happy mere Kunj ko finally pyaar hogaya hai keshi hai woh dadi said.

She is so nice and beautiful from outside and inside both dadi it’s love at first sight.

When I see her that time only my heart beat for her like anything whole trip I enjoy with her fully he said

Hoo great what’s the problem?? She asked.

Problem don’t know dadi he said

Okay mAke me meet with her first she said

Yeah soon first let me as well they

Spend sometime. Than Kunj left for office .

Twinkle teaching kids she imagine Kunj in side she smiled and adoring when her imagination breaks than she understood.

Do really I give him my heart haan babaji twinkle keep her hand on her heart and closed her eyes she see Kunj face in her eyes..she fully get shocked and leave the class and run from there.

Aisa nahi ho shakta babaji I cant fall for him what about yuvi it’s just my infatuation that’s it no twinkle you can’t do this there he was waiting for me and bebe as well she said and composed herself and again back to class..

One day Kunj meet with twinkle at cafe she smiled and both had coffee together.

No calls nothing at all he asked?

Aise hi busy that’s it.she said and playing with her fingers.Kunj take twinkle for fest they both went Kunj take her for rides and they enjoy after so many days laters she laughs out Kunj see her he feel so good can’t describe.than Kunj Buy few things for twinkle. She look at him.

Why you buying this all things for me Kunj she asked him?

Why can’t I buy for you see it will look good on you he check on her she really looking good.. see yourself he said.

Hmm she Hummed..

Kunj hold twinkle hand she look at him. But didn’t said anything.They both meet with each other’s Kunj fully in love with twinkle other hand twinkle denying just.

TodAy Kunj promise his dadi he will meet her with twinkle. He told twinkle she get ready to meet with his dadi she get ready nicely everyone went in the wedding so she is all alone at home.

Come twinkle my dadi was hell excited to meet with you I told her about you alott he said

Okay where she is she said and they went inside and Kunj on the lights she was sitting on rocking chair.

Dadiiii see I bring her Kunj said she open her eyes.

Acha kaha hai woh she asked twinkle was in side. Kunj gestured her she come in front of dadi. She see her and smiled and get up Kunj hold her hand twinkle went near her.

Take her blessing namaste dadi ji twinkle said.

Khush raho give her blessing. She look at her dadi cupped twinkle face. Arey you are toh more beautiful than what Kunj said  she said and twinkle smiled and look at Kunj they sit Kunj bring coffee for them.

Aur aap keshe ho twinkle asked her.

I’m fully fine beta just wanted to meet with you once today he brings you everyday tell me about you.Pagal she murmured.

Dadi Tell twinkle each and everything about herself whatever Kunj tell her twinkle get surprised to see listen this all things.

Tere se aakhir bahut pyaar karta hai yeh she said twinkle surprised and he look at her she have tears in her eyes.Twinkle just blinked her eyes.Twinkle mingle with dadi very soon Kunj get happy.

Your choice is awesome Kunj dadi said Kunj giggles.

Kunj get call so he went in side dadi read twinkle eyes and face something is bothering her.She sit down in front her.

Kunj see them and making their painting from side.

Batao beta I’ll help you she hold twinkle chin.Tears escaping from her eyes. Tell na she said.

Dadiii woh she said.

Do you love my kunjj.. she asked her she just give her silent she understands immediately.

I understand now you stuck in something beta I can see love in your eyes. But I’ll say one thing it helps you lottt remember my words okay always listen what your heart saying not your mind take your times don’t rushed for anything she said twinkle nodded in yes and rest her on her knees. Kunj made their painting quickly he brings and show them.

How’s it he asked them?

They both see and giggles and together ek dam teri Tara beautiful they said.. twinkle spend whole day with Kunj than. Kunj and twinkle went from there.

Twinkleee ruk na he said

Hmm bolo she asked him. Kunj hold her hand

Yaar today I can’t stop I love you lott twinkle since the day I saw you I fall for you like anything you become my life. He said twinkle smiled and tears falling from her eyes.Both stand in side. Kunj gift her dress and went with her she take him in her room bebe was in her room.

Kunj please don’t do this all things today I meet with your dadi what she teach me I can’t forget till my last breath thanks for that..

Kunjj yes I LOVE YOU TOO she said

Kunj get hell happy and he hugged him.

But kunjj I can’t love you it’s a crime yuvi will come next week kunjj and we will marry with each other’s next month and I can’t play with his feelings and your as well Kunj forget me and leave me Kunjj.

See his photo kunjj he waiting for me and I know I’ll marry with him only I can’t fall for you it’s my mistake. She said

Nahiii twinkle please I really love you lott. He said

Kunjj please forgive me she fold her hands I did so much for me give each and everything loves me lott I can’t do this with yuvi she said and handover his gift to him.

Please leave me and go away from here. And take this too I can’t take anything from you even can’t keep to myself it will remember me about you She said

Nahi twinkle I’ll do whatever you wanted twinkle please twinkle went in washroom and cried Lot while hugging door. Kunj too crying and leave the dress and in loud voice Tu aayegi twinkle kal I’ll waiting for you if you love you have to come for our

Love twinkle he said and went from there she heard..

Whole night twinkle thinking about Kunj.

While Kunj too standing under the rain and thinking about twinkle tears falling down from his eyes.

‘I cannot dream of living with you.’ Maybe I can live without breathing for a few moments. But I can’t live with you twinkle falls down on his knees. YOU, yes you are the first girl whom’ I started loving more than my life.’ ‘ my today, my tomorrow. My days my moments are all with you twinkle only you are be there in my prayers! In My silence and in my speech only you. look at

Moon.. ‘ stars will fade, the moon will grow dim.Time will wait here but till the last glimmer of hope till my last breathe I’ll

Wait for you twinkle. yes twinkle I’ll wait for you.he said.

Next day twinkle think lott she look at Kunj gift and open found a dress.tears falls down on dress.

Me Kya karu babaji whom I’ll listen mere dil kehta hai kunjj se me pagalo ki tahra pyaar karti hu ek taraf yuvi hai jise me Bahut maanti hu I cant hurt him. She said herself and think for a while finally she get answer.

I’ll listen what my heart saying not mind let’s see what will happened afterwards I’ll tell yuvi each and everything kunjj he must be waiting for me..

Twinkle immediately get ready and left where Kunj call her she reached and see Kunj standing.

Kunjj she said he heard and turned with happiness see her and become happy.

Twinkleeee?he said. She went near him. I knew it you will come because.. before he can complete.

Because I love you lottt she said

Haan I love you like anything he said hold her hand.

Last night think lott keep dadi words in my mind. So what your heart says. And my

Mind said that answer should be no. And my heart says that I love you kunj. Kunj get happy. She said

You know twinkle one day you told me that it is very easy to break someone’s trust. It is hard to sustain that trust. Today I swear on your love, that I’ll sustain the trust at any cost he said twinkle she smiled.

Hmm Kunj today is 1 feb. we will meet exactly after 13 days later from today on the 14th February she said.

You mean on valentine day? He asked.

Yes Kunj she replied.cupped Kunj face.

That day when lovers meet she said

All right twinkle where ?? He asked her.

We will meet at lover point exactly at 6 a clock in the evening she said.

Promise me and I’ll wait for you twinkle Kunj added.

One more thing Kunj if any one not come that day second one won’t question him why?. If may not come that day Kunj

You will not asked me questions. She said

Nahi don’t say like that twinkle he said.

You will come twinkle he hugged her tightly I love you she cried and control on herself.

Hmm I’ll come kunjj and you finished your project made your papa proud of you She said break the hug Kunj kissed on her forehead.

Yes I’ll do twinkle he said

I’m going Kunj she said he nodded and she went from Kunj hold his emotions.

Twinkle went to home and she entered in living room she was shocked to see. Yes yuvi come back he went towards her.

Heyy twinkle kaha ti I was waiting for you haan he hugged her she was fully shocked. Miss you my life he said

Yuvi when you come back she asked him?

Haan I was coming next week but what to do I can’t stay with you ji so come today good na he said twinkle smiled.

Happy tu aagya hai ab mujhe Shadi ki tayari karni hai Teri and isski fully. Bebe said.

Twinkle and yuvi sit they talk only yuvi twinkle just answer in yes and no.

Days going bebe starts their wedding shopping other hand Kunj fully working.

Yuvi notice twinkle she staying in a guilt and lost always in something which hurting him he went in her room. Twinkle talking with Kunj photo.

Yuvi entered in room twinkle immediately hide the photo under the pillow and wiped her tears.

Yuvi come she said. He went towards her sit beside her see she crying.

Something I lost?? He said

Kya you lost haan tell me she asked yuvi cupped her face teri smile kaha khogyi hai woh haan jab see aaya hu tu always stay in your room and lost in your thoughts what bothering you tell me twinkle please I can’t see you in this pain. He said

Twinkle look at him and tears escaping from her like anything he get surprised.

Yuviii I’m sorry I don’t wanted this happen but I didn’t realised when this happened I toh went for enjoyment never knows end up like this lost my heart.. she said.

Matlab aap Kishi aur se pyaar karti ho he asked her she didn’t said anything tell me na twinkle don’t be afraid from anything. If you not telling me because I feel bad but more I feel bad now when you not sharing your things with me we are one soul split into two bodies na he said she nodded in yes and cuddles yuvi cried lott in his embrace.

Yuvi I’m sorry please you send me and I fall for him I don’t know this will happened I was with her like a friend but when he become my like I don’t know I can’t stay without him he loves me too??. Since childhood you and Bebe did so much for me I can’t cheat you what I’ll do I’m so confused one side you and other side kunjj. She said.

Yuvi closed her eyes and take deep breathe than he cupped twinkle face and wiped her tears.

If me and Bebe did something for you it’s not eshaan twinkle so you will sacrifice your happiness for us haan he said

Nahi yuvi I cant become selfish I know you love me still I did this it’s a crime punishment I hurt you she said.

Shh never says like this you never hurt your yuvi twinkle who told you. You are selfish my twinkle never.. i m happy you love someone see for him you crying this much till now just for SRK at sad scenes. Twinkle giggles slightly. Even Kunj said same to same to her::

Pagali I love you this much I can’t see you unhappy didn’t let you do any sacrifice for anyone you samji., Don’t dare to say you cheat me you can’t twinkle nobody will happy than me for you in this world he said

Thanks you yuvi tu bahut acha please don’t do I’ll see him she added.

Acha you will see him what about your heart which just beating for him this is cheating twinkle now forget everything. Who he is who stole my Twinkii heart.he said.

Twinkle take out Kunj photo frame from the pillow.and show yuvi.

He is Kunj Sarna I met with him in Singapore cruise we were together there.She narrate him each and everything about Kunj how he teased her their all moments.Totally

Different shining come on her face.

Interesting that guy is totally mad have to meet with him he said

Haan true he is totally made when I’m with him my laugh didn’t stop yuvi. She said.

I’m happy really for my bestie kissed on her forehead be happy twinkle from now don’t cry he said she rest her head on his chest he caressing her hairs Bebe listen each and everything she was entering in room listen their talks and stop. Bebe smiled after see yuvi matured as well twinkle.

Twinkle sleep in yuvi arms yuvi place her on bed and went back in living room. Bebe come these.

Bebe?? Woh yuvi said.

I listen your and twinkle conversation yuvi puttar cupped his face I’m proud of you Mera Bacha and happy for twinkle puttar as well she said

Me too bebe I didn’t do any sacrifice Bebe I know from start she don’t have anything such type of feeling for me she just ready for marriage because you wanted and she didn’t think because before this wouldn’t happened and I’m happy she love someone this much he said and cuddles bebe and she wiped his tears.

They stop their wedding preparations.

Twinkle wake up and they trio have dinner together twinkle talk to bebe and yuvi they both happy for her no hard feeling.. than twinkle went in her room and see calendar only two days left..

I’m so happy Kunj all problem solve this happened because of yuvi only if he wouldn’t understand my feelings.. she said.

Kunj finished his project successfully Manohar all get happy for him.

I’m proud of you my son Manohar said and hugged him

Thanks papa Kunj said immediately message twinkle that his project was successful. She see and smiled.

I fulfilled my promise now it’s your turn 2 days more than everything will be happy Kunj said himself.

Twinkle imagine every second Kunj and Laughs out at herself. Same with Kunj. Totally enjoying this last days..

Finally the day has arrived today is 14th feb.

I’m so happy yuvi I’m going to meet with him will tell him I’m his and you are with us said.

Yes baby doll looking gorgeous he said she smiled and sit in car and left.

Kunj get ready and take his dadi blessings

I’m going dadi okay he said

Haan ja go fast she added.

Kunj take flower bouquet and ring for twinkle.He sit in car and left.

Kunj reaches lover point many couples are there and enjoying their valentine day with their love ones.. he was just waiting for twinkle only.

Kab aayegi siyappa queen can’t wait anymore please jaldi se aaja ab.he said.

Twinkle reached but due to traffic she get late but on time which she give Kunj..

Kunjj bas ab tumhari twinkle aarahi hai tumhare pass bas just a two minute my sadu.. flirter ?she murmured she is full excitement this day never comes back.

Twinkle was crossing the road just than a car come and hit her so badly and went twinkle falls down on road she suffering like fish without a water.

People come there and see her immediately take her for hospital from her phone get yuvi number last caller they called him as soon as yuvi heard this feels like someone took out his soul he immediately left for hospital and asked for twinkle dr take she is in icu right in very critical condition of her he was shocked and numbed sit in side.

Heyy babaji What is this why you done this she is so happy kunjj yuvi said.

Other side Kunj was waiting for twinkle like anything he see time again she give him 6 a clock time but now it’s 7. Still Kunj waiting for her like mad he moving here and there all people went from there lonely Kunj was there his heart breaking down tears falling down from his eyes.

Kaha hai twinkle don’t break my heart?.

Please come He blabbered her name only time passing now it’s 12. Kunj remove his blazer and throw flower bouquet and ring as well. And recall her word she said she will not come than he will not ask her question.Tu nahi aai na I’ll not talk to you hate you twinkle Taneja ???,.He said cried lott and went from there.

Yuvi and Bebe was moving here and there after long time. Dr come out of the icu.

Dr how’s twinkle please yuvi asked him.

Dr give give sad look and called him in his cabin yuvi went.

Yes dr?? Yuvi said:

See mr Yuvraj her accident was really bad and because of this she get lott injuries on her both legs and we wanted to save her have to cut her both legs.. he said

Whattt????. Cuttt shivering like anything he said.

Haa try to understand dr said yuvi went and tell bebe they both crying like anything.

After a day twinke come in sense yuvi was in icu near she open her eyes and look at him.

Yuviii tu kunj kaha hai in low voice tears escaping from his teeth’s. Bata na mera accident hua ha Kya haan she asked him he nodded in yes Arey let me go Kunj was waiting for me he will be angry I promised him she try to move but didn’t feel anything.

Yuviiiii why I didn’t feel anything she looking at him she touch didn’t find anything mere pairrrr??in trembling voice.. yuviiiiii she screamed..?..

Yuvi cupped her face

Nahi twinkleeeee don’t do this he tell her everything she get shocked. Handle yourself he said

Ahah yuvi mere pair kunjjj??kyu babaji why you do this with me I can’t walk me us ke jeshi nahi rahi ab yuvi don’t tell him he went now toh let him stay in hate for me ??cuddles him. Twinkle tell yuvi send a letter to Kunj.

Kunj become mad he didn’t come out of the room after twinkle betrayed. Aman bring twinkle letter.He give to Kunj.

Kunj read letter and shocked he leave the letter and break down and went in

Washroom breaks down everything and screamed.

Twinkleeee why???he scream.

A week passed away twinkle was

discharged from office yuvi take twinkle in wheel chair.

Bebe and yuvi take care of twinkle they didn’t leave her for a second.Twinkle missing Kunj but she put stone on her heart she can’t go in front of him.

Kunj missing twinkle he started hating her.Aman handling him.

Every day they missing each other’s Kunj made himself busy in paintings and all’s.

For change to twinkle mood yuvi take her out. They went in art gallery their twinkle eyes went on a painting she see and get emotional went the painting admire.

Yuviii this Kunj made I wanted she said yuvi see this. come twinkle tell him for painting. I want this it’s so beautiful describing the moment.. he went and call Kunj..

sir a girl come she wanted your painting that one.. man said

Who she is?? Kunj asked..

don’t know she is apahij kunj sir I don’t think so she is wealthy telling it’s not a painting it’s a memorable moments he said.

Give her.. Kunj added.

Acha kitne me he asked him.

Don’t take anything in free give her a painting at least someone understands that value of that painting he said and cut the went towards her and give painting to twinkle.

Take my sir give you in free.he said twinkle get happy.

I don’t have anything take this anklet and give him I have this only take from my side thanks that man she said and cuddles the painting. Yuvi come and see twinkle she is so happy.

Than he take her to see a drama they take seats there Aman bring Kunj as well he take seat in side.

On stage a girl and boy performing after see them they imagine themselves in them and tears escaping from their eyes like anything.Whole drama they spend in their imagination.

{Chahe main rahoon Jahaan mein

Chahe tu na rahe

Tere mere pyaar ki Umar salamat rahe

Chahe ye zameen aasamaan

Rahe na raha

Tere mere pyaar ki Umar

Salamat rahe

Darr hai tujhe main kho na doon

Mile jo khuda to Bol doon

Main do jahan ka kya karoon

Tu bata

Tu jo mere pass hai

Mujhko na koi pyaas hai

Meri muqammal ho gayi

Her dua}..

drama end they all clapped for them Kunj and twinkle wiped their tears. They going Kunj eyes went on twinkle he didn’t see wheel chair and see yuvi standing next to her twinkle see him and blow down her face she don’t have strength look into his eyes.

In anger Kunj left yuvi too take twinkle from there..

After sometimes later

Twinkle spending time with kids and teaching them.

Twinkle didi even your prince will too come na kid said. Twinkle look at them and nodded in no.

My prince never come she added.

Don’t say we have hope they all said together.She smiled and went in room.

Yuvi have someone work so he went out of the town.

Aman come tell Kunj about painting that girl give her anklet for him.Kunj see the anklet and remember its same anklet Which Kunj give twinkle.he closed his eyes and immediately left.

Kunj reached twinkle house he ring the bell maid open the door twinkle was laying on couch her body covered with shawl.

Miss twinkle?? He said twinkle listen his voice. He entered inside twinkle shocked see him she hold her hands.

Heyy he sit she smiled.Maid bring water for them.

How’s youuuu twinkle asked him.

Fine and you he said.

Me too fine.. kunjjj. She added.

Why you come here Kunj she asked him.

Woh that day I didn’t come and break your promise so today I come to apologise you twinkle he said she get shocked and look at him.

What you didn’t come she asked him?

Yes I didn’t come and I know you feel bad he said he doing this purposely..

Haan I toh… come wait for you she said.

Haan for long time you have to wait for me twinkle he said she nodded in yes. Kunj get up in anger I’m so shameless didn’t send a letter to apologise you haina twinkle he said.

Haan you should looking here and there.

Woh pagalo ki taraha intezaar karta raha twinkle puri preparation ki shadi waiting for her like anything looking here and there just blabbering her name that she will come but she didn’t come twinkle he said tears rolling down from there eyes.

Tummm nahi aai twinkle he shout at her.

Kyu Tell haan why you break your promise twinkle everyday I was waiting for you he said. Twinkle closed her eyes

Haan I didn’t come that day Kunj and we promise each other’s if anyone not from us no one ask him any question she said.

Kyu nahi you teach me na still you play with my feelings. Sahi kaha hai kishi ne sachi mohbbate ho toh Sachai hoti hai. He said

Tumhara matlab meri mohbbate sachi nahi ti Kunjj haan she added.

Haan nahi agar hoti you will not play with my feelings I was waiting for you that day twinkle ??.. made my life hell he said

Kunjj why you doing this haan you will get nice girl she said

Acha but I’ll not get you na he added..

You know today I’m leaving this city for forever just taking my memories with myself what I have with you. ?. She shocked.

One more thing this anklet twinkle I give you aman get this. He forward towards her.he said.

Nooo Kunj I’ll wear she stop him she said.

Don’t worry twinkle I know my limits give her Buy he said she forward her hand to shake but Kunj didn’t forward.

Pyaar toh nahi ta ab you can invite me in your wedding at least friends toh te Hum he said.

Jab hogi tab I’ll call you she said.

Kya matlab tumhari Shadi nahi hui he said she nodded in no.

You know that day I made your and dadi painting and I don’t wanted to sell it but today my manager call me a girl come and buy the painting and I give her in free because and she love that painting and saying it’s not a painting.she don’t have money and even she is apahij Kunj shocked and apahij word ranged in his ears. She look at twinkle. Walking here and there.

It’s not a painting it’s a moments someone memory described love he went in side room and found painting on wall he was shocked and closed his eyes and come to twinkle and look at her she crying as well.

Twinkleeeee he said… he falls down on her knees. She hugged him. Don’t look at me Kunj Like this..

Kunjjj me aaiti us din but I met with a accident and I lost my both legs kunjj??..mera pyaar jhoota nahi hai. I love you me tumhara kishi kam ki nahi hu kunj he cuddles her more and more. Jab aankhe khuli pairo tale zameen nahi ti kunjjj. She said.

Twinkleeeee why you didn’t tell me haan he asked her If this wanted to happen why this wouldn’t happened with me ??. Kissed on her temple. He said

Nahi Kunj pagalo ki taraha aarahi ti na me jo hota hai woh ache ke liye hota hai she said

I hate you twinkleee I wanted just happiness but you didn’t give me your pain as well you become so selfish she hugged him back now don’t leave me twinkle we will handle everything together. He added

She cupped his face acha hua kunj ab Shadi ke baad jab tum Ghar late aaoge mere joote nahi khane padege She said and both giggles.. and cuddles each other’s Kunj cried lott in twinkle embrace he didn’t think this something happened like this with her..

They tell each and everyone both families was hell happy for them.

Scene last.

Twinkle and Kunj sitting in mandap all family members standing around mandap. Twinkle and Kunj looking so beautiful couple.

Just than pandit Ji said now you both get up. Twinkle shiver all look at them. Kunj get up and lift twinkle in his arms all smiled he started taking vows while holding her in his embrace. Yuvi smiling all showering flower petals on them.Twinkle cuddles Kunj and smiled like anything.

Har mod pe hum ke dusre Ka saath dege Kunj take one vow..

tere saath kabhi nahi choduga twinkle Yeh mera vada take 2 vow..

Gives you all love and respect just keep you happy take 3 vow..

I will shower you with joy from head to toe. I will strive to please you in every way I can. You are my best friend, and staunchest well-wisher. You have come into my life, enriching it. God bless you take 4 vow..

Than twinkle I promise to love and cherish you for as long as I live. Your happiness is my happiness, and your sorrow is my sorrow. I will trust and honor you, and will strive to fulfill all your wishes Kunj he look at her. 5 vow..

We are now husband and wife, and are one. You are mine and I am yours for eternity. Kunj said 6 vow.

As God is witness, I am now your wife. We will love, honor and cherish each other forever mohbbate ke iss safar me mujhe itna  pyaar karene ke liye thanks Kunj 7 vows completed. Kunj fills her hairline with his blood they didn’t get vermillion. And made her wear his mangalsutra.

Aaj se tu meri hui twinkle Kunj Sarna all clapped and he lift her back in his arms

Tere kadam me hu aaj se twinkle Kunj added.

I love you kunj she said he kissed on her forehead I love you too added..

True love is when you value your lover’s happiness more than yours, and make their happiness your first priority.

 True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations: it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart.Pyaar beauty acha bura nahi dekhta sacha pyaar aisa hota hai.. ?

Scene freezes at their face.


After so many days later. Busy hell..

how was the os?

Hope you all enjoy.

Happy bday raj specially for you.. babes enjoy your bday????babes.A sweet gestured from my side for you..

allah fills this 365 days with lots of happiness and love ?.. I am grateful for your true friendship. Hope you birthdayis amazing as you are my best friend! I wishyou love, hope and everlasting joy and happiness.Kamini meri??.. Rock it.

love you Once again happy birthday dear ?????????.,

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Bye love you all..

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