Love never dies EPI 2 BY AKANSHA

Hey guys am back and a thing is that after 5th July I maybe pst late cause my exams will be starting but don’t worry I will be trying my best to pst and sorry I didn’t post as I was literally exhausted and I need to calm myself so yaa and a requesy to u all to pray that I get instant approval soon😁😁

Let’s start!!!!

Aryan : it is a Vr company

Ridhu: what !!!!

Aryan: bhabhi don’t worry see our company name is Rv and their many company named so calm down

Ridhima calmed herself

Aryan: ok ok leave that

Ridhima : Aryan u manage am coming back in an hour hmm

Aryan: sure bhabhi

Ridhima rushed out the office and drove to a orphanage

Ridhima went their and was giving time to the cute little children after sometimes she bid bye to their and went to a beach

Ridhima was sitting their the breeze was touching her skin the waves were touching tears were rolling from her cheeks her lips were touching each and trying hard to not shout her heart was crying .

Ridhima: why can’t I sucide why see vansh u always worried if u were not then who will take care of my family see am here but who will take care of me who will worry for me who will scold me who will behave rude with me who will show his attitude to me who!!!! I can’t I can’t I want to go I want go plz plz let come to u plz I want to come to u . CAN’T U BE LIVE YOUR SWEETHEART WHY WHY WHY !!!!!!!!!!

SuddenlyΒ  her phone range and she saw ishika s teacher calling she rubbed is checked and cleared her throat and picked her the call

Ridhima: hello mam

The teacher : hi Mrs ridhima ishika s school is over so when u are coming

Ridhima: sorry teacher for wasting your time am coming in 25min

Teacher : ya ya plz come

Ridhima: thank u byeee

Call ends

Ridhima rushed to school

Ishika rushed to ridhima and hugged her and kissed her

Ridhima: hiii my drama queen

Ishika : hiii

The teacher comes

The teacher : hiii by the way you only take care if your bhangi

Ridhima: yesssss

Teacher : that s why she got a gift by our class teacher for good behaviours and completing her homework on time

Ridhima: thanks but the credit goes to ishika her only

Teacher: yess ok now byee

Ridhima: SURE

Ridhima and ishika sits in car

While driving

Ridhima: so how was your day

ishika: awesome and u know I TOLD THAT MY mimi is very nice she is so intelligent …….

Ridhima: stop buttering me and tell what u want

Ishika: see am right that u are intelligent so I want ice creams and has don’t tell to mom u are my best friend na , u are my secret keeper na so pllleeassse

Making a puppy face

Ridhima: ok ok I will not say

ishika: love u

Ridhima: love u too my drama queen

They went to a shop and ate ice creams and went park

Ridhima and ishika were playing hide & seek then ridhima was running behind ishika they enjoyed a lot

Ridhima & ishika backs to vr mansion

Ridhima and ishika slowly goes to her room but a voice stops them

Voice : so late where are u from

ishika smiles nevorusly

Ridhima : ishani today ishikas umm mmm was was

Ishani : was

Ridhima: was was Was that today had extra classes for upcoming exams

Ishika : yes mom that s why only

Ishani : then why your shoes are dirty

Ridhima looks to ishika and ishika looks to ridhima and they smiles

Ishika: actually mom today we had pt as our extra p.t class

Ishani : really then bhabhi I guess u also had p.t in your office right

Ridhima: what

ishani: ya ya I know u went to play on park right

Ridhima: UMM mmm yes

ishika bangs her head with her hand

ishani laughs

Ishani : what’s the prblm yaar in it your faces were fully red


Ridhima and ishika laughs

The time skipsΒ 

Sorry for shortcut 😁😁

At night

Ridhima was going to her room she saws Aryan sitting in the balcony and scrolling a some pics in his phone

Ridhima goes their and coughs

Ridhima: what happen

Aryan hides the phone

Ridhima: I know u love sejal am I right

Aryan was flabbergasted

Aryan : woh woh

Ridhima: come on Aryan don’t hide from me yaar

Aryan : YESS I love her but

Ridhima: so confess her

Aryan: but if she don’t agree

Ridhima: Aryan u say your feeling to her or else it will be late

Aryan: UMM mmu ok ok I will propose but after that

Ridhima: I will handle it no worries

She winks at him

Sorry if it’s short byee if their is any GRAMMARTICAL OR SPELLING MISTAKE plz forgive do comments as specially silient readerΒ 

Precap : a unbelievable shock



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