Love never dies EPI 13 By Akansha # RIANSH

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Episode starts!

Teasing or hurting?

Ridhima : okay now let’s go.

Malini : yess

They all see ishika standing

Who is this cutie pie ridhima? Malini asks ridhima

Oh she is ishika, ishani s daughter.. Ridhima said taking ishika

Ohh aacha.. Malini said

They all sat in the car..

And while chit chatting they drove to vr mansions

They arrives

Ridhima : dadi see who has come!

With this all the rai singhania s gather

Dadi : ohh welcome, welcome please come in

All enters to mansions

They all sits

Meanwhile ridhima comes changing

And vansh and ragini also arrives

Chanchal and ridhima serves some juices and snacks

Indrani when did your grandson got married ha? Geetanjali asked dadi

Dadi and everybody first looked at ridhima who was busy playing with divya(anjali daughter) and ignored looking at anyone

Then she looked at ragini and vansh
Who was smriking

It happened on.. Last year! Dadi said with a nervous smile.

This catched ridhima ‘s ear


Ridhima : dadi, shaadi iss covid meh hui nah isliye nahi bulapaye, lekin haa anniversary meh pakka bulaungi! …
( dadi, the marriage happened in covid that’s we couldn’t invite anyone, but in the anniversary will call everybody surely)

Ridhima said with a smile.

Trisha : Aree, koi baat nahi, lekin apni shaadi meh agar nahi bulaya nah toh mujhse baat maat karna
( oh, no problem but if u forget to invite in your marriage then don’t talk to me)

Trisha said making a fake serious face

Malini : parr, lekin ridhu tune abhi tak tere liye koi Mr perfect dhunda? Ya fir koi hai tere zindagi meh ha?
( but, ridhu did you find any Mr perfect ? Or do you have anyone before only hmm!)

Ridhima smiled

Ridhima : waise abhi takk mujhe takar dene wala koi nahi hai! Mujhe apni life ke liye mujhe takkar dene wala chahiye

Ridhima said fliping her hair and looked at vansh with a smirk

But vansh ignored it and looked at ragini with a smile

Ragini was having a nervous face!

Malhotra’s got impressed by ridhima’s words

But ! Am sure the person who will be your husband will the luckiest person and he will surely keep you like queen!
Geetanjali said with a smile

Of course she will get , my ridhima is a already a queen and the person who will have to be A handsome, kindhearted king!
Ishani said with a smirk looking at vansh

Ridhima now understand that if she will not stop this underworld war of her marriage then maybe it will the third world War of taunting!

Okay guys! My marriage is very far! So keep your wishes in your heart far! So for now chill! And before my marriage their vyom’s marriage too
Ridhima said in a little serious tone

So aunty, did you find Miss beautiful for your beloved son? Ridhima asks trisha (vyom mother)

For now am finding but am not sure about vyom that has any or not! Trisha said in a teasing tone

Mom! What is this! I don’t have any girlfriend and if I have then why wouldn’t I told you that……. Vyom said to trisha by defending himself

But who knows you are having it or not! Trisha says to vyom

Now vyom understood that he has been teased

Come’on mom! Stop teasing me!!!! Vyom said making cute face

And all laughed!

Then their chanchal comes!

Well marriage talks will be later the lunch is ready and today all the dishes are made ridhima! Chanchal said!

But when did ridhima cooked the food? Malini asks

Early morning at 6am , it’s her everyday habit! Chanchal said making a complaining face

Well ishani you said the true! Ridhima is truly a angel
Malini says with a smile

And ridhima blushes

Okay so you all sit am just coming after getting little fresh! Ridhima said and ran to the upstairs

She is blushing
Chanchal said!

Ridhima ran to her room and closed the door and sat in the floor and the years started rolling!

She started remembering her moments of her and vansh

Well maybe it showned that she is strong but inside she is broken

Well she is showing that she has been moved on but her heart knows that she has been standing where her love left her

Her heart is broken but trying to join for her family!

Her smile is lost but trying to find it for her family!

Her faith on herself is lost but trying to keep it for her family!

Her everything has been broken and some lost but trying to join and find just for her family!

It proves that indeed SHE IS A “ANGEL”

After crying and making herself strong she cleaned her face and plastered a smile and came down and sat in the dining table .

To be continued…
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