I Love you Mrs.RaginiMaheshwari -2 by suma

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Sun rays fell on her beautiful face and she tried to sleep by hiding her face, forgetting where she is but soon jerked listening his voice in restroom
“Des-pa-cito ” ???
He is singing song while taking shower.
She stood up and cursed herself for being late and rushed to her luggage and took the clothes by then sanskar came out and saw her , he was just in towel soon he turned to other side and said

” Go and freshup “

While she moving to Washroom before nodding her head…she widened her eyes as he holded her hand she slowly turned to him

” Wo ….don’t say to mom about anything I will take care ok ”
She nodded and he left her hand,she went into washroom

After freshing up she came outside wearing a simple chudidar and searched for sanskar as he is not in room. She felt sad and went down.

” Ragini you came beta ” suji said
She smiled and soon her gaze shift to sanskar who was watching TV and busy in his mobile.

” Today your have to do something sweet,what you want to do Ragini ” suji asked

” Maa, I will make kheer ” she said smiling

” Awwww sanskar’s favourite, come I will help you ” suji added

” No maa, it’s okay…I will do it ” she said and moved to kitchen

” Ragini beta stop there ”
She paused her step and turned to suji

” Didn’t you fill your hairline , you forgot?? ”
Ragini touched her hairline and bites her lips

” Sorry maa, I will put it now ” she turned to move but she  again stopped ragini .

” Sanskar ” she shouted

Sanskar pasterd an irritated look on his face

” sanskar ” she again shouted
He ran to his mom

” What mom???”

” Take this and put it on her hairline ” she handed over the vermilion box


” Yesterday only marriage over na ….then Y again now ??? “

” It’s only your right to fill her maang sanskar ” she said

He took the box and put some vermilion on her hairline, she blushed when she felt his touch and yes it’s only  his right.

Sanskar leave soon she make you do these silly things
” Mom , iam leaving to college”
By listening this Ragini felt bad because if he left, he won’t able to eat her hand made kheer…and he is not even had his breakfast.

” Sanskar have your breakfast and ragini is making kheer so have it and leave to college “

” Mom…I have no time left …I will have breakfast in canteen and about sweet I will eat when I come at evening” by saying this he left to room.

” Ragini beta go to your room, I know you want to talk with Sanskar na , go ….after you do this sweet and after that you can go to college “

Ragini smiled at her as she understood her.
Ragini ran to her room and saw sanskar talking over phone

” Will be there in 10minutes , ok bye ”
He disconnected the call and turned and saw ragini there

” Hey !!! ” He said and moved to collect his books.
She tried to say something but he is not understanding her efforts to talk with him
At last he turned to her to bid bye

” Sanskar ” she called

” Yeah , tell me “

” I…..I….want …To….go….fo…for…college , will you…”
Without listening to her completely

” Sorry Ragini….I will drop you tomorrow today I have urgent work so iam going early , don’t mind ” he said
She felt sad ?????
he saw her dull face.

” Ok, go get your bag, will go together ”
Her eyes got widened ??????
Soon she asked ” I have to do sweet “

” Umm ??? ok I will wait for it…but make it fast ”
He said
She hugged him saying ” thank you ???”
Soon she realised what she did and broke the hug

He smiled ??? ” Go and make it ”
She ran to kitchen blushingly

” Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh , it’s getting late?????????? …..sanskar cool??? …..it’s really hard to act as husband…for my mom sake iam bearing all this ….filling maang ….eating her hand made sweet..now dropping her…????”

After 20min she came to room find noone in room.
” Sanskar ” she called him
But noone in room thought he went to washroom.
While passing by laksh came to Sanskar room and saw ragini sitting there

” Bhabhi, good morning”
Laksh …my devar..but before that he is my bestfriend…but he is so sweet and gentle …he talks with me very nicely and the one whom I share good bonding after my parents is with laksh …we are same class in college where sanskar also studies but sadly sanskar never noticed me.

” No need to be formal laksh ” she said

” Aren’t you coming for College ??” He took the kheer bowl from her hands

” I’m waiting for sanskar…I made sweet for him. ”
Listening this he gave the bowl which is about to eat..but she didn’t noticed it.
He felt sad but soon composed and said

” Bhai left to college Ragini ”
Listening this she felt some emptiness in her heart that everytime he is leaving her

Laksh understood her feeling
” Come let’s go ”
She nodded and both left to college

Both reached college
Sanskar saw Raglak coming in bike soon he ran towards them leaving his friends there

Ragini felt happy seeing sanskar but her happiness vanished on her face after sanskar words
” Laksh why did you bring her here ” sanskar asked

” Bhai…she also study in this college from last 2years”

” Really??? I never saw her….”

” First come out from Kavitha world then you will get to know other than Kavitha many people are there in college ” he blurted out in frustration

” Laksh….dare you speak ….” he pointed his finger

” Bhai get into your brain that you are married to her and you should take her responsibility ” folding sanskar finger he said with stern voice

” Ragini I want to talk to you ” he dragged ragini to aside but laksh holded another hand

” It’s okay laksh ” she said listening this he left


” Ragini , don’t say anyone that you are married ”
She is shocked as why he is saying this

” Please !!! ” He holded her hand
She melted by his plead as she love him and she can do anything for him

Love shouldn’t be this blind – writer feeling

Both came to laksh
Laksh signed her ” are u ok ”
She nodded
Sanskar noticed maang with vermilion and nuptail chain on her neck

” Ragini what about these two ” he pointed
Laksh was confused

” I will take care of it sanskar, you don’t worry ” she said ..
” Thank you Ragini ” he side hugged her and left the place

Soon her smile faded after sanskar left
” Didn’t he said that not to mention about your marriage??”
Ragini looked at him shocked

” You don’t need to do that Ragini “

” No laksh…he need sometime to accept this relation and I don’t want to messup the things ”
She covered her neck with her duppatta and cleaned her maang and both raglak left to class



Don’t hate sanskar here he will understand her love but not so soon

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