I Love you Mrs. Ragini Maheshwari – 5 by suma

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Hey guys actually I wanted this story update  2days back but I was totally upset because the news RLHN going off air, so I’m updating now because I’m somewhat happy that trp increased from 0.3 to 0.4
So guys keep supporting the show and watch Rishtalikhengehumnaya on television Mon to Fri 9:18pm (it’s 40minutes episode) …now it’s very interesting track is going on so don’t miss guys.

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Let’s get back to the story

All the night she didn’t slept, thinking about the three words which she listened from his mouth….
She felt guilty that she never noticed the love which he is flooding for her from years as she thought it as friendship.
Now she is not daring to go out of the room as she has to face laksh …

Maybe he didn’t know that he confessed but she knew that he loves her…thinking this she is in her room and turned to other side expecting sanskar ?
But No, he left …
She then heard some sounds from washroom and got up thinking he might be in and went to arrange his clothes from wardrobe.

She is waiting from long but no sanskar hadn’t came and at last she got up to knock but door hasn’t locked ??? she opened and saw none..but water was running through tap.
She thought he is in. But no….soon she got ready and came to check whether he is in hall but no…she slowly went to laksh room thinking may be he will be there but no…to her shock both sanlak aren’t there in house.
She went to sujatha and asked to her shock
She said ” both left to college “

She was hurted ? Not because sanskar left…she was hurted because laksh left…..whenever she feel low…laksh will be there to make her mood better. Actually best.
Thinking this she went college.

Ragini pov :

As I entered college ,I saw laksh talking to the girl whom I like least Aditi. She doesn’t like our friendship…he never used to talk with any girl other than me but now how come, he is talking to her.
Slowly I moved towards laksh…but all of sudden sanskar came to me.
Pov ends.

“Hey Ragini , whatsup? ”
She felt happy whenever he call her name

” Nothing sanskar , just going towards laksh and you called “

” Didn’t he came with you ? ” He asked

She was hurt and nodded as no

He knew what she was feeling now as he heard laksh confession so he tried to divert the topic ?

“Actually I’m going out , will you join ? ” He asked

She looked at laksh, he seems so happy … actually she wanted to go to laksh and slap for cheering with Aditi, but sanskar called her out actually for the first time her love called her out …for this she has  waited for so long , when it happens …she is the one who is least happy now. Don’t know what is bothering her.
She thought when they are  going  home , she will talk to laksh.

Slowly she turned to sanskar and nodded. And both walked towards bike.

Here laksh looked at Ragini.


Morning when laksh wokeup and tried to remember what happened at night. But all went vain.
He soon get ready to go to college but saw sanskar going to college.
” You are doing wrong Bhai, till how long you neglect her …I don’t want her to see hurt because of you “

From now on I don’t go along with Ragini.
He decided and while coming down he met his father
Ram and discussed about something and his father agreed to laksh decision. There after laksh left to college.

Flashback ends

Ragini sat on bike and she put her hand on sanskar shoulder . Sanskar started bike and saw in mirror ,he noticed that laksh looking at Ragini .
Laksh wore his goggles and turn to other side ? but a lone tear is dropping from his eye can express how much it hurts to see his love with his brother. But he can’t do anything except to wish her goodness.


Ragsan reached to one orphanage with Ragini.

” Sanskar , you come to this orphanage ? “

” No Ragini “

” Then ? “

” I think u feel good here with children…so come will   spend sometime here  ”
She felt so happy that he think about her. He think about her happiness. He think about to cheer her. He think about to change her mood ( flip) from sad to happy. This thoughts giving butterflies to her.

“How do you know I will feel good here ” She smiled and asked excitingly.She thought he knew her likes and he is thinking about her but soon his next words made her broken.

” Laksh told me ” he said
Soon her smile faded.She again started to think…laksh knew everything about me …my likes and my dislikes…how can someone show love without expecting in return.
” Ragini….u always dreaming?? ???

” No..sanskar actually I’m thinking about ..”

” Ok…ok…go and spend time with kids “

” You not coming ??” She asked

” You go in…I will just come ? ”
She went inside and playing with kids.
By then sanskar came inside with some chocolates and sweets .he saw ragini playing like small kid.
He stood still watching her eyes and slowly he shifted his gaze to her lips. Suddenly he got some flashes of laksh confession and soon his smile faded and went to Ragini.

Ragsan distributed chocolates and sweets to all kids and spent some time.
Without their notice laksh is watching all this and smiled seeing ragini smile.

After some hours Ragsan left orphanage.
” Sanskar, mom called me and said there is some pooja we have to do tomorrow “

” ???? What’s all this Ragini…my mom has no work at all …Kuch na Kuch sochti hai “

” Why sanskar you don’t believe all this ?  “

” No, You believe this Ragini ? “

” Its rituals sanskar and we have to believe elders words  “

” ??? ” she is  looking  at his  smiling face  and she too smiling and lost

” Kitna cute hai Teri smile ” she heard and
She is blushing ?

He the shakes her and asked
” You always dreaming ?? “

” Dream ?? ”
That means he didn’t said anything ?????

” Bhai toh complimented Ragini…but she is thinking it as dream ” laksh thought and left the place.

Both are going in bike
” Sanskar stop…stop….stop here ”
He stopped the bike

” What happened Ragini ? “

” Temple ” she pointed

He looked at her being happy forgetting all so he decided to go with her and stopped near the temple.

” You know sanskar, this god is so powerful…whatever we wish it will come true ” she said smiling.

” Then wish for laksh ” he said without thinking

She is shocked and turned to him.

” I mean…you got everything I think now wish for Ur best friend ” he covered
And she smiled.

Both stepped inside the temple entrance
” God!!! Itna saaree steps ” ???? he blinked his eyes looking at the steps.
Then he saw all men are lifting woman in their arms and climbing stairs.
“????” Sanskar rolled his eyes

” Don’t say that they are lifting them here and throwing them from the hill??? ” sanskar said to Ragini
She smiled.
Both were moving forward then someone said to Ragsan
“You both look like husband and wife ” For that both nodded.
“Then You  lift your wife in your arms and take her to the temple and inside the temple there is one place where we have to place them on one holy stone  ” he said

” Why we have to do this ? ” Sanskar asked to clear his doubt

” Its a belief that when we carry our loved ones like this …good things will happen to them ” he said

Without any late he lifted ragini in his arms and started climbing stairs ….
” Sanskar ???” she is shocked

” Keep calm ragini  “

” Sanskar pls listen …get me down ” she asked

” Ragini look at me ” he asked to look into her eyes and lost .
Ragini is just looking at him with so much of love and suddenly she remembered the past


” Laksh where are you taking me ” after sometime he stopped his bike near the same temple.

” Ragini….come ” he dragged her hand and took some pooja Taal and flowers and gave it to Ragini and suddenly he lifted her in his arms and climbing stairs

* While passing the road sanskar saw this * (he only saw laksh carrying ragini in his arms in bridal way )

” Laksh….laksh…what is this…what are you doing?? …get me down…laksh get me down ” ragini is struggling in his arms

” Ragini…pls if you struggle like this, it’s difficult to climb stairs… please be calm.”

After reaching the top of the temple laksh placed ragini on the stone where pandit said .
She is just looking at him with blank expressions.
He is not looking at her. Pandit gave blessings for her and gave one garland to her to wear and then he gave some flowers to laksh.
” Laksh what was that ? ” ???

” Ragini…someone said ” when we take our loved ones here , they will be blessed with happy days and good things will happen to them …so I brought you here “

” Hmmmm laksh you don’t believe all these na.. “

” When it’s for your good sake…I believe everything ragini ” he said with genuine smile

” Awww that’s so sweet ” ragini pulled her cheeks .

” Don’t pull my cheeks ” he said with the cutest face
She smiled .

Flashback ends

Soon her eyes got moist. Thinking about laksh genuine smile on that day . She never thought about him in that way…but he never stopped showering love on her.

Sanskar placed ragini on stone and then pandit gave blessings to Ragini…all this while she is getting the flashes of laksh smile. she saw sanskar ,but he is not looking at her. As she know he too don’t believe in all these ….But….but he to wished only good for her. The same way laksh did on that day.

She is totally in confusion as both brothers  care for her …now she is slowly confused about the line between friendship and love …

The small line between laksh and sanskar
She love sanskar and married him. But now she is confused about her feelings after laksh confession… And the situation is like she has to choose one and lose one..which she can’t do it….yes ! She is married …but one doesn’t love her at all. And another one loves her immensely.

Now she want to choose one who make her happy and with whom she will be happy.

So guys whom do you think she will choose ??

Laksh or Sanskar

Will she confirm the feeling is love which is driving towards laksh ?

Will sanskar let her go or make her stay

Will laksh forget ragini and move- on or he will get his love ?

Will Sanskar love ragini ?

” Next update after 45+ likes ”
If I get 40likes tonight I will update it tonight
So guys do vote and comment .

Thank you
Suma ❤

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