Love means only love (Part-5) shivika ff (correct one)

At last, Shivaay and Anika reached Dubai…Both of them came out from the plane after the landing. But,when they entered into the airport both of them lost each other in the crowd. Anika and Shivaay both of them were  trying to find each other. Their mind were telling them to stop but their heart were wanting to meet each other.

Anika’s pov

After the landing, Shivaay went out of my sight but why I am feeling so sad…Yeah,I know that I know him but he is not the same Shivaay…Now,he didn’t recognize me…It’s not his fault also…It’s my fate’s fault…I have a two ruppie fate which never give me happiness…but it’s okay..I wish I can see for the last time but why I want to see him…I think I have gone mad..Anika forget everything…Now,concentrate on your new life…Australia I am coming…finally my one dream is going fulfil…I am really happy…

Pov ended….

Then,Anika headed towards the next terminal because now she have to go to Australia…(guys,here you can have confusion that why they landed in Dubai? I think most of us know about it but I should tell you. If you have to go Australia from India so you have to first land at Dubai specially if you are flying at Emirates flight…So,as I wanted to make it a little realistic so I did it)

On the other hand,another pair of blue orbs were searching for Anika and he was Shivaay…

Shivaay’s pov

Where is the girl? I wish I meet her again..What Shivaay! You are searching for the girl…I think I have gone mad….I should now have to catch my next flight…nor I will get late…

Pov ended….

Both of them did their other works before their flight..Shivaay and Anika didn’t meet with each other in the airport…Both of them headed towards the plane but Shivaay thought to buy something so he came back to airport again..For that,they didn’t meet each other…Anika entered into the plane…Then,she started to find her seat..but when she found her seat she saw that a little children with her mother was sitting there and the little boy had already settled in Anika’s seat…

Anika” Man,it’s my seat”

Boy’s mother” I am sorry,dear..He always like to sit at window seat..but this time we can’t find…So if you don’t mind you can sit in our seat which is there…I know there is also a window seat..but my naughty boy has to sit here.His father will also come…So if you don’t mind….”

Anika” No,mam. It’s absolutely okay..I will seat there….”

Anika went there and she found that there is a man already settled…

Anika in mind” Kya yaar…today everyone have to sit in my seat…Plane me bhi kabhi asa hota hai kya( In plane,people do this) who is this mister”(guys,actually this thing happened with me in plane????so just wrote it?)

Anika” Hey,mister…this is my seat..You should get up from here…”

The man looked at Anika and become shocked as well as our Anika??

Both of them in unison” Tum????”

Anika” Hey,Mr. Kanje Akhe Bhala Bagard Billa…..what are you doing here? Are you following me? It’s not good….That means, I was literally stalking by you….Omg..what a cheapre you are!”

Anika was continuasly blabbering without noticing that Shivaay was becoming so angry… Then, Shivaay
take Anika’s hand in a jerk as a result she fall on Shivaay’s lap. Her two hands were in Shivaay’s  chest and Shivaay’s hands were holding her shoulders tightly.

(O…Jana plays in bg)

They had a eyelock and it’s a long eyelock. Shivaay was looking at Anika’s beautiful cocktail brown eyes through her glasses and Anika was looking at his beautiful blue orbs…Anika can see herself in his beautiful blue orbs…Their eyelock was so deep that they forget everything beside them….They even didn’t understand when the announcement was done…Then, a cabin crew came…

Crew,” Sir,mam…please,wear your seatbelts…We are ready to fly now..”

Listening this,their eyelock broke…Shivaay got up from there and like a gentleman he gave Anika the window seat and he sat beside her..Both of them,composed themselves and put on their seatbelts…A silence was held between them…Both of them were looking at each other but they were kept silent as they know it very well that if they started to talk so a great argument will start which will never finish…So,other passengers will make their ty ty fis??so the kept quite.

Soon,the plane started to take-off..Shivaay remembered about that Anika is scared of take-off..So he put his hand on her’s… Anika just looked at him…

Then,the plane at last flying in sky…Anika was just looking at outside and Shivaay was just looking at the tv…it’s looking that he was watching a movie… Then,the cabin crew started to give light food to the passengers.. A crew gave food to Shivaay and Anika but our Shivaay again started…

Shivaay,” Oh, beautiful…what a food! It’s really lovely… I just love you…I mean love the food”??

Crew blushing?” Thank you,sir. You are so handsome and your eyes are really beautiful??”

Shivaay,” I know it beautiful…Okay,we will meet soon”

Then,the crew went from there and Shivaay looked at other side and found that Anika is already grinning in jealousy…

Shivaay,” What happened Ms. Chashmish..Are you jealous”

Anika in mind,” Yes, I am” but said to Shivaay that,” Why should I jealous? I was just looking that a boy how could flirt with five cabin crew in a day and yeah also with three passengers?”

Shivaay,” No,you are wrong.. This one was six number cabin crew and I flirt with four passengers not three.” He said it in a proud tone..

Anika,” Oh,okay..You can’t never change.”

Shivaay” I don’t want to..What’s your problems? Are you my wife or my girlfriend”

Anika,” Listen…”  and they started their argument…

At last, a passenger angrily told them,” Will you both keep quite and have your food silently?”

Shivaay and Anika stopped and looked at their snack…

Anika,” It’s look very tasty but I don’t have much money by which I can eat”

Listening this, Shivaay started to laugh loudly…

Anika angrily,” Have I cracked any funny joke? Why are you laughing like a mad?”

Shivaay controlling his laughter,” You didn’t crack any joke but you didn’t know that this foods are you getting are coming from that money which you gave when you bought a ticket. What do you think that you have payed this much for a single ticket?” Ha..ha..ha…

,” How can I know that? It’s my first flight and my everything is given by college because I have got scholarship for which my every necessary things are given my college.. I have got scholarship which is really tough and I am the first one who got this scholarship..I will also live at the college hostel and it will be free. I have to only arrange my foods,” Anika said all these in a proud tone.

Shivaay in a shocked tone,” That means,you had got UsydIS and you are going to study at Sydney for masters and PhD degree.”

Anika,” Yes..mister..”

Shivaay” That means, we are in same college.”

Anika,” What??”


So,guys Anika and Shivaay will be in same college. Interesting…And Sorry a lot guys for all inconveniences. I’m sorry. Please don’t mind

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