Love Me Not Love Me – Twinj FF – Episode 17

Love Me Not Love Me-Twinj FF Episode 17?

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Twinkle Pov~

“What are you doing here Namish?” I stare at him and glance towards Kunj who looks uncomfortable.
“What the hell! Twinkle are you Kidding me! After he made you suffer you still accept him! I’m disappointed in you!” Namish yells pointing to Kunj. I walk out the closest getting a headache and place Sam on the bed.
“Namish not now.” I say.
“Not Now! I come from Los Angeles trying to suprise you and trying to see if your safe and I found out that no one’s at house! Does Dad and Kabir (Burak Deniz) Know?” I sigh and Kunj Stands next to me but I keep the space.
“Safe?” Namish says and glares ? at him and stormy to me grabbing my hand.
“I need to talk to you. Alone “. He glances at Kunj then pulls me out of the room.
“Twinkle!” I shake my head. My dad doesn’t know he has a lot things to do now that he won’t be in charge of the company and I move here because of an accident which I still don’t know what happen.
“What did you mean Safe” “I mean if you were safe from him! You’re even wearing his clothes. Tell me what happen and Anuska (Hands ercel) was coming with me but something happen and she had to stay home.” He glances ? back at the room and whispers. “You can stay in my hotel for a while.”
I shake my head”Namish, I’m safe here,Sam has his dad?‍? and I’m happy ? here. I know Kunj did was wrong but I found out the truth reason for him cheating on me. Which he didn’t actually cheat . It was all a plan can’t you see.” Namish stays quiet for a few minutes but then anger rises again.
“I know you are happy staying here but what he did and way you are depress. Look you are my sister? and I don’t you to get hurt again.” I smile? but I’m still confuse ? why his here. He couldn’t just have come here to see me there has to be a bigger reason why he come?
“When did you arrive?” I question as he paces around the room, at first he didn’t listen but then his head moves to look out the window.
“Um yesterday night”. He then goes back to his thinking mode?. He starts whispering things and then he smiles ? snapping his fingers.
Ihave to go. Stay here with Sam don’t go without Kunj by your side. I will be busy these days and I’ll stay for about a week or less. Stay  safe sis.” He rushes towards me and kisses ? me on the cheek and walk out screaming Sam’s name and saying goodbye.
“That was weird.” Kunj walks in with Sam?‍? behind him playing with his dinosaur. “What was weird?” Kunj ask as he sits down on the edge of the bed.
“He come to New York just to see me, but he never does that unless it is something really important. He got mad to you for doing those things to me, at the end he looked greatful that I was here. I don’t understand”. Kunj nodded and looked nervous.
“What else did he say?”
“To always stay by your side and be safe”. I scrunch my face. “What did he mean by that?” I question and start to gather my clothes for me to change into. It’s already morning ?and we have work today. We didn’t sleep ? anything with my brother coming, but at least Sam slept ? and he can sleep ? during the day ☀️ because his not going to school ? today.
“Maybe he accepts that we are back together ??” I shake my head, “No I don’t think so”, Kunj starts to play with Sam while I go change into clothes. I wear my black turtle neck with white skinny jeans and a sweater from Kunj’s closet. I walk out still thinking about the whole situation.
“Am I not safe here?” I ask speaking my thoughts. “What do you mean?” Kunj ask as Sam runs out the room to go change.
I mean this whole thing is confusing. I come back from Los Angeles with Sam. We stay at Kabir’s house, I meet a stranger and then my house get robbed or someone breaks in for no reason. I end up staying at your house your place is broken and I found about Mahi’s ex and that his crazy? My brother comes to New York and look up at the ceiling waiting for his responds.
“I think I know why your brother was worried and come to New York.” I sit up and stare? Kunj.
“I told you Mahi’s ex was abusive and he had killed my aunt…” I nod and continues. “He got out of jail about two weeks ago. I’m not sure but I think your brother wants you to stay safe because Mahi’s ex also had a problem with your family. I don’t know all of it but I found out your dad took away Mahi’s ex boyfriend company from his dad. His dad died because of the strees of taking care of his family and he wants revenge I think?” I stay still, swallowing all the information but I still don’t figure out one thing.
“Why will my dad make me come over here where I’m not safe?” Kunj smiles ? and looks at me.
“He knew he had changes of your been safe here because Kabir Anuska and Namish are busy to look out for you. You’re parents are too old for them to take care of you so he planned everything for you to work for me. I’ll be able to keep an eye on you. At first I didn’t know what was happening. Then your dad asked me the favorite even though he is still mad at me. I showed Kabir evidence and he believed me. I think we are cool but your dad still mad,” I stand up and glare ? at ceiling.
“I feel dump”. I say as Sam runs in with his pants to his ankles and his shirt all dirty and ruin.
“Come baby let’s change you back.” He laughs and wobbles out the door. I look back at Kunj and give him a faint smile. After dressing Sam up we walk out to Kunj.
“It’s 5:00 o’clock in the morning what do you guys want to do. I mean we can eat breakfast”. Sam nods but he looks like his about to fall asleep ??. I pick him up and place him on my chest as I move around the kitchen to make breakfast.
“Angel. sit down I’ll make breakfast today. We need to be at the office around 7:00. And don’t you have your photo-shoot with Daniel”. He does a disgusting face as he says the last Part and starts to make breakfast.
“The photo-shoot will start around 2:00 o’clock and I won’t let his touch me and I won’t be the only woman taking pictures with him, you should come with Sam”. He nods and smiles ? as he sees me carrying Sam. He rushes out and I stare at the empty spot he was at. I ignore it and start to check on my baby. Suddenly I hear a click?and I look up. Kunj is holding his phone? and smiles ?at the picture?️ showing it to me as I stare ?at Sam. I laugh and shook my head and go upstairs to lay Sam down.


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