Love Me Not Love Me – Twinj FF – Episode 15

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Love Me Not Love Me -Twinj FF episode 15?

Twinkle Pov~

I open my eyes as I feel Sam jumping on top of my legs.                                                      Yesterday Kunj and I come home late from the beach. We had a lot of things to talk about during the years we didn’t spend together. I was really happy that he remember everything I like and everything I hate specially pickles. I hate those really bad.
“Mommy wake up. Dad, gym today! Me come?”  I shake my head and sit up. “Tell him it’s way too early to work out”. I say as I glance to my clock and see it’s 8:30 in the morning.
“He! You shower! Don’t come!                      Sam says in excitement. 
“Okay hold up”. I carry Sam on my hip walking to the bathroom. I place him on the top of the toilet seat and brush my teeth as he brushes my hair. After I’m done cleaning my face and putting on my makeup. I pick up to see through pink blouse and black leggings with two golden bracelets on both hands and my pink killer heels?.
“How do I look?” Directing the question to Sam who is swinging his legs over the bed.
“Gum?” Sam says with a confused face and I laugh.
I don’t like going in the mornings, it’s too pack, I pull Sam up and walk downstairs.
“Let’s talk about this later” I walk inside the living room to see Mahi standing and Kunj facing her with his back to me. Both of them don’t notice Sam and me standing at the door way.
“No. Right now, go tell her and I won’t tell her today at work.” Mahi screeches.
“It’s not a big secret.I won’t agree to this. Just go somewhere else,…..” He trails off.
“You promised!” Mahi says.
“Who’s that daddy?” I stare at Sam wide eyed and both Mahi and Kunj look at me. You hav___ve a kid with he___rrrr!” Mahi screams and Kunj shakes his head.
“She’s a friend, buddy.” Sam nods but then he points to the ground and I place him down. He walks towards Mahi and Kunj, placing himself between both of them. He pushes his little chest out and puts both his hands on his chest folding them.
“Mommy prettier! Daddy married! You ugly unicorn!” He huffs out and steps on Mahi’s shoes. He turns and run towards me. “She ugly! Right mommy!” I burst out laughing? and I look up to see Kunj laughing ? as well.
“Don’t worry Sam. Daddy is all mine.” I smile ? as I see Kunj’s shock expression ? and Mahi with an angry face?.
“Tell her!” Mahi shrieks out and Kunj covers his ear?.
“Can you stop screaming!” Kunj says. “What do you need to tell me?” I say getting more annoyed.
“I’m going to start living here!” Mahi screams and snaps her fingers in front of her when suddenly a guy with a black suit walks in with four bags hanging from each hand.
“WHAT!” I scream “Hell No”. Sam scream and I glare at him. “Sam?” He smiles and shuts his mouth.
“Kunj this better be a joke!” Kunj shakes his head and points a finger to the couch.
“She doesn’t have a place to live.” I glare at him.
Kunj! She Can go to a club and get herself a man to take her to take her to his place to sleep or better yet go to a hotel!” I say and Sam keeps glaring at Mahi.
So now you’re acting like her hero?!
“She doesn’t have money”.I shake my head and stand up.
“My child is not going to stay here and neither am i. If she stays I go!” Sam nods.
“I don’t like you daddy.” Sam says and crosses his arms over his chest. “Come on baby. Let’s go pack and go visit your aunt.” I smile ?. “Okayyyy!” Sam smiles bu?urns around and glares at? Kunj and Mahi.
“His our kid Twinkle!” I turn around and shake my head. “Well our kid and I are moving out”. I pull Sam up on my hip and walk to our room, as soon as I hear footsteps I walk faster.
“Twinkle!” Sam laughs ? as hears his dad scream at us.
“Go faster mommy. Coming!”.                             I laugh and run? to my room watching my steps? and not trying to fall with this heels?. Just when I am about to close the door I suddenly feels hands around my waist picking me up.
“Higher daddy!” Sam screams and I hold onto Sam.
“You’re so strong daddy?!” Sam laughs? and put his hand up in the air.

h6>“Buddy, your mom doesn’t weight that much”. He closes the door with his foot and places us down in the bed; I adjust Sam on my lap. I look up to see Kunj grabbing a chair and placing it in front of us.

“Nope!”Sam says and I laugh ?.            “Buddy. I haven’t said anything!” Sam laughs and pouts.
“I can’t just kick her out.” Kunj says and I shake my head. “Then give her money and kick her out”. I tell him.
That’s what I told her, but she said she will choose an expensive hotel and each month I’ll have to pay the rent”. I glare? at him.
“It’s your hotel!” He looks speechless ?.
“But that’s not a really expensive hotel”. He says scratching his neck.
Kunj just tell her if you don’t want to stay in my hotel then I won’t give you nothing and leave you outside in the streets. Easy”. I say sounding mad, places Sam on the bed and I pull my suitcase under the bed and throw it on the bed where Sam isn’t sitting. Before I can open my closet Kunj pulls me and wraps his arms around my body keeping me still.
“Okay. Just stay. Don’t take away my son again.” His voice is weak and his begging for me not to separate them. My heart clenches.
I’m so dumb. I was just thinking about staying away from Mahi and didn’t see that I was hurting Kunj by taking Sam away from him.
I turn around and hug him. I place a kiss on his neck and pull away. He peck my lips and Sam screams. We turn around just in time to see him covering his eyes ?.
“EWWW! Stop!” Sam screams and jumps on the bed. I laugh and shake my head reaching for him but Kunj stops me and starts to tickle Sam. Sam laughs like dying ? whale? just like me.
“Mommy!!!!! H____elp!!!” He screams.
“I’m coming to your rescue!” I start to tickle Kunj but one thing for sure is that he isn’t ticklish. He turns to me and I put my hands up in surrender but he doesn’t stop and pulls me down right below him. He straddles my hip and starts to tickle me. This is my weakness!
“STOPP!!!! I scream he stops for a while as Sam grabs his arm. Kunj seems ineffective by that. Kunj pulls Sam up until he is behind his back and starts to tickle me. An idea pops inside my head and once I see Kunj distracted by Sami pull myself by grabbing his shoulders and licking his neck. Kunj freeze and turns to me. Not thinking twice I lick his lower lip. I motion with my fingers for Sam to move and as soon as he moves I flip Kunj over. I straddle him and Sam gets on top of his chest while I straddle his hip. Sam and I scream in victory??.
“You lost we won!” I laugh with Sam?.
“That wasn’t fair”. Kunj shakes his head and moves Sam out of the way.
“I’ll get revenge”. Kunj says with an evil smile?. “Go get the water spray!” I scream to Sam as I feel Kunj’s hot breath against my neck. Sam takes his time getting of the bed and then turns to the bathroom.
“Now that we are alone. Get ready.” Kunj says trailing kisses around my neck. I moan and he smirks??? as he starts to suck my neck. He stops after he is satisfied. I glare ? at him knowing he left a mark and I do the same. Just as I’m finish Sam comes back inside the room.
“Found it!” Not minutes later I see clear water land on Kunj’s face. I laugh nonstop?.
“You needed that cold shower.” I say as I feel his erection against my thigh.
“What the!” We all turn around to see Mahi carrying her bags.
“Ahhhh!” She screams as Sam sprays the water onto her face making her eyeliner and mascara smear. He doesn’t stop her face is wet I mean completely wet. Kunj and I don’t do anything until Sam laughs and starts to shoot more water at Mahi.
“Sam stop!” I scream reaching for the water spray but he moves it out of my reach as Kunj’s hands grab my hips and keeps me in place.
“Kunj”. I say in a mad face. He smirks? and picks my lips Picking me up and placing me on the side. “Sam!” Kunj says as he places his hands out to place the bottle. Sam pouts but gives up and places the bottle on the Kunj’s hand.
“Go to your room”. Kunj tells Sam. Sam glares? at Mahi as he walks out and we left with Mahi all wet and mad. She glares? at me while Kunj stand up.
“Money ? or streets?” Kunj tells her as he fixes his shIt, Mahi stands there and knows he won’t change his mind.
Kunj nods and sends her away. “We don’t have work today so don’t worry about us”. Mahi growls and walks away with her bodyguards carrying her bags.
Happy? I glare at Kunj and walk out of the room. “I’m going to visit my aunt and then go straight to the gym. I’m taking Sam with me as well…”
“I’ll go with you.” I shake my head but his already walking out the door.


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