love after marriage season 2 (part 22)

Thank you for your lovely comments.. Sorry I was busy.. Then results tension..i couldn’t update.. I won’t bore you more.. Im thinking of ending this fiction as soon as possible..
“Arshu marriage..then their life till child birth..”

Part 22
Aishu comes towards Arvi’s car.. She asks what you wanted to give? He replies wait for a while.. She says okay… After a while Vinaya comes there.. Aishu smiles seeing her..and hugs her.. Arvi says be careful.. Aishu see’s baby bump and say vinu… Vinaya smiles.. Aishu asks where is Ankith? Vinaya says he didn’t come from tour yet.. Aishu takes Vinaya inside but Arvi say aishu tomorrow ill bring her here.. Mom will take care of her.. Aishu nods ok..says good night and leave.. Arvi and Vinaya also leave from there..
Aishu comes inside and tell about Vinaya to Tapu and Madhu.. Tapu asks what about ankith? Aishu replies he didn’t come.. Madhu says ok leave that and now lets sleep.. All leave for sleeping.. Aishu remember about Ankith’s wedding.. ” one month later from engagement.. Ankith ‘s family members death takes place.. Ankith becomes alone.. Vinaya takes care of him.. A month passes but he doesn’t come out of it.. One night.. Vinaya comes to Ankith’s home.. She is fully wet because of rain.. She keeps tiffin box on table and goes to change.. Ankith comes inside room in which she was changing.. Both feel awkward.. Ankith say sorry and leave from there.. Vinaya comes out and then both have their dinner.. After a while she takes vessels for cleaning.. He helps her.. Suddenly bcz of thundering she hugs him.. Current also goes.. They both go to hall.. He makes her sit on sofa and goes to get candle.. She starts shivering because of cold breeze… He comes with candles.. They sit together.. Both feel somewhat.. Ankith ask her to go home. She nods ok and leave.. Then after reaching home.. She calls aishu and say ankith as got job offer letter but he doesn’t want to go. Aishu says ok..tomorrow lets meet at his home.. Next day.. Arshu and Vinaya come to Ankith’s home.. Arvi talks with Ankith and he comes to know he should leave for America for job. Arvi asks Vinaya whether she is okay marrying Ankith next week ? She replies im okay but my parents.. Arvi says we can talk with them. After that everyone leave for Vinaya ‘s home.. Arvi and aishu talk with Vinaya parents.. They decide about marriage.. Vinaya mom tell them however marriage as to happen if he should leave for job let them marry early. Within a week all friends prepare for marriage.. Ankith and Vinaya marriage happen at register office. Then after a week ankith leave for America. Then within a week Vinaya also leave.. After that they were just in contact with friends and family through technology”
Next day…

Aishu wakes up and see it’s 5am..goes to take bath.. Then tapu and Madhu wake up.. Madhu mom come there..tell them get ready fast..we should reach at 8:30… Madhu says don’t we will reach.. Aishu come there.. Madhu and tapu smile seeing her.. Aishu asks what happened? Tapu says nothing go get ready.. Aishu says ok.. Then tapu and Madhu gets busy.. After 1hr.. Madhu gets ready .. Aishu gives her ring and say you should wear this..surya give me..asked me to give you.. Madhu nods ok..

Arvi’s house..
All are getting ready.. Arvi is sleeping.. Aishu calls him.. He receives and suddenly says I love you.. Aishu says arvi stop dreaming..come to wedding fast.. Arvi says yea ill come.. Aishu smiles says this fellow said I love you but he is thinking good morning.. He goes to take bath..suddenly remembers he said I love you not good morning.. Thinks for sure im gone today… He gets ready ..come down.. All leave for marriage hall..

At hall..
Surya and Madhu are doing according to pandit.. Arvi’s family comes there.. Aishu smiles seeing them..takes blessings from Arvi’s parents..then take vinu and suji with her.. They all go and sit in room.. Aishu says vinu ill get you juice be here..only don’t move.. Suji say aishu to bring hot water for tablets.. Aishu says ok and runs from there.. Arvi see aishu busy with work..slowly go towards her.. She asks him what he wants? Arvi says you.. She asks what? He says Im also hungry..give me juice.. She smiles..say take this to vinu ill bring for you.. He goes.. In room tapu see him with juice and hot water..ask him what is this? Aishu comes there with juice.. Arvi take juice from her hands and start drinking.. Vinu see him and smile..say arvi you want to spend time with aishu na.. Arvi says that vinu.. Aishu smiles.. Arvi see her.. Tapu pulls aishu and goes from there..
Arvi and vinu goes from there.. Vinu says arvi be with aishu every minute of life..she loves you soo much.. He asks how do you she loves me? She smiles says her eyes says that.. He says really… She smiles and asks shall I prove it? He says okay.. She smiles..says talk with some girl..lets see her reaction.. He asks with whom? Vinu smiles calls Megha and say her to come to park tomorrow evening.. He asks who is Megha? She says Aishu’s competitor.. He says means.. She says they both like same things.. He says ok sister now I understood..
Surya and Madhu marriage completes.. Aishu is busy with work.. Arvi keeps seeing her..think more 1 year I have to be far from you..then you’ll be my wife…I mean my life.. He smiles..goes from there.. They have nice time with friends and enjoy till evening.. Arvi see’s vinu with aishu..goes towards them.. Aishu smiles seeing him and say ill take vinu to home..i wanna spend time with her.. Arvi see’s vinu.. She smiles..says arvi you will come tomorrow evening at park.. Then they leave to Surya and Madhu gift.. Vinu gives them platinum rings.. Then arshu give them flight tickets..say its 2 weeks trip to Singapore.. Aishu says flight is on Thursday evening.. Arvi says aunty told there are some functions at home so.. They leave from there.. Arvi asks Manu to drop them for airport on Thursday evening.. Manu replies ok… Arshu and vinu leave for home..

One year leap..
Vinaya and Ankith have a son..his name is vinith.. Madhu is 7 months pregnant .. Tapu and Manu are fully in love. Arvi and Manu started business..surya also helps them.. Aishu is busy preparing for exams and marriage.. 1 week before her main exams..her marriage date is fixed.. Her cousin brother Sai is staying at her home.. Arshu and sujun want Sai and bindhu to marry..but they didn’t discuss about this with them.. Aishu’s parents are busy with preparations..Arvi takes aishu in name of spending time on Saturday and Sunday..but he makes helps her with studies.. They bond as increased…
Arvi and aishu both are completely fallen for each other..but both don’t have guts to tell it.. Arvi thinks Aishu will be distributed if they get into serious relationship..thinks to wait till she completes education.. Aishu on other side thinks of saying him after marriage..because she know about him..and his feelings towards her..
1 week before marriage..

Arvi’s house…
Arjun is busy with different works.. Suji is helping with invitations.. Mom and dad see them think they becoming parents of Arvi.. Arvi comes there with clothes and say suji you brought so many curtains..and kept in my room.. Suji replies him you’re room is so boring..ill change that first..then think of something.. Arvi says my room is better than your room na so its enough.. Suji replies its not only your room ok..aishu will also stay there so be quiet..ill change it according to her wishes.. He asks where I should keep my files and study table.. Mom tell him to keep those in other room and stay there if he wants till room gets ready.. He replies okay and goes to shift… Arjun thanks suji.. She asks why?he replies you didn’t ask me change my room before marriage.. Mom tells him aishu also didn’t ask but she is studying na she is adjusted to her room..and if she changes now then her studies will be disturbed right.. Arjun replies okay mom.. Suji says him you have to check wedding hall today.. Arjun leaves..
Arvi is busy with shifting room..suji also helps him.. Mom tell them from tomorrow relatives start prepare everything today itself.. Dad asks arvi when you’re friends are coming.. Arvi replies Thursday evening dad.. Mom dad leave from there.. Suji asks Aishu prepared for exams? Arvi says today she will start 2nd revision.. She asks practicals? Arvi says got over yesterday.. She asks then what you planned for marriage? He replies nothing.. She asks then?? He replies I have to complete project and she have nothing special.. Suji replies okay..

At aishu’s home..
Aishu is busy with books.. Her granny comes there and ask her to close books till marriage completes.. Aishu tries to say something. Amma signs her to keep quiet.. Aishu closes book and takes mobile leave from there.. Granny tells I don’t know how arvi will manage her.. Amma smile.. Aishu gets busy with mobile.. Amma gets mom call.. They talk for a while..then amma tell aishu that Arvi’s granny won’t come for you both should go to village and take her blessings before marriage.. Aishu says ok amma..
Next day..
Arvi comes to aishu’s home.. He see her busy with books and goes to talk with Amma.. After half hour..amma ask aishu to get ready for visiting village.. Aishu goes to get ready.. Arvi wait for a while..then Aishu come there with a bag.. Arshu leave for village.. Aishu asks should we stay back 2days? Arvi says hey no we will come back day after night we will reach..then tomorrow we’ll spend with her and after that we can come back..

Precap: Arshu’s accident…

Friends I’ll end this fiction early as possible. I know it’s boring and yea its not worthy.. But I should complete it right..

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