Love after marriage-RAGSAN (Epi-1)

Life gives reasons for everything but time may change it in a different way. If life goes on smoothly then no one remembers special things. This is story of a girl who just want her parents to happy then herself. She don’t take any decision in life,just do what her parents say. Her life changes when she falls in love with would be and how he changes her completely.

Ragini(Ragu) is only child of her parent’s and apple of their eyes.
Sanskar(Sanky) is the second child of his parents,have one brother and they both are bestie.

At Ragu home…
She is tensed because her results will be out today. Parents aren’t at home ,she tries to take nap but she can’t. She hugs her teddy and close her eyes. She wakes up when her parents reach home but before she talk with them they tell her about a guy family coming to see her. Her phone rings, her friend tell her she got 2rank in college and 3rd in university. She tells her parents and they bless her. She keep getting calls from her friends and teachers so her mom doesn’t take guy’s matter again for that day.

Next day:
Ragu wake up early in morning and thinking about guy family but then tell herself whatever it may be it will be best for me . Then sleeps again… She gets dream of someone talking with her in room asking r u ok with this proposal? Suddenly opens her eyes but then sleep hugging her teddy. Her parents come into bedroom see she her think she is same kid who was so naughty but because of small incident she changed soo much. We wish she would be happy with everything in every suition. They bless her and go out to do preparations .
At 8 her mom comes and wake up ragu . Tells her to get ready by 9:15 and tapu will be here for helping you out. Ragu wake up and text tapu wru? Before getting reply she comes and hugs her, Telling I’m here. She asks her to get ready faster bcz guy will be here by 9 da. Ragu goes to take bath and thinking about guy. She gets ready and come out. Tapu make her feel free and try to cheer up. She tells don’t worry about guy or his family you will be happy after knowing them. Before Ragu question back her mom comes there. She tells they may arrive at any time be ready. Tapu ask ragu do you any problem? Ragu nods no.

Guy’s family arrives at ragu home… One lady comes inside home and tells where is our dil , then her family enters. At last Sanky comes with his sil. She keeps teasing him and laughing but when Sanky’s mom gives a look both become silent. They all get seated. After 5min ragu come down with tapu. Sanky’s dad and bro like her. Sil brings her to Sanky’s next sofa and make her seat. Tapu and sil stand back of their sofa and introduce each other. Sanky see’s Ragu but she doesn’t see him. Sanky’s mom suggests that let they speak in private. Tapu and sil takes them to terrace. Tapu tell them speak freely we won’t stay back. They both move to room. Leave back Sanky and Ragu.

Sanky: Hi im Sanskar
Ragu: I’m Ragini
Sanky: Lets be straight, do you have any problem with this proposal
Ragu: No I don’t have
Sanky: I think you may know about me, your mom might have informed.
Ragu: I didn’t ask her anything about you.
Sanky: Why?
Ragu: Because I believe her decision will be best.
Sanky: You can believe me then?
Ragu: If mom as selected you then you’ll be best and I believe her decision.
Sanky: Ok ok. But I want you to turst me and then think about marriage.
Ragu: Ok but how to turst you? I don’t know anything about you and I can’t judge anyone in first meeting.
Sanky: That’s what . First we will be friends then anytime if you have any problem you are free to tell no for marriage
Ragu: If you have any problem then
Sanky: I don’t have any problem or I won’t get any
Ragu: Why so
Sanky: I’ll tell once we become more than friends.
Ragu: Ok

Sanky: This is my number and you can call me anytime
Ragu: Ok this is my number.
Then Tapu and sil enter asking them to come down. All come down,parents decide to give time for them so they will bond well. Sanky’s family leave. Tapu and Ragu move to room.
Tapu: How was the guy?
Ragu: He is ok but have something in his mind
Tapu: Why what happened?
Ragu: I asked him do you don’t have any problem with me? He said he doesn’t have and in future will not have.
Tapu: What’s there in this ( see ragu mom coming and change topic) coming to college tomorrow huh
Ragu: Tomorrow, I’ll ask Amma and tell you.
Her mom ask them to have lunch. Both reply we are not hungry and afterwards we will eat. Mom leave.
Ragu: I don’t know what will happen. Lets hope for best.
Tapu: Idiot nothing gonna happen. But I think you may fall in love.
Ragu: With whom?
Tapu: Sanky?

Ragu: You have gone mad and hit her with pillow, both start fighting with pillows.
Tapu leave after having lunch. Ragu get text from unknown number. She replies who is this? New friend of yours reply. She asks is this sanky? Yeah right reply. Texts back ok.
He: Had lunch?
She: Just now you?
He: Should have.
She: Ok.
He: Can we meet tomorrow?
She: Should ask amma
He: Ok ill come and pick you up. Means Il only ask your amma.
She: Ok
He: Have any program?
She: Just wanted to go for college
He: Can you please post pone it for a day.
She: Ok ill
He: Thank you ?
He: Then what else
She: Nothing you should tell.
He: Ok ill tell but tomorrow ?
She: Ok bye

Next day ragu wake up by her mom call, who tell her to get ready fast Sanky’s sil will be coming to take you outside. She asks why? She is coming today? Her mom replies you both will go for engagement shopping. She gets shocked. Think when did they decide that date better I ll ask him today. She goes to get ready ,wear simple white dress with rainbow dupatta. She comes down,her dad as gone out. She asks amma can I ask you something? Amma nods. She ask can I do animation course? Amma asks for how many months? She tells 2yrs. Amma turn back and ask her does she don’t want to marry? She replies I really don’t know. Amma tells yesterday you didn’t say a word now what you’re . She tells amma ill do whatever you say but I want some time to think . Amma tell her to talk with Sanky once before you decide anything,at evening we will talk with you ok.she asks to tell now only but amma reply now you will go for shopping with her. She gives her breakfast and leave from there. Ragu keep thinking did I do anything wrong , amma got angry bcz of me. Sil arrives to take ragu for shopping, amma ask her where is Sanky? Sil say he ll come directly to mall aunty. Ragu and sil leave for shopping. Sil see’s ragu tensed and ask what happened? Ragu nods nothing. Sil understands that she needs time to mingle with us. Sil ask her tell me about your self na I don’t know anything about you. Ragu smile and replies her Akka I just like everything what amma like and books are my best friend. Sil smiling ask her whether you’re forced for this relationship? Ragu get shocked and tensed. Sil stops car and ask her what happened. I was just kidding dear ,don’t take seriously. Ragu smile. Sil tells her I won’t say anything about Sanky bcz within some time he himself will talk with you. Car stop near mall parking lot, Sanky is already present there he gives sil her film tickets and thank her for helping him. She asks him to take care of ragu and leave them

To be continued if you like

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