Love makes relationships….[epi 5]

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Hi guys, sorry for not responding to your comments.I am very glad to see ur lovely comments and support…. Don’t be angry on me as I was going slow. Pls continue reading… thank you very much.

Episode 5
Scene starts in uttara’s room.
Uttara picks up the call happily seeing chirags’s number.
Uttara: hello !!!! Chirag.
Chirag: hi darling….
Uttara(angrily): don’t talk to me….
C: but why??? I missed you so much….
Uttara:shut up..
Chirag: how are you??? And my baby???
Uttara:shut up
Chirag: are you happy??? Being with your family.
Uttara:shut up.
Chirag: enough of ur shut up(shouts)

Uttara:I love you..?
Chirag:I know…(smiled)
Uttara: I missed you so much….
Chirag:keep missing me . I will come soon.take care . There is a meeting now. Call you back.bye
Uttara: u too take care. Bye.
She hangs up and smiles to herself.
At raglak room.
Ragini stares at laksh.
Laksh with a sad face moves to washroom.
After sometime, laksh was standing near window staring the sunset. Rakshitha came beside him.
Rakshitha:papa… What happened???why are you so sad.
Laksh: nothing sweety
Rakshitha:then ok papa.
Ragini stands behind them silently and listens. Suddenly rakshitha heard the sound.
Swara: rakshitha ……
Rakshitha:han bade ma…(she runs)
Then again laksh stares the sunset without noticing ragini.
Laksh speaks to himself.ragini listens.

Laksh:I am sorry ragini . I am always fool who irritates you a lot. Still you loves me so much…. Why???? I am the person who never understood your true love…. I betrayed you many times. From moment, you fall in love with me… You never felt that feeling with someone else. But I loved swara….. Then married Kavya… Even though you loved me. I still remember that day … You was wearing a white backed two steps leaving swara’s hand saying “no” to our relationship. I was totally shattered that moment…I thought that’s the last minute in my life. Later you married me by convincing your father. Then everyday in my life became beautiful and happy. That need not longed for years, then family issues raised which made all the brothers separate. Even that time, I hurted you so much. Even I made your life more harder for six months. You crossed so many obstacles and waited for me without knowing i am alive or not. I can’t count all your sacrifices in number. For me, even you had played a negative role in your life. Many times our family supported you,swara and sanky been on your side but not me. I had never helped you in any hardships.(fakely laughs) mostly I being the reason behind your hard times. I am sorry ragini…. (A tear drop falls down from his eyes)
Suddenly from back ragini hugged tightly…… And cries hardly.
Ragini:I am sorry laksh…… I am really sorry…
Laksh breaks the hug and turned towards her.
Laksh:arrey… Jaan why are you crying and … Saying sorry??? Mistake is mine. I made you angry.
Ragini:no laksh…. I am a stupid.. fighting for silly issues.. and make you feel sad.i am sorry laksh.

Laksh:no ragini
Ragini interrupts:no laksh… It’s me. I heard everything what you spoke to yourself a while ago.
Laksh was little shocked.?
Laksh: how long you were standing here???
Ragini:while your discussion with rakshitha…
Laksh:oh god!!!then you heard everything ah????
Ragini:yes. I am sorry laksh…. For these many years I had been with you. But I never got a chance to know your inner feelings about me. Without knowing this, I was fighting with you and hurting you more &more. I am sorry.
Laksh:stop asking sorry ragini(shouts )
Ragini pouts her face.

Laksh pulls her to land on his chest.
Laksh:arrey jaan… You need not wants to be sorry. Because fault is on my side. I am really sorry.
Ragini:no need sorry laksh… Our relationship is not a formal one to say sorry and thanks.
Laksh:han!! But I will never make you angry any more with my stupidity. We will not fight anymore.
Ragini(breaks the hug):no laksh….. We have to make small fights . Then only I can get a chance to know about your love for me.
Laksh smiles
Ragini: seriously laksh…. Today I heard everything from you . I am really very much glad to hear all this.i love you laksh……10000000times love you.?
Laksh:I love you more than that. ?
Both smiled and hugs seeing towards the sunset.
Scene freezes…..
I hope you all like it..

Please submit your lovely comments….both positive and negative.. pls
Bye take care Guys.?
Keep smiling??

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