Love makes relationships….[epi 28]

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Hello guys…I hope you all are fit and heart full of thanks and love to you all for the comments… Keep reading.

Episode 28.
After the breakfast.
Sanlak and adarsh went to office.
Kids boarded the school bus.and ladies concentrated the house hold chores.
In college.(2nd floor corridor)
A 18 year old girl wearing the blue color salwar standing quietly in front of three boys…
Boy1: what’s your name???

Boy2: can’t you open your mouth???
Boy3 was continuously staring that girl…
Boy1(to boy3): ayush!!! Come on man…stop staring and ask something..
Yes ..the third boy revealed to be ayush.
Still the girl was keeping mum…
Ay: hey miss.???
Girl: miss.Naina.
Ay: Han Ms Naina…which department???

Ay: I am asking you…
Suddenly , a boy came running towards them..
Boy: sorry boss,she is my can ask anything to me..
Ay: (pulled the boy slowly aside)you better stand away…okay??
Boy: actually boss…..
Ay: shut up…(he shouted)
Naina was scared…
Boy: bro calm down….or else I will inform to mishka di.
Ayush got Lil nervous..
Of course the boy is our pradeep.
Ay: pradeep!!! You

Pra: bhai!!!
They both hugged.
Naina and the two boys were standing in a confused state.
They broke the Hug.
Ay: so is she your friend???
PRA: Han bhai…we were being friends from the age of 5.
Ay: what??.
Naina: (slowly to pradeep) hey duffer, let me leave.
Ay: wait ….what you said ??? Duffer.few minutes before you were not even ready to open your mouth and now…
Pra: bhai wait….(he managed with his eye expression) naina!!! you go to the class
Naina left.

Ay: now tell me.
Pra: actually bhai…Naina is an orphan.from her childhood, she was working in a household.morning time she will go to school and BT evening she will work.
Ayush was Lil shocked.
Pra: the only person ,she talk,play,fight, cry,smile ,laugh…its me.she will be very quiet in the presence of third person…she is the only reason..why I always score top marks…and one more thing she is the most naughtier girl.she will be very playful with people if she really liked them.
Ayush was totally lost in her thoughts…
Pra: okay bhai , I will leave now..its time for class.
Ay: okay…
Ayush curiosity was raised on her.

In maheshwari mansion.
Ragini was changing the curtains and pillow covers in the hall.
Ragini’s phone rings…
Rag: Han laksh.
Lak: I miss you….
Rag: ok
Lak: what ok??you didn’t miss me

Rag: laksh ,come to the point I have lots of work.
Lak: ragini.. You were totally changed. I can sense it.
Rag: laksh…so to tell this.,you called me ah???
Lak: no yaar…(like a kid)
Rag: then what???
Lak: I want to to spend time with you…
Rag: why you don’t have any work in the office…?
Lak: work will be there always…

Rag: so…
Lak: so let us go somewhere….
Rag: kids are having school…and I was to consult swara and bhabhi…
Lak: hello hello…madam !!! I was talking about we both.. You and me ..not the entire family.
Rag: laksh…how can that be possible.??? R u kidding.??
Lak: I am serious ragini…
Rag: ok we will talk about this later…c u
Lak: ragini….
Suddenly, arun: excuse me sir..
Rag: see..someone is calking you….bye
Lak: its none other than the stupid arun…come in.bye ragini..
Rag: bye(she smiled and shocked to see the both)
Yeah swara and pari was standing with full rage of anger in their eyes..
Rag: shona!!! Bhabhi!!!
Swa:this had become your routine now…

Pari: see ..your work is still pending.
Ragini made a puppy sad face ..
Swara and pari brush out laughing..
Rag: you both are teasing me !!!
Swa: Han…
Pari: you both will never change….even if you got 10kids.
Rag: bhabhi…
Swa: but bhabhi…they don’t want to change, let them be like this forever…
Pari: Han…

Ragini hugged swapari

In college
Naina was sitting in the third row. ..pradeep was sitting behind her…
Prof was started the self introduction.
Girl: excuse me mam…
Prof: yes come in…start with your introduction first ..
Girl: (slowly with nervousness) hello friends…I…I…am..m..Riya.then bla bla…
Prof: good ..go take your seat

Riya sat beside Naina.
Naina: hello..
Riya: hi…
Naina: don’t be nervous..we all are new to this place …so let us be friends..(.she forwarded her hand)
Yeah, naina really liked Riya very much.
Riya also accepted her friendship.
Pradeep was staring them…
Pra: (slowly to naina)so you got your new friend…
Naina: shut up pradeep…and (to riya) this is my pradeep,a duffer..
Riya smiled: hello..
Pra:(glares naina)hello…

The class continued…
In mm.
Phone convo.

Swa:hello sanskar
San: Han swara…
Swa: I need help.. By evening, can you buy some provision for me???. After office work..
San: swara!! You know na …I don’t like shopping groceries.
Swa: sanskar ..pls na(pleaded)
San:(melted)okay . .but what will I get in return..???
Swa: sanskar….(knowing his intension)
San: what???

Swa: okay tell me what you want..??
San: nothing much…one more boy or girl… (She smiled naughtily )
Swa: sanskar….. Pagal ho gaya thu???
San: then I won’t go…
Swa: sanskar…

San: ok then give me a kiss now…
Swa: now???
San: yes .
Swa: okay…she did..
San: thank you baby..I will get the rest in the evening. C u
Swa: c u..
She smiled .

In college canteen.
Ayush,pradeep,naina and riya was sitting….
Scene freezes.
Precap:episode 29

Thank you for reading…
Happy republic day..
Bye take care keep smiling.

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