Love makes relationships….[epi 27]

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Episode 27
After a leap of one year…
Elders were not present in the house…because of tour.
A fine morning..
Adarsh was busy checking some files…
Pari and ragini were in the dining area.swara was busy with the kids.
Sanlak and pradeep just now returned from jogging.
Swara was making raksh and sangeeth to wear shoes and tie.
Swa: rago!!! See they had came . give them tea…
Rag: Han shona.
San: swara,pass that newspaper (while sitting on the sofa with much tiredness)
Swa: raksh,give this to bade papa.
Lak: so pradeep ,today is going to be your first day in college.. How do you feel?? Any nervousness about ragging??
Pra: chachu,why should I feel for that when my brother is there???
Adr: see ..for this only I told you people not to join him in the same university where ayush is already studying.
San: arrey bhai..what is wrong in that???if there are together, let them face anything together na???

Rag: exactly (while serving tea)
Anjali and swathi entered.
Anju: bhaiya all the best..
Pra: thank you..
Swathi: take my wishes too bhaiya…
Pra: of course darl.okay let me go and get ready…
Pari: come fast pradeep..
Swa: prefect..rago!! Make this two monsters to eat…
Rag: okay…
Sanlak and adr: we will also go and get ready..

Raksh: papas!!! Come before my school bus arrive…
San: sure doll(while climbing up the stairs)
Rago: shona!! I called mishka to stay here as ma and papa was not there..but she refused it.why can’t you try once.??
Swa: sure ragini..
She smiled.
Pari: no need swara..I already made adarsh to speak. She had accepted. By today evening,they will come.
Swaragini: thank you bhabhi.
Pari smiled.
Pari: swathi!! I had separately made pasta for you.come have it.
Swathi: bade ma,why always strain yourself for me .??
Pari:its nothing like that princess…
She smiled.
Anju: yes swathi..mama always used to prepare our fav dishes for don’t say like that…
Rag: Han correct… Bhabhi always do that to all you.see she had prepared pasta for u,bread toast for pradeep,noodles for sangeeth,corn flakes for raksh and chapathi for us…
Swa: Han she is the best mom ever…even we lag somewhere…
Pari: enough girls…(strictly) have your bf.
Raksh : bade ma is always sweet…

She kissed pari.
Adr: you mean that I am not sweet??(in fake anger)
Sangeeth: no bade papa…my seewt sister doesn’t mean that she mean that your not sweet but actually you are cool hena choti???
Raksh: Han exactly…
They both hugged him.
Adr: these people very well learnt to handle me…
Swa: OK OK have your bf now..
San: somebody is feeling jealous bhaiya…

Swa: sanskar!!!!(gave him a death glare)
San: I didn’t mean you swara…(Trying to cover up)
Lak’: enough guys!! You both are worser than kids…
Pari: Han ….
Ragini and adarsh smiled while kids chuckled at them.
Swasan pouts.
Pra: I am ready…
( he was looking damn handsome)
Rag: arrey waaah…today my pradeep is so handsome…

Swa: I think you are going to be chocolate boy in the clg.
Pari: pradeep,we have the duty to search bride for you…so behave yourself..
Pra: meri mathas…no tension .
Sanlak took their wallet and gave some money to him.
Lak: hey topper!! Have this…and try to enjoy the CLG life maximum.. Because those days can’t be regained..okay???
San: exactly… Try to enjoy maximum and study minimum..
Adr: see …how lovely…???(in anger)he can definitely come up in life if he have a spoiling chachus like this…

Sanlak: bhai…
Adr: OK I didn’t say anything… But if there any complaint from CLG..I will say them that I am not his father he has two other fathers you can ask them..okay???
Sanlak: okay…
Pradeep smiled.while all others joined him.
Swa: bhaiya!! Don’t worry much about him . he will the topper even in CLG..
Pari: but thats the only thing I can’t understand?? Being a playboy how can he become topper always???
San: bhabhi its because of gene…(proudly)
Pari: there lies a big doubt for me…if you three people were dump then how does He???
Everyone chuckled
Sanlak: bhabhi!!!.

Adr: pari….
Pari: OK OK cool down have your bf..
Pradeep phone rings ..
Pra: hello bhai..
Ay: r u ready???
Pra: Han I will be there in just half an hour…
Ay: okay c u.
Pra: c u..

Ay: wait wait…
Pra: kya hua bhai???
Ay: give the phone to my girlfriend…
Pra smiled and gave it to raksh…
Ay: darling…
Rak: Han darling…
Rag: awwwh…see this girl..
Everyone smiled…
Ay: have a nice day c u…
Raksh: you too.c u.
She hangs up.
Everyone laughed seeing raksh.
Scene freezes with the family moment

Precap: two new entries….obviously????try to guess…

Thank you all for reading..
Bye take care keep smiling…

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