Love makes life live (KKB) Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Abhi rushed after receiving the phone call and after 10 minutes he reached Pragya’s college.
“Where is Pragya?”,asked Abhi in a tensed tone to Riya one of Pragya’s friend.
“Bhai..she is in canteen”,said Riya.
And they both walked towards canteen.
“What happened to her”,asked Abhi.
“She fainted and our institution doctor came and checked her and doctor told she hadn’t ate anything for past 1 or 2 days”,said Riya.
Abhi was shocked.
“And she didn’t concentrated on anything actually her designs she designed today scored poor grades she never scored such low grades and today her designs are rejected too.. Don’t know what happened to her she lost somewhere she didn’t talk with anyone”,said Riya worriedly.
Abhi was feeling very bad for her.They reached canteen Abhi was searching for Pragya.Riya pointed Pragya on a table.She was laying her head on table and closed her eyes.
“Thank you Riya”, said Abhi.

“It’s okay bhai talk to her and take care of Pragya”,said Riya and left the place.
Abhi goes near Pragya’s table and he could see her eyes were closed.Abhi slowly and softly touch her head.She immediately opened the eyes and she could see Abhi infront of her.She was surprised and shocked.
“Aap?”,asked Pragya.
Abhi took a seat besides her he could see she was so tired so exhausted she was like lifeless body.He couldn’t see her like this it’s hurting him to the death.He circled his right arm around her shoulder.
“Kya hua tum ko..Why you are like this”,asked Abhi.
“Nothing I’m Okay”,said Pragya.
“Pragya please don’t be like this it hurts me alot yaar”, said Abhi.
Pragya just looks on.
“Tell me what’s bothering you.. You always considered me as your friend na now tell me what’s bothering you I can’t see you like this”, said Abhi.
“Nothing I was just thinking about something and it’s bothering me alot”,said Pragya.
“Is that Sameera”,asked Abhi.

Pragya looks at Abhi and nods like a kid.
“I knew it..I came to say about her but u didn’t gave me the time to explain u left home by lieing”,said Abhi.
Pragya was surprised how he know that she lied.
“Don’t think too much I know u lied..After getting call from Riya today I called Tanu and asked did u had any health issues but she said u r alright and I congratulated Tanu she was puzzled and I told I congratulated her for her pregnancy and then she said she is not pregnant..Then I came to know you had lied me and left me”,Abhi said with a fake anger.

Pragya was feeling so bad as her lie came out and she felt embarrassed but she got anger.
“I lied because u didn’t mind me I didn’t bother me that’s y I left from there..And u didn’t even asked me whether I had ate or not but you run towards that Sameera and cared her when u r not able to walk properly and u said her baby as my baby u don’t have any idea how I ll feel when you are doing this..And she that lady dressing ur wound I felt I was cheated and you didn’t think anything about me I couldn’t stay there after watching all this that’s y I left”,bursted Pragya.
“Acha then it’s ur problem”,asked Abhi casually.
“U r saying it so casually..U know what I had gone through”,said Pragya and pushed his hands out of her shoulder and stood and walked away but she felt dizzy so she held table and steadied herself.Abhi rushed towards her and held her hands and made her to sit.
“See you are not even having the strength to fight”,teased Abhi.
Pragya stared him.

“Okay baba I’m sorry okay hear me I ll clear all ur misunderstandings..Sameera is my best friend Amir’s wife.. Actually me amir and Sameera are close friends from our college after finishing our college Amit and Sameera got married.Me and Amit was running export business.We ll do our business in loyal price and so we got many orders and we started to grow well.A man who is called as under world don his name is David he couldn’t take our growth because of us his business started to go down and most of his business are very illegal once he tried to exchange our export material with some illegal goods but I recognized that and I gone to David’s place and I warned him he took that as big insult and he shotted my another soul Amit he was died and I was shattered I felt like my life had gone from me and thats the moment I changed like this I wanna destroy all his illegal business and I wanna stop all his atrocities like Amit many of the families are affected by David and i was so guilty that because of me Amit died David killed Amit to see me in pain because of me Amit died at the time Sameera came to know she was pregnant she had no one than me David had tried to kill Sameera too that’s why I took responsibility of Sameera and her child and I accepted Amit baby as mine I had kept Sameera in secret place where Amit’s maa is taking care of her but now she came after hearing my gun shot news and the rest you know”,said Abhi as saying this his eyes were filled with tears as well as hers.

She wiped his tears “I’m sorry..I know sorry is not enough for what I did”,she said.
Abhi wiped his tears “Its okay no need to be sorry it’s common yaar leave it now you are clear na”,asked Abhi.
Pragya nods like a kid and wiped her tears.
Abhi smiled “Okay anyhow I have to say this to you one day and the day is today so don’t bother it too much”,said Abhi.
“Okay”,said Pragya with a wide smile.
“Though u shouldn’t left me by saying a lie”,said Abhi with a mild anger.
“Because I have no other reason to leave from there I just wanted to stay alone that’s it and I don’t wanna leave you forever and I didn’t doubt you but I was confused”, explained Pragya.
“However it’s too much you left ur sick hubby”,said Abhi.
“I told sorry na..I’m sorry…”,she said by holding her ears cutely.
“Okay I forgave you now have something see how u r so tired and pale..And u had not eaten for past 2 days how u could survive u insane girl and those two days u had eaten my brain with ur silence”,said Abhi.
She smiled “Food how couldn’t even think of having something even after fainting I was confused and restless after

Sameera came to our home”,said Pragya.
“Achaa baba okay I’m sorry I’m the reason for all this mess now please eat something”,said Abhi and ordered some food and the food placed in table.
“Kao”,said Abhi.
“Aap”,she asked.
“Pehele tum”,he said.
“We’ll share no problem”,she said.
He smiled and feed her food.She was so happy and she staring at him lovingly.
“Mrs.Mehra jaldi kao ur college is the dangerous place for me let’s leave soon”,he said.
She was lost in him and she didn’t heard what he said.
“Oye”,he snapped her fingers.

She came back to sense.
“Oye why you are ogling my jacket”,he asked.
“Jacket???”,she asked by scrunching her nose then only she noticed it was the jacket that he gave to her on that night where she fallen for him.
“This..this.. jacket this is mine how you get that”,she asked.
“From when you started to wear gens jacket”,he teased.
“But u get this from my wardrobe na”,she asked.
“But you told me this is mine”,he said with a grin.
“Me when”,she shocked.
“On that day u had told your love story to Alia and Bulbul na on that day”,he said with a naughty smile.

“Haa.on that you know that..u eavesdrop us”,she asked in fake anger.
“U guys opened the door while speaking secrets main Kya maroon”,he said.
“Ek minute ek minute..What u heard on that day”,she aksed.
“I heard what you said”,he said.
“Oh my god…tell me clearly what you heard please”,she aksed as she was very tensed to know that he knows what he feels for her.
“Arey I was coming there to apologize you for shouting on you at the time Alia and Purab was insisting to tell your love story and u was saying…..”,his flow was interrupted when she said “Bas..bas..its enough”,she said by squeezing her eyes.
“Fine okay now you got all answers for you asked and unasked questions ryt?”,he asked smiling.

Pragya was turned to crimson red as she knew what he meant ‘oh god no day ll replace this day in my life…He knows that I love him and what about him is he is loving me or not’,she thought.
Abhi understood her thinking “Pragya I had decided to live this life with you with love and happiness”,he said.
Pragya was lil bit shocked how could he even know her thoughts.
“Ab chale it’s getting late”,he asked.
She was so surprised at his behavior ‘He know she loves her…She knows he too loves her and we love each other it’s real or dream’,she thought.
Abhi got up and started to walk but Pragya was sitting in her seat “Pragya..”,he shouted.
“Haan…aarahi hoon”,she said and ran besides him.They both started to walk towards their car.

They both got into the car.Abhi started the car.
“Where we are going”,she aksed.
“To your home”,he replied.
“U are also coming”,she asked surprised.
“Haan… why”,he asked.
“You please don’t come there”,she said.
“Whatta wife you are..You are the only wife stopping her husband coming to wife’s home”,he said in disbelief.
“Main bol rahi hoona please don’t come else maa ll ask many questions”,she said worried.
“Kyun”,asked Abhi.
“Because I lied maa u gone to Delhi”,so please don’t come.
“I don’t care I wanna meet aunty ji”,said Abhi.

Pragya thinks for a while making cute faces Abhi smiles at her “U r thinking what to lie next ryt”, teased Abhi.
“Haan..”,said Pragya.
Abhi nods her head in disbelief.
“Milgaya”,shouted Pragya.Abhi jerked
“Pragya….”,Abhi said in a stern voice.
“Sorry… sorry”,said with a puppy face “Suniye..”,she called him.
“Hmmm..”,he asked.
“I will tell mom your meeting in Delhi was cancelled so you didn’t go Delhi and you came to college to pick me..How was that Pakka hey na”,she asked while smiling.
“Kitna joot bolungi tum”,asked Abhi.
“Kabhi kabhi Bolna chahiye na”,winked Pragya.
“Kabhi kabhi bolana tek tum hameshaa bolrahi hoon..that’s makes difference”said Abhi.
“Hameshaa mein joot bolrahi hoon?”,she asked with anger.
“Haa..Pehela joot tumara so called love affair..Phir Tanu’s pregnancy ka joot ab Iss Delhi ka joot”,said Abhi.
“Arey that’s very less we can lie for good things nothing is wrong in that..I ll manage maa u just say yes to my words okay”,said Pragya.
“This is the last time okay hereafter I won’t support you in all this”,said Abhi.
“Okay Kadoos”,said Pragya.
Abhi stared and Pragya smiled at his expressions.

To be continued…

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