Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 9

Hi guys. Here is the next episode. Lets go to the story.

Recap: Anurag pays the bill.

Anurag and Prerna get up to go. Anurag opens the door for Prerna. Prerna smiles.

THey both reach the outside. Prerna’s car and Anurag’s car is standing nearby.

Anurag to driver: Why are they standing here?

Prerna’s driver: Sir, Mam has to go home straight from here.

Anurag: Hmm. Prerna thanks for accepting to come with me.

Prerna: Please don’t mention it.

Anurag opens the car’s door for Prerna. Prerna smiles and gets inside it. Anurag closes the door and the car goes off.

Anurag too leaves for home as he gets a call asking him to come back.

After sometime its Prerna’s home.

Prerna gets inside the house.

Viren: Prerna how was your date?

Prerna: Bhai did u?

Jeevika: Not only him, it was by me Virenji and Manish uncle.

Prerna looks shocked.

Viren: Manish uncle was to come to meet papa. But then we planned it so that you and Anurag get to meet.

Prerna blushes.

Viren: Arey kya sharam?  Your engagement has been fixed after 15 days.

Prerna blushes harder. She tries to move away but Jeevika stops her. Jeevika and Prerna hug. Maa Papa and Viren smile.

Scene shifts to Goenka house. Anurag is informed of his engagement date by Swarna.

Anurag blushes. He moves to his room and falls on his bed and smiles. Scene freezes.

Its Kaira’s college and it is evening.

Kaira are in the canteen having a juice. Naira’s phone rings. Its Naksh.

Naira (Cheerfully): Bhai!

The phone convo goes on for few seconds. Naira drops her phone and it breaks. Kartik who was turning to opposite side turns after hearing the sound. Just then Naira drops on the floor from the chair. Kartik is shocked. He goes to her and holds her shoulders.

Kartik: Naira! What happend?

Naira sobs. She leans on his chest and weeeps.

Kartik gets relieved from the hug.

Kartik: Naira! Naira bolna?

He looks at her face .

Naira: Kartik!!!…. mummmmmmmmmaaaaaaa Papppppppppaaaaaaaaaa…….

Kartik: Muma Papa ko kya hua?

Naira tells it..{Naitik and akshara are going in the car to nandhini’s house. They are talking about something and laughing. Just then a speeding lorry emerges from the side road and hits the car. Their car is thrown aside. Naitik’s head hits on the airbag. Akshara is thrown out of the car as she is not wearing seat belt and the door opens due to the jerk.}

Kartik is shocked. He makes Naira stand up. Naira hugs him and sobs.

Kartik: Naira dont worry. Nothing worse will occur. In which hospital are they admitted.

Naira (weeping): City hospital.

Kartik: Come lets go there.

Naira: I will go. You go home.

Kartik: what you will go. I will come. Ok

They both leave for hospital. Scene freeze.

Its is Anurag’s room.

Anurag: Let me talk to Prerna!

He calls Prerna. Prerna is in her room brushing her hair. Her phone rings. She sees the display as Anurag. She blushes and takes the phone.

ANurag: Prerna!

Prerna: Hmm

Anurag: Our engagement is after 15 days.

Prerna blushes: Silence

ANURAG: Didn’t you know?

Prerna: Hmm

Anurag: What no one tol you?

Prerna: Hmmhmm

Anurag: Hmm ke alava bhi shabth hai is duniya mein.

Prerna smiles: They told me.

Anurag: Acha! Are you happy about it?

Prerna blushes harder: Hmmm..

Anurag smiles. Scene freezes.

Sorry guys for such a small episode. I am preparing for my aiims so didn’t find enough time for updating. Please adjust till Sunday.

Precap: Naitik is serious. Anurag proposes Prerna.


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  1. Jasminerahul

    shocking n sad about NaKsh’s accident.hope they both will recover soon.kartik consoling the broken naira was emotional. anupre scene was sweet

    1. Sai07

      Thank you Jasmine. Please keep supporting.

  2. Nice update dr..
    All the best fr ur xams

    1. Sai07

      Thank you dr. Thanks a lot for ur wishes. I will try my best for regular lenghthy updates from Monday please pardon for the delay.

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