Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 59


Hai exam dates have been announced so I won’t be able to post lengthy episodes .Please do bear with it. Please keep supporting and commenting. Let’s go to episode.

Everyone is getting ready to go for their hike when the room boy comes to Prerna

Room boy:  Mam.. you have a letter on your name

Prerna gets the letter..there is no from address..she opens it and is surprised  to see a Shayari written for her ..she is surprised to see I LOVE YOU PRERNA written in it..
Prerna: Yeh Anurag bhi nah..

But she is shocked to see intials of SK in it.
Prerna: SK…who is it..

Anurag: Prerna…what happened it’s getting late let’s go

Prerna keeps the letter in her bag and hurriedly joins Anurag.
The scene freezes.

Scene shifts to the mountains where the families are hiking. Viren has a baby carry bag and Sara is wrapped in it. Viren holds Jeevika’s hands and guides her through the way.
Meanwhile Naina and Akash are pulling each other’s legs on the way

Kartik is shocked to not find Naira in the surrounding.

Kartik: Nairaaa…,Naira……

He starts to search for her frantically suddenly he hears the brushing sound of leaves behind a bush

Kartik:jaan.,I know that you are here..please don’t play like this

He goes near and is shocked to see Aashi

Kartik: Aashi…

Aashi: Who is playing Kartik…you said you love me..and yesterday that Naira was in your arms..what’s all this

Kartik: were mistaken..I just said I had a crush on you during high’s just a teenage hormone issue..nothing else..I love only one girl and it’s Naira..sorry if I had given you hopes though I never intended that

Aashi is about to say anything but Kartik turns away as Naira’s voice is heard away.

Naira: Kaarrttikk….kaarrtikkk….

Kartik rushes to see Naira  coming to the walking path from the opposite side

Kartik: Naira..where were you

Naira: Arrey I saw a beautiful butterfly so I was behind it

Kartik: You scared me to death..what if you had lost the way..

Naira: Acha…sorry nah..I came back right then why are you worrying

Kartik: Next time wherever you must take me with you or atleast inform me

Naira: Okay sir.

She giggles..Kartik brushes off Aashi’s presence there as he grabs Naira by her waist and pulls her close

Naira: Kartik…

Kartik: Everyone is walking in their pace and no one is around don’t say anything

He bends down to kiss her. Aashi is still there watching them and is burning with jealousy.

Scene shifts to the spot where Mishbir are walking.

Mishti : Abir…I’m thirsty…I need water

Abir frowns at an empty water bottle.
Abir: here Huh..I heard a flowing stream nearby I’ll get you water

Saying so Abir runs towards the stream.

Mishti feels that someone is behind the tree behind her and turns but sees no one..she turns back in relief but within seconds she sees a shadow and is shocked..

Just then Abir  comes there

Mishti hugs him in a reflex

Mishti: Abir..I feel that someone is here..I….I..just saw a shadow….

Abir: will some small creature…Don’t worry

Abir pulls Mishti to her feet as they start walking.



  1. Nice episode ❤
    Waiting for next episode

    1. Sai07

      Hai Zuha!! Thank you😊❤

  2. Wow…episode was awesome.😊 waiting for next update ..😊😊😊

    1. Sai07

      Hai Sapna!! Thank you so much😊❤

  3. Great episode 💗💗💗

    1. Sai07

      Thank you Shreya 🥰😍

  4. Hey, i hv no issues with short episodes,I can understand. Even I hv my exams in the coming month .
    The episode was wonderful.
    Sk’s identity is suspicious 🤔
    Kaira’s scene was romantic❤️
    Viren holding jeevika’s hand Was caring and lovely😘😍
    Waiting for next episode eagerly.

    1. Sai07

      Hai Mahikagaur!! Thank you so much for understanding. Thank you😊❤. SK’s identity will be revealed in next episode. Happy that you liked Kaira romance and Virika scene. 🥰

  5. Such a nice episode…
    Ab yeh SK kon hai AnuPre ki life mein ek aur villain
    KaiRa scenes were very nice and special waiting for more and more interesting KaiRa scenes
    Kartik telling about him and Naira was very sweet and Ashi’s jealousy was very funny
    Thankyou for introducing Rishabh make him a psycho character with lot of obsession with Naira
    Aap next episode kab tak upload karenge

    1. Sai07

      Hai Alfiya Anver!! Yes SK is a new villian in Anupre’s life. Hope you will like his part. Happy that you liked Kaira scenes. More twists are awaiting you. Happy that you enjoyed Aashi’s jealosy. Sure I’ll make sure you enjoy Rishab’s track.

  6. Jasminerahul

    omg SK sent shayari to prerna.who is he?its good that kartik told the truth to ashi.kaira scene was romantic. but aashi is so jealous.I hope she doesn’t do any blunder.omg again somebody is after mishti.abir should take her words seriously.perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine!! SK’s identity will be revealed in next episode. Happy that you liked Kaira scene. I hope the same for Aashi. Yes you are right Abir should take her words seriously. Thank you😊❤

  7. Hey No problem dear!! Short ones are enough as long as you keep posting. All the best for your exams. If my guess is correct SK is Jeevika’s friend and the guy who proposed Prerna in school. Komolika’s role is there I guess. Loved it when Kartik told there in only one girl I love and it is Naira😍..Hope Abir saves Mishti from the guy following her. Was it the guy who followed her in college few episodes back?

    1. Sai07

      Hello!! Thank you so much dear 💕Please keep guessing till next episode where SK will be revealed. Happy that you loved Kartik’s dialogue. You will get to know it soon. 😉

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