Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 5

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Recap: Anupre like each other. Kaira become friends.

Prerna hides her face with her hands. Viren and Jeevika smile. Ma calls Shankari

Ma: SHankari Tai voh…

Shankari: Your daughter liked the guy

Ma: How did you know?

Shankari: Your voice tells me that.

Ma: Hmm. Any news from there?

Shankari: Not yet. Will come soon. I will inform you when I get to know.

MA: Teeke.

Jeevika: What happened?

Ma: They have not yet said anything.

Prerna turns sad.

Viren: Maa. May be he has not seen the photo yet. Don’t worry. Aur tum Prerna don’t get upset. All will be ok.

Prerna smiles. Scene shifts to Goenka house. Dadi Manish and Swarna come down leaving Kartik and Anurag in Anurag’s room.

Dadi: I will call Shankari now.

Swarna: Ji Maaji.

Dadi calls Shankari.

SHankari: Suhasiniji I was waiing for your call.One good news.

Dadi: WHat?

Shankari: The girl liked your potha.

Dadi: That sounds good. Anurag too liked the girl.

Shankari: Good. The girl’s family wanted to know ur reaction. Will inform them.

Dadi: Ok. THen the further proceedings?

SHankari: When do you want to meet the girl?

Dadi: Tomorrow is a very auspicious day. Why not tomorrow?

Shankari: Thats very good. Koyi subh kaam ko jaldi katham karne chahiye. At what time will you be going.

Dadi: Ek minute. I will talk to pandit ji and tell.

Dadi calls pandit in another mobile and asks for auspicious time. Then she talks to Shankari.

Dadi: Evening 6:00 pm.

Shankari: Good. I will inform them.

Dadi: Ok.

SHankari cuts the call.  SHe calls Prerna’s ma.

Ma is in kitchen with Jeevika.

Ma sees Shankari’s call and is anxious. Seeing her Jeevika takes the phone.

Jeevika: Hello Shankari tai! I am Jeevika. Pranam

Shankari: Jeethi raho. Tumhari saas kahan hai?

Jeevika: Ma is tensed so I took the phone.

SHankari: If she is tensed how will she host the samdi vaalo tomorrwo?

Jeevika turns happy: Matlab?

Shankari: Haan. They liked Prerna and wnat to see her at tomorrow eveining 6 at your house.

Jeevika: Very good. Thank you.

Shankari: Hmm. Ask your saas to call me afterwards. Now I will cut the call

Jeevika: Ji.

She cuts the call and hugs maa.

Maa: Jeevika Kya hua? Alright?

Jeevika:  Maa. They liked Prerna and want to see her tomorrow evening at 6.

Maa: Sach. I am very happy.

Prerna who comes to kitchen over hears this. She gets shy and runs to her room. She closes the door and leans on it. Her heart is beating faster. She blushes and moves to the dresser and sees Anurag’s photo. Her hear starts to beat faster than before. She looks at herself in the mirror. She blushes harder and scene freezes.

Scene shifts to Goenka house. Swarna calls Kartik. Kartik comes down dressed in a blue tee and black tracks.

Kartik: Maa did you call me?

Swarna: Yes. Tomorrow come home early.

Kartik: Maa hereafter I will be at home after college. I wont go anywhere. Promise

Swarna: Good. Ask your bhai not to have any meeting tomorrow and come home earl as we are going to meet your bhabhi.

Kartik: Maa. That means bhabhi likes bhai and hum ladki dekhne keliye jaarahi hain right?

Swarna: Yes at 6 in evening. You tell him.

KArtik: Abhi..

He runs up to Anurag’s room. Anurag is seeing his laptop and is dressed in a white tee and black tracks.

Kartik knocks the door. Anurag looks up to see kartik. Anurag: Arey kya formality? Come in.

Kartik enters smiling.

Kartik: Hmm. Ab tak ur my bhai. But in futureu will be a family ma. So I must learn na.

ANurag: Acha ji? COme sit.

Kartik: Nahi. Padne jaana hai. I came to say that we are going to bhabhi’s house tomorrow at 6 pm so come home early.

ANurag: Mmmm ok.

He shuts his laptop and gets up.

Kartik: Bhabhi ki naam sunthe his ye change. Good.

He smiles sheepishly. ANurag pushes him out.

KArtik: ARe khudi jaa raha hoon. Vaise bhi mujhe bahoth kaam hai. Bye. Good night.

Anurag closes the door. Takes Prerna’s photo and smiles.

Anurag: Aaj shaam tak mujhe shaadi karne ka idea hi nahi tha. But now after seeing ur photo it has changed. Don’t know what you will do to me in future.

Scene freezes. Scene shifts to Kaira’s college’s canteen.

Kartik is sitting in a chair and is watching the trees and smiling.

Naira comes near him. Naira: Hai. Jai?

Kartik does not respond. Naira moves her hand in front of his eyes. But Kartik is lost in his world. Naira shakes him. Kartik jitters.

Kartik: Naira? When did you come. Beto veeru.

Naira sits opposite to him. Naira: So where were you?

Kartik: I was thinking what I have missed so far. Sirf ek din acha tha mein. Mere ghar mein sab ithni kush the. Thanks to you.

Naira: Dost kehthi ho aur thanks bhi.[She stares]

Kartik holds his ears and: Acha bhabha nahi kahoongi. And you know I am very happy.

Naira: That is clear from your face.

Kartik: Do you know. My bhai is going to get married. Today we are going to see bhabhi. Hope all goes well

Naira: Congrats.

Kartik: On that account I would love to buy you something. What do you want?

Naira: Kachori

Kartik: Abhi aathi hoon.

Just then Kartik’s friends sit in nearby table. Kartik ignores them and goes to buy Kachori. He comes with two plates. Hands one to Naira and sits down.

Kartik:  Kachori meri jaan hain.

Naira: Meri bhi.

She takes the sauce bottle and makes smiley on her kachori. Kartik smiles.

Kartik: Thats cute. Mujhe bhi banaogi?

Naira: My papa taught me. Sure I wil make it.

SHe makes smiley on his Kachori and both smile. They eat it while teasing each other.

Yahan whan hai tu….. plays…

Scene shifts to Prerna’s house. its evening. Jeevika grooms Prerna. Prerna is wearing a  pink salwar kameez.

Clock ticks 6. Car enters the porch of Prerna’s house. Maa Papa and Viren welcome them. Anurag is wearing a white shirt and black pant.

All sit down. Jeevika brings juice for all.

Maa: SHe is my bahu Jeevika.

Dadi: Bahoth sundar hai.

JUst then Prerna enters with snacks and serves it.

She gives the snacks to Anurag. Anurag sees Prerna’s face. They have an eyelock.

aaaa.. bgm of Kasauti plays..

Hope u liked it.

Precap: Anupre talk. Marriage is on. Kaira have a phone convo.

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