Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 49

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Its an early morning. Mishti is getting ready in her room. She is confused on what to wear. Naira comes there And sees that Mishti has made the room into a mess

Naira: Arrey Mishti…kya hua

Mishti: Didi…I’m going to meet A ur and I don’t know what to wear

Naira laughs

Mishti: Didi if you can help me or else leave me alone..don’t laugh at me

Naira: Acha sorry sorry…let me choose something for you…

Naira calls Kartik

Mishti: Didi why are you calling BFF…

Naira: Don’t get scared Mishti he knows that you love Abir

Mishti: What?

Naira: Haan….

Kartik picks up the call

Kartik: Naira…early morning call…missing me?

Naira: This call is not for Kaira it’s for Mishbir

Kartik: What…

Naira: Kartik and  Naira make Kaira..Mishti and Abir make Mishbir

Kartik giggles

Kartik: Acha baat kya hai

Naira: Your BFF is going to propose your brother but she doesn’t know what to wear…Mr.Love guru give some advice

Naira puts the call on speaker

Kartik: Mishti…why did you ask idea to  Naira for proposal..your sister doesn’t know it and all it’s me who does all the efforts everytime

Mishti giggles while Naira makes a face

Kartik: Latha hai dono bhabhi Aur devar are alike…you boldly told us about your feel…I can’t even get a clue from Abir…I think it’s an yes for your proposal…he is not gonna propose you…

Mishti: BFF what do I wear

Kartik: Something Red or Pink will be great

Naira: Mishti why don’t you wear your red gown

Kartik: Aweosme

Mishti: Wow great thank you di thanks bff

Mishti gets excited and runs to get ready.

Naira: Kartik…why are you embarrassing me?

Kartik: Arrey Mazak tha Naira sorry

Naira: Don’t talk to me

Naira disconnects the call. The scene freezes.

Scene shifts to Kaira’s college. it’s evening and Kartik hasn’t seen Naira from morning.She didn’t even wait for him to pick her in the morning so he is searching for her.He spots Vikram and Varun

Kartik: Yaar…Vikram…did you see Naira

Vikram nods in affirmation. Suddenly Megha runs to them

Megha (panting hard): Kkk,,,aaartik,,,Naira…Naira…..

Kartik: Arrey tell me what happened to Naira

Megha: Naira fell down and got hurt…please help her

Kartik: What ? Where is she….

Megha : Near the waste room…

Kartik doesn’t for her to complete the sentence and runs towards the room. Varun,Vikram and Megha share a hifi.
Kartik reaches the waste room but doesn’t find Naira there. He shouts her name and goes inside. It’s dark and suddenly he is blindfolded.
Kartik: Kon hai

Naira: Aapki premika

Kartik: Naira …tum…

Naira: Haan…come with me

She holds his hand and takes him in..she removes his blindfold….Kartimis surprised to see the walls decorated with his and Naira’s pictures and symbols of love….

Kartik: Naira ye sab

Naira: Ye sab aapkeliye.nahi..humari liye

Kartik: But how did you do it

Naira: With some befriending and some old friends. You complained nah I didn’t do anything for you that’s why and another reason too…

Kartik: What’s that

Naira gets closer to him and whispers in his ears..I love you
Kartik pulls Naira closer and they start dancing. He lifts her and they enjoy their love. Tara who happens to pass by stops to see them and gets jealous.

Suddenly Kaira’s romance in interrupted by Prerna’s phone call

Prerna: Kartik…is  Naira with you

Naira: Haan..didi

Prerna: Both of you come to City hospital..

Kartik: Is everyone fine bhabhi

Prerna: Haan..Jeevika bhabhi has gone into labour…come soon

Kartik and Naira get excited and start from there. Tara hides from them. The scene freezes.

Scene shifts to City hospital. Jeevika is taken inside the labour room and Viren holds her hand as he accompanies her.

Viren: Jeevika…don’t be afraid I’m there with you

Jeevika is screaming in pain and she couldn’t say anything to him but her eyes are moist as they meet Viren’s eye.

Viren wipes the falling tears and : Jeevika…..women are indeed very people bear so much so that men  can boast their mardaangi.
Jeevika is shifted to the bed from stretcher. Doctors come to assist her in delivery. Viren stays inside with her.
Everyone outside are waiting impatiently for the child’s arrival.

Prerna hears Jeevika’s screams and is scared and worried for her. Anurag notices this and pulls her into a hug.

Anurag: Prerna….I know what you feel…but don’t worry Viren is there with Jeevika…as her moral support. And you know seeing himI have decided to accompany you when you give birth to our child

On hearing this Prerna blushes

Anurag: You look so beautiful when you blush but after marriage it’s very rare to see it

Prerna breaks the hug and stares at him. Anurag holds his ear and apologises to her. She smiles

The episode freezes.



  1. It was an amazing and fabulous . I loved it a lot . Especially the to be proposal of Mishti and the surprise of Naira . I Hope the next will also be awesome , But I would love it more if Abir accepts Mishti’s proposal and they spend romantic time together .

    1. Sai07

      Hai Samheeta Very happy that you loved the episode. Next episode will definitely fulfill your expectations. Please keep supporting.

  2. Congratulations in advance for the 50th episode…
    Naira’s surprise for Kartik was so special
    Mishti getting nervous about the proposal was very sweet I just hope that Abir accept her love
    AnuPre talking about their future life was soo cute
    Very much excited for the next episode
    Viren getting emotional after seeing Jeevika in pain was described beautifully
    Aap agle episode kab tak upload karenge

    1. Sai07

      Hai Alfiya Anver Thank you so much and this is possible due to support of you guys. Please keep supporting.Thank you and happy that you liked Viren’s expression of emotions . Happy that you liked Naira’s surprise for Kartik,Mishti becoming nervous and Anupre scene. Next episode will reach you tonight.

  3. Jasminerahul

    i am surprised that even kartik is giving tips to mishti regarding her proposal to abir.I wonder whether abir will accept her or not.I was shocked about naira getting hurt.but happy that it was only a prank.naira surprising kartik n the whole kaira scene is very romantic. anurag consoling prerna was nice.anurag saying that he will accompany her during her delivery n admiring her blush was romantic. nice pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine Abir’s reply will be revealed in next episode. Happy that you liked Naira’s surprise and Anupre romance. Please keep supporting.

  4. Amazing….😍😍😍😍i just loved it….😍 waiting for next update….

    1. Sai07

      Hai Sapna Thank you 🥰🥰 Very happy that you loved the episode. Next episode will reach you tonight.

  5. Interesting episode 👌👌👌

    1. Sai07

      Hai Shreya Thank you 😊 Happy that you liked the episode. Please keep supporting.

  6. This update was fabulous and the story till now was Amazing! i hv a gentle rqst , Can u pls post some Virika romance scenes also. They r my fav couple.

    1. Sai07

      Hai Mahikagaur Thank you so much. I’ll add virika romance scenes for sure. Please keep supporting.

  7. Nice episode.😍
    There should be some twist in abir’s reply instead of direct reply.
    Post some romantic pics of Mishbir along with their romantic scenes.
    Waiting for next episode.☺

  8. Sai07

    Hai Zuha Thank you so much. I’ll definitely post Mishbir pics. Next episode will reach you tonight.

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