Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 44

Hai friends I’m back with next episode. Thank you so much for your support.As per demand 2 SS will be posted soon. Please do check it out too. Lets go to episode now.

The episode starts with Naina and Akash reaching Lucknow.

Naina: Akash its my fisrt investigation after my recovery I hope I do it well

Akash sees her crossing her fingers and hugs her comfortingly

Akash: I know that you are the best forensic expert and this case will be challenging your abilities but its you who always says that challenges make us evolve as an expert,you will do it the best

Naina: When you are with me I can do everything.

Just then the local police come to pick them up. The scene freezes.


Its next day and Goenka house is shown

Kartik comes down and joins everyone for breakfast at the dining table

Kartik: Papa I am taking the car today

Manish: Waah..initially we used to beg you to go in it but you wont accept it aaj achanak

Kartik: Woh..Naira shouldn’t strain much and I can’t take her in the bike so….

Manish: Dekhlo Swarna how strong is Naira’s influence on him

Swarna: Acha hena Manish ji by two daughter in laws are taking care of their respective partners now I have to take care of only you

Dadi: Sahi kaha Swarna..Surekha jaldi Abir keliye bhi koi ladki aajeyegi then you will have only Akhil to worry about

Abir: Dadi…

Manish: Abir beta you will find your love soon

Abir: Pyar..I haven’t met anyone like that

Kartik: Kabhi kabhi our love will be right in front of our eyes but we won’t be able to figure it out…if we are lucky we will find it out before its too late

Anurag:Waah Kartik sir..all poetic lines and all

Kartik: I’m a junior Aashiq when compared to you bhai..Oh Gosh its getting late I’m leaving bye everyone

Kartik leaves in a hurry. The scene freezes.

Scene shifts to Mr.Bajaj’s office.

Mr.Bajaj: This time the Singhanias will be our target too

Mr.X: I didn’t know that Geethu has a daughter

MJr.Bajaj: Huh..You knew nothing…Aditya will be our pawn from now

Just then a message pops up. He smiles at it

Mr.Bajaj: Aaah our next mission has started

He laughs out villanously.


The scene shifts to Anupre’s bedroom

Anurag : Prerna…Prerna……

Prerna rushes in

Prerna: Whats it Anurag?

Anurag: I could not find my wallet

Prerna: Oh fo.

She hits herself on her head and takes the wallet from the side table and gives it to Anurag. Prerna is about to leave while Anurag holds her hand and brings her closer

Their eyes meet

Anurag: Prerna i’m so worried for you..please stay safe

Prerna: I have planned all the meetings through online so you don’t worry about me

Anruag: Its all my mistake

Prerna: Nothing is your mistake..don’t have any guilt.

Anurag: I would have lost my wife or my brother because of it

Prerna: You didn’t and won’t lose anything

Anurag: I’m so lucky to have you beside me

He kisses her forehead . Prerna runs away gesturing that its time for office. Scene freezes on their smiles.

Kartik and Naira are going in the car

Kartik: Naira I was scared to death when I found that you were kidnapped and …

Naira notices that he is chocking and gives him a peck on his cheek

Naira: kartik..I’m right here with you…nothing has happened to me…

Kartik: I peomise you that I won’t let anything happen to you too

Puree badaan pe tera naam chal raha hai
Dekho na pyaar pyaar pyaar likh rahaaa
Yeh woh khushi hai jo
ye dil hi jaanta haiii
Sassoon se in dhadkano tak
Palko ki jhapki tale
Yaha waha
Haiii tu
Mujhme rawa
Haiii tu
Yaha waha
Hai tu
Mujheme rawa
Haiii tu
Yaha waha

plays in the background as they enjoy the drive in each others’ commpany

Suddenly his phone rings it is Akash

Kartik: Akash bhai..

Akash: Kartik listen carefully Aditya is out on bail

Kartik: What??How’s that possible the investigation is on

Akash: It is not completely proven so he has been granted bail…the details of the lawyer who got bail will reach me by evening and I’ll try my best to cancel it till then ask Naira and Keerthi to be careful..I have already told naksh about this you please take care of Naira she has threat from both Mr.Bajaj and Adithya

Saying this he disconnects the call. Naira notices Kartik’s face turning pale

Naira: Kartik..what happened?

Kartik: Adithya is out on bail..Naira why are you a sherni always?

Naira: You don’t like it?

Kartik: I want you to be my sherni..but you get into see Mr.Bajaj and Aditya will be at your back

Naira: So what? Kartik will take care

Kartik: Mein ek bechara mendak hoon how can this mendak fight a pack of wolves?

Naira chuckles. Kartik in his mind: Krishna ji please take care of my Naira and protect her from these guys.

He holds her hande tight and continues driving. The scene frezes.

Vadhera house is shown. Jeevika is doing some work in the kitchen where she slips annd falls. Before she could fall down Viren holds her and saves her

Viren: Jeevika please be careful..

Jeevika: woh sorry virenji.. I didn’t see water there

Maa: Beta Jeevika you take rest I’ll take care of these works.

Just then Viren’s phone buzzes and he is stunned.







  1. Wow…I really loved today’s episode… I want to ask one thing r u going to upload next episode of this ff today only ?

    1. Sai07

      Hey Shreya it will uploaded either tonight or by tomorrow afternoon.

    2. Sai07

      So delighted to know that you liked this episode.

  2. 🥰🥰🥰🥰

    1. Sai07

      Hai Sapna!! Happy that you enjoyed the episode.

  3. Alfiya Anver

    Bahut accha episode tha
    I loved Kartik taking care of Naira and his fear regarding her is soo cute.
    AnuPre’s concern for each other is lovely
    I think Mr.X is Samarth chachu in yrkkh am I right??

    1. Sai07

      Hai Alfiya Anver!! Happy that you enjoyed the episode. Glad that you liked Kaira and Anupre romance. Your guess is exactly correct. Cheers.

    2. Thankyou 😍

  4. Jasminerahul

    akash naina scene was nice.since naina is a forensic expert she will be excellent in will be thrilling to see NaiKash doing investigation together.I am shocked that bajaj n the mysterious person are targeting the whole family n are using aditya Bajaj single or is there komolika opposite Bajaj? anupre scene was emotional.naira kissing kartik when he choked was romantic. nice dialogues. luckily viren saved jeevika.good.perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine!!! Excellent investigation scenes are waiting in the upcoming episodes. Komolika is not here. Happy that you liked Anupre and Kaira scenes. Thank you so much.

  5. Nice episode.
    Waiting for mishbir scenes.😘

    1. Sai07

      Hai Zuha!! Happy that you liked the episode. Mishbir scenes will be sown very soon.

  6. When will be next episode uploaded?

    1. Sai07

      Hai Hema!! Next episode has been uploaded.Please do check it out and share your views on it.

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