Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 43

Hai friends I’m back with today’s episode. 

Kartik and Naira are inside the room. They hear a knock and turn to see Akash standing there with a girl (Naina)

Akash: May we come in?

Kartik: Sure bhai is there a need to ask?

Akash: By the way she is my wifey Naina

Naira: Good to see you bhabhi I was very happy to hear that you recovered

Naina: You too will get well soon Naira..Akash has told a lot about you

Akash: Naira..if I’m not bothering you can I ask what happened from you kidnap to your escape..we are actually confused

Naira: Sure bhai…

Flash back rolls on

Naira is shopping the decorations in the market. She suddenly feels someone standing very close to her. Before she could move away the person presses a handkerchief against her face. Naira falls unconscious

Naira: I don’t know how long I was unconscious but once I opened my eyes I saw that I was in godown and many goons were there. Some guy called Mr.X was talking to someone on call. Then I realised that I have been kidnapped in place of Prerna di and they were planning to threaten Kartik with me and ask him to bring Prerna di to get me. I also got to know that he was watching everyone. Then someone came there..he didn’t seem like a goon on the contrary he was dressed like a business man. That guy told Mr.X that he has asked Kartik to bring di here and Kartik too has agreed. Then he revealed that he will capture her too along with me and send us to a far off place and use Goenka diamonds to smuggle his illegal diamonds and gold from France under their banner as his company is under police supervision.

Akash: Did he say his name or company name?

Naira: No..

Akash: How did you escape ?

Flash back: Naira hears their conversation and is shocked. The goons remove the ropes around her as they want to take her to the spot where they had called Kartik. Naira uses this and fights the goons as Mr.X and Mr.Bajaj were busy talking inside a room there. Naira runs out from the godown

Naira: I must call Kartik and warn him not to bring bhabhi to the spot… 

She sees a small shop with a pay phone. She goes there

Naira: Bhaiya (panting) Cannn I make a phone call?

She calls Kartik . As soon as she speaks a few words she sees the goons coming there so she keeps the phone and runs away. 

Akash: Naira you always prove to be a Sherni..what a narrow escape

Prerna and Anurag are standing behind Akash hearing this. Prerna cries and goes to Naira…

Prerna: Kartik was right you suffered a lot due to my carelessness 

Naira: Arrey di nahi nahi…they followed our car and as were both wore same colour dress these goons got confused and took me and …there is no fault on you..Waise did Kartik accuse you ?

Everyone stays silent.

Naira: Arrey someone do tell me what happened 

Keerthi tells her the happenings 

Naira: Kartik…you love me but that doesn’t mean you should hurt everyone like this…Kartik when elders forgive our big mistakes why shouldn’t we forgive their small carelessness and moreover Abir was right That guy was playing mind games with you all he would never had returned me even if you had brought Prerna di there…that’s why I called to warn you

Naksh: But Naira if not for 

Naira: Bhai it’s all over now..let’s not have the blame game anymore . Kartik your behaviour with Anurag jiju and Prerna di is wrong..when you were in a wrong path with Vikrant and gang even Maa lost hope of changing your behaviour but it was Jiju who cared for you…he loves you like anything…apologise to him..and too bhabhi should give more and more relationships and should not break any.

Kartik realises his mistakes and goes to Prerna

Kartik: I am very sorry bhabhi….really very sorry…

Kartik folds his hands and cries to Prerna

Prerna: Kartik…don’t cry..please..your anger is justified..bhabhi is said to be the second mom…a mom won’t be hurt by her son’s words…

Kartik: I was so wrong bhabhi..I swear that I won’t repeat it hereafter

Kartik goes to Anurag who is standing near Prerna

Kartik: Bhai…I have no right to apologise..I have told so many hurting words…if you can please forgive me

Anurag turns away.Kartik breaks down. Anurag is unable to bear it and hugs him

Anurag: kartik..mera bhai…don’t cry I won’t be able to take your tears

Naira: See Kartik..I told you right your bhai loves you a lot

Anurag: Your fear brought out those words Kartik..if Prerna was in Naira’s position I would have done the same or even worse

Abir is standing near them. They bring him too into their embrace

Prerna: Naira..I thought that the brother bond is broken forever  but you

Naira: Di.,I didn’t do anything its their love which did everything

Naksh apologizes Viren and Anurag. Everyone are very happy.

Just then the doctor comes in

Doctor: Miss.Naira’s reports are here. She is having no internal injury but has to be kept under observation for one night

Kartik:Uncle Aunty you go home…I’ll stay here

Keerthi: I’ll stay too

Akash: Uh..Naksh Keerthi you have to come with me tomorrow I’m leaving for Lucknow for investigation with Naina I need to talk to you. And Naira Mr.Bajaj very well knows that you are free I’ll leave two policemen on gaurd here tonight and Prerna please stay safe till I come back..once I’m back I’ll tackle him

Akshara: Kartik I’ll stay with you..if Naira needs to

Mishti: Taaiji I’ll stay with Bff here. You go home

Abir: Bhai Morning I’ll come and free you so that you get to fresh up

Naksh: Abir..I’ll come in the morning

Abir: Naksh jiju I have no problem in coming but if you

Naksh: Arrey nahi nahi you come…

Everyone take their leave. The scene freezes.

Naitik and Akshara are in their room

Naitik: Akshara our daughter is so lucky to have Kartik..he loves her like hell

Akshara: Sach Naitik….vaise I feared that she will be branded for breaking brothers’ bond but she made them together again

Naitik: She is your daughter Akshara how can she be a home breaker

Akshara: Naitik..I was petrified that our daughter should find love in marriage like us but now my fear is all gone Kartik and his family love her lot.

Naitik: Akshara she is our daughter…the girl born to our love how can she not be loved

They share a moment of romance and the scene freezes

Scene shifts to hospital

Kartik: Naira do you need anything?

Naira: No Kartik I’m fine you go and rest

Kartik: Mishti you go and rest I’ll be with Naira

Mishti: Bff you go I’ll be with didi

Kartik: No you go

Mishti: No you

Naira: Arrey both go

Kartik: Naira I don’t even want to blink all I want is to be near you

Mishti giggles

Kartik: Mishti when you fall in love you will realise

Mishti: I don’t want any love…okay I’ll stay there on the couch if di needs anything just call me

She leaves. Kartik carasses Naira’s head.




  1. Dear I want to suggest something
    Story can be : mr.bajaj after seeing the rift between two brothers will decide if he will create misunderstanding between them so he will be able to take he will send a man to create differences between both but prerna and naira will team up and will tell them the truth that he was a man send by mr.bajaj to create differences between both

    I have just given my suggestion

    1. Sai07

      Hai Shreya! Hope that you liked today’s episode. Such a nice suggestion given by you. I’ll consider it for sure and add itbin the best way possible. Please keep supporting

  2. Sai07

    Naira: I must call Kartik and warn him not to bring bhabhi to the spot…
    Sorry guys it’s not to bring didi to the spot. Sorry for typos.

  3. Jasminerahul

    naira is very intelligent.naira understanding their plan n trying to inform kartik not to bring prerna was nice.I loved naira making kartik realize his mistake.I can’t tell you which dialogue I liked the most.bcz each n every dialogue of naira to kartik was too good.kartik apologizing to anupre was very emotional. but I liked prerna’s dialogues the most.I hope naksh also apologizes. why mishti doesn’t want to love?NaiShara scene was nice.once in a while please show cute scenes on them.
    can you please show abir prerna friendship too?I think prerna bajaj confrontation n tashan will be cool.perfect pics.I must say that you are great at making collages. you are choosing perfect pics to make collages

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine!!! Very good to know that you liked Naira’s dialogues to Kartik and Prerna’s dialogue. Mishti doesn’t believe in love but Abir will change it for sure. Abir Prerna friendship will be seen in future episodes. Prerna and MR. Baja confrontation will be shown soon. Thank you for complimenting the collages. These words really make me put extra efforts for making them. Thank you.

  4. Lovely and amazing episode…the way karthik took care of naira was just😍😍😍😍

    1. Sai07

      Hai Sapna!! Very good 🥰🥰 to know that you loved Kartik taking care of Naira and enjoyed today’s episode

  5. Bahut accha episode tha
    Kartik caressing Naira was soo cute
    Mein ek suggestion dena chahungiAditya ka case abhi ke liye close hi par aage chalkar woh keerti aur Naira se badla lene aaye for
    sending him to jail
    Waiting for the next episode
    Aap kab upload karenge

    1. Sai07

      Hai Alfiya Anver!! Glad that you liked the episode and Kaira scene. Ur suggestion is great though the case runs Mr. Bajaj can plot wid Aditya too and his revenge track will be shown soon.

    2. Sai07

      I won’t make u wait for long. It will uploaded by tonight.

  6. mam please read this and mam if u r free so plz write this ff . I love this . If this link doesn’t work so please go to watt pad and search love is the best ointment for every wound- Mishbir. U can add that they return as very big business rivalries and Mishti is now beSt business woman and better than rajvansh’s. She want revenge becoz she delivered twins and abir and they got separated before it and one twin need a the blood but there was no blood so mishti call abir so many times but abir doesn’t pick up and the twins dies. Please write this ff becoz I know u can write very well . Plz write it mam . And if u don’t have watt pad app u can search on Google it also opens on Google as a Site please try to write it 🤗🙏plzzzz and when they met after 5 years abir saw mishti with girl who calls her mamma and he insult her that she left him and broke his heart and she is doing sane with anyone else but that girl was his daughter and he don’t know about it . And when they got separated mishti flies to London with shekhar ( husband of karishma) and karishma ( mishti’s real mom ) or any other country. But plz try ur best to write it or if any other author is also reading it please let my wish fulfill. Plz write a ff on them both plzzzz 🙏the authors who reading it , it is to them .

    1. Sai07

      Hai Queenrocks!!! I will surely read it. As I’m already writing 2 ffs and Mishbir are a part of this ff I write the story you want once I find enough time for it and under a different name of course.

    2. Sai07

      I read a chapter and it is awesome. Seems like you are writing it. Very well written. I will try my best to write it here as soon as possible.

  7. Thnxx 🤗 yeah u guessed right I had written it . I am glad that u like it

  8. Dear will u upload next episode today or not?? I want to just confirm😊

    1. Sai07

      Hey Shreya!! Next episode was written but I was not satisfied with it so doing some corrections. It will be uploaded tomorrow without fail. Sorry for the continuous delays

  9. When will you upload next episode?

    1. Sai07

      Hello Seema next episode has been uploaded. Please do check it and don’t forget to share your view on it.

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