Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 41

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Mr.Bajaj is in his room. He is sipping his glass of alcohol. His phone rings.

Mr.Bajaj: Anurag Goenka has done a great mistake. I need to teach him a lesson bring Mr.X to me tomorrow

The voice on the phone: Sure sir

The call disconnects.

Mr.Bajaj : Anurag…you are going to repent for your mistake

He laughs and its devilish. The scene freezes.

Scene shifts to Naira’s room. She is getting ready. Keerthi comes in and smiles at Naira

Keerthi: look gorgeous. I’m sure Kartik will never be able to take his eyes from you throughout the date

Naira gets shy

Keerthi: Naira I know how it feels to go for a proper date and how conscious we would be.

Just then Naira’s phone rings. Its kartik. Keerthi giggles

Keerthi: Your Rajkumar has come. Go go

Naira runs down the stairs. Kartik is there outside the door on his bike. Akshara , Naksh and Naitik laugh at a running Naira. Naira stops a second and waves to them.

Then she sits with him on his bike. Kartik and Naira leave for their date. The scene freezes.

The scene shifts to Goenka house. Prerna goes to her. She is surprised to see the room lit by candles. Suddenly music starts to play

Tere bin, tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin
Tera bina marna nahi
Jeena nahi tere bin

Jeena nahi tere bin

Anurag comes to Prerna and holds her hand. They start dancing to the song

Tere bin, tere bin..

Bawre piya laage na jiya
Dekho mera mann jalta diya
Jalta diya bujhe na piya
Bujhe na piya jalta diya

Tera bina marna nahi
Jeena nahi tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin

Bawre piya laage na jiya
Dekho mera mann jalta diya
Jalta diya bujhe na piya
Bujhe na piya jalta diya

Tera bina marna nahi
Jeena nahi tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin..

Tera bina marna nahi
Jeena nahi tere bin
Tere bin, tere bin..

Suddenly Anurag goes on his knees and gives her a box.
Prerna: Anurag…

Anurag: Open it

Prerna opens it to see a paper

She makes a puppy face.

Anurag chuckles

Anurag: Read it

Prerna reads : My dear your gift is  inside our cupboard

Prerna rushes to the cupboard and opens it. She sees a big box and opens it. There is a saree in it.

Anurag comes behind her and hugs her

Anurag: Do you like it?

Prerna: Yes a lot

Anurag: You will look gorgeous when you wear it

Prerna: Acha?

Anurag: Haan of course. Please wear it.

Prerna blushes and gets into the restroom to wear it. Anurag sits on the couch waiting for Prerna. The scene freezes.

The scene shifts to the restaurant.

Naira and Kartik are having a candle light dinner.

Kartik: Naira this dinner is for our victory

Naira: Not only for that its for our chemistry

Kartik: Haan..janeman you look gorgeous now

Naira: Meri mendak bhi kam nahi hai

Kartik: Kya baat hai sherni is getting romantic is love overflowing?

Naira: Overflowing love is always there Kartik

Naira hugs Kartik

Kartik: Naira you are the best thing ever happened to me. I am really lucky to have you in my life.

Naira: I’m lucky too to have you in my life Kartik

Kartik: Will you give me a promise?

Naira: Do you need to ask this..ask me anything

Kartik: Promise me that you not leave me I can’t live without you

Naira: I will never leave you you think I can live without you?

Kartik: No..I too know that..but every happy moment gives me a fear of losing you

Naira: Don’t fear like that Kartik…nothing will happen to us

Kartik: I won’t let anything to happen too

They hold each others’ hand and get lost into each other. The scene freezes.

Scene shifts to Akash and Naina’s house. They reach the house in the car.

Akash: Naina just wait a minute

He makes her wait outside. Opens the house and runs inside. He comes outside to her after 5 minutes.

Akash: Please come inside my queen

He lifts Naina in his hands

Naina: Akash…

Akash: Naina you are  entering this house for the first deserve a grand welcome

He takes Naina inside. She is surprised to see many photos on the wall

Naina: Whats all this?

Akash: Memories my dear wifey

Naina: Memories?

Akash: You know something these memories kept me alive for the past 2 years. That time I used to think that the day you get alright I’ll visit the same memories with you. So only I have arranged them.

Naina: Lets do it..but please let me down

Akash: Your wish is my command.

He lets her down and takes her to the first photo

Akash: Do you remember this pic?

Naina: Our first meet …your joining party and before starting the drug case

Akash: Wow so you remember

Naina: I even remember your first talk to me

Akash: Really?

Naina: Yes..Hai I’m Akash joined here as DSP [she imitates him]

Akash laughs loud. He takes her to the next pic

Akash: Tell me this now

Naina: This was a new years party..after cracking the case and I

Akash: Tied friendship band to me chashmish

Akash holds her hand tightly. He takes her to the next photo

Naina: Now you tell this

She has a smirk on her face

Akash blinks and: Yeah..lets go to next pic

Naina: No..tell now

Akash: Yeah yeah..accidentally I consumed alcohol in Kishan’s brithday party and started flirting with you

Naina: Not just flirting you proposed me that time..

Akash: What?? I proposed on your birthday on the next month right?

Naina: Thats what you remember

Flashback runs: Akash under the influence of alchol : Naaiinnnaa…yooouuu tieed friendship baannnddd bbbuuttt I’m not true to it..yoioouu areee more than that to mee. ..I llloovvee yooouuu

Naina is stunned to know that as she also feels the same

Flash back end

Akash: Criminal

Naina: What?

Akash: Knowing that I love you , you waited for me to propose..but i was delaying my proposal fearing your reaction

Akash turns away in anger Naina kisses him on his cheek

Naina: Sorry

Akash smiles and takes her to next pic

Both of them smile and say together: The day we confessed our feelings

Akash kisses her hand and takes her to next pic

Naina: Our wedding functions

Akash: Haan teri mehendi

Naina: You took so long to find my name in it

Akash: It was so complicated

They break into laughter

Naina: Lets go to next picture

Akash takes her there


Akash: Our sangeet

Naina: Our friends enjoyed more than us

Akash: True

Naina: That Shivani broke her legs by dancing

Akash: Bechari

Naina: Ha..ha…


They move to next picture

Akash: The day you became Mrs. Naina Akash

Naina: The day we were married to each other

They recollect the memories of their wedding day. The remember taking pheras and Akash filling her hairline with sindoor

Akash holds her hand as she shed happy tears. He wipes her tears and: Naina not even happy tears are allowed

He takes her to next pic

Akash: Our honeymoon

Naina: Happiest moments of us

Akash: Thats the last happy memory of us together.

He cries remembering the days when she was in coma

Naina: Akash…please don’t make me guilty

Akash wipes his tears in a reflex and holds her hand.

Akash: Arrey nahi nahi yaar..sorry I was just

Naina: I really love you

The scene freezes in their happy face

Its next day morning The scene shifts to Singhania house, a car comes to the door.

Prerna gets out from the car

Naira sees her and runs to her

Naira: Prerna di..

She hugs her

Prerna: Naira.. I have come to take you to the market

Naira: I’m ready di..Dadi’s birthday is coming we need to pack..bhabhi too would have come but case proceedings are going on

Prerna: Its ok lets go

Naira and Prerna take the leave of Akshara and get into the car

Kartik calls Naira

Kartik: Naira stay safe

Naira: Kartik I’m just going to market

Kartik: I know that..but I would have accompanied you both but this football game

Naira: Kartik you enjoy your game I’ll take care.

The scene shifts to Mr. Bajaj’s office

Mr.Bajaj: Mr.X I need her

Mr.X: Sure sir the boys are on spot you will get her. I sometime Mrs. Anurag will be in your custody




  1. Jasminerahul

    anupre dance was romantic. anurag thing her Saree was romantic. but after prerna went to change it n anurag waited for prerna to come in Saree there was no anupre scene.waiting for anurag’s reaction when he sees her in Saree.wonder who is Mr. X.loved kaira candle light dinner.kartik fearing to lose naira. I this hinting something? akash carrying naina in his arms to the house n they recalling their past love story was fab.I liked the drunk confession n the real confession very much.real confession n wedding collages were fab.NaiKash conversation was very emotional. you didn’t put their honeymoon pic.perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine!! Continuation of Anupre scene will feature as a memory sequence in the next episode. Glad that you liked Naikash scenes. Mr.X will be revealed very soon. And you are right Kartik’s fear hints something which will get revealed very soon. Please keep Supporting

  2. Beautiful,lovely update…🤩🤩

    1. Sai07

      Hai Sapna!! Very happy to know that you liked the update. Please keep supporting.

  3. Lovely Episode.. excited for next episode..😊👍

    1. Sai07

      Hai Shreya!! Very delighted to know that you liked the episode. Next Episode won’t be delayed and will reach you very soon.

  4. Just an exciting episode
    Woh last scene ke baad toh next episode ke liye bahut wait kar raha hoon
    Naikash remembering their past life was soo emotional
    KaiRa ki dinner and their promise to each other was soo cute
    Aap agle episode kab upload kar rahe hai

    1. Sai07

      Hai Alfiya Anver!! I’mj working on next episode now. It will be reaching you by evening

    2. Sai07

      Very happy to know that you liked this episode

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