Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 40

Hai friends i’m back with today’s episode. Kaira and Anupre fans [Shreya and Saya]sorry for very few romantic scenes in the previous episodes. Future updates will have more romantic scenes. Thank you Jasmine for such a cute couple name Naikash. Alfiya there will be more twists in the upcoming episodes. Lets go to the episode now

Anurag gets tensed as Prerna’s phone is switched off. Then he remembers that she has gone to the court for Aditya’s case hearing. He calls Akash

Akash: Hai Anurag

Anurag: Akash is Prerna there?

Akash: Don’t worry she is in my view only and today you are gonna sign that deal right?

Anurag: Yeah but…her phone is switched off

Akash: Don’t let him win. Prerna is all safe and its me who asked her to switch her  mobile off as I found that Mr. Bajaj is locating her through her phone. Currently she is inside the court with Keerthi and Naksh . My two colleagues are there near her. You sign the deal confidently.

Anurag: Thank you so much Akash

Akash: Arrey yaar its my duty to protect my sister

Anurag: Thats nice of you

The call cuts and Anurag signs the Jindal deal.

The scene shifts to Mr.Bajaj’s office. He gets to know that Anurag has signed the deal

Mr.Bajaj: Anurag…you have not done the right thing…you will definitely pay for this….

Saying this he calls someone on phone. The scene freezes.

The court is shown. Anurag reaches in time for the hearing and joins Prerna , Naksh and Keerthi.

Viren wins the argument and Geethanjali and Mihir’s case is reopened for investigation and Aditya is taken into custody by Akash. Everyone get happy and come out.

Viren hugs Akash

Viren: Akash ball is in your court now. I know you will find all clues to prove that what Aditya blurted in that audio is true. Hope you team up with a good forensic expert to crack 5 yr old evidences.

Akash: Haa I forgot to tell you something. I have my best forensic expert with me now

Viren: What?

Akash chuckles and hugs Viren

Viren: You mean Naina is alright now

Akash: Yeah

All get happy hearing it .

Aditya is brought out with his hands cuffed

Akash: I guess its time for me to take care of Dr.Aditya

Anurag: Doctor…you are a shame to this proffession

Akash takes Aditya with him. Naksh and Keerthi get to their car and leave.

Viren: Prerna Anurag I have some work at office. You both go home.

Viren takes their leave. Anurag holds Prerna’s hand.

Prerna: Anurag from yesterday you seem tensed…what happened?

Anurag lets talk while going.

They get into the car. Anurag tells Prerna about Mr.Bajaj and his threats.

Anurag: Prerna I still signed the deal,did I do the right thing or

Prerna holds his arm and leans on his shoulder

Prerna: Anurag…you havedone the right thing

Anurag: Don’t you feel that I put you in danger

Prerna: Danger?? If that danger is for the success of my husband I’m ready to face anything

Anurag kisses her on her forehead

Anurag: Im lucky to have such a wife

Prerna: Not luckier than me

Dil se sun piya ye dil ki daastaan
Jo lafzon mein nahi ho bayaan [x2]
Ab jaisa bhi raasta
Tootega naa vaasta
Na rahega faasla darmiyaan…
Naino ne baandhi kaisi dor re
Naino ne baandhi kaisi dor re
Ho… munsif hi mera, mera chor re
Dil pe chale na koi zor re
Haan… dil pe chale na koi zor re
O… khincha chala jaye teri ore re

Plays in the background as Anurag and Prerna enjoy their happy moments in the car ride. The scene freezes

The scene shifts to Kaira’s college.

Naira is sitting in the dressing room. Megha is forcing her to eat something but she refuses. Kartik comes there with her favourite Noodles from her favourite restaurant. He gestures Megha to leave and he clears his throat. Naira looks up at him

Kartik: Kya baat hai Sherni dar rahi hai

Naira: I’m not afraid

Kartik: Naira..your face clearly shows it

Naira: Kartik…what if we lose?

Kartik sits near her and puts his arm around her shoulder and brings her into his embrace

Kartik: Naira..winning or losing is secondary our ultimate aim to participate in this is to enjoy our passion dance and to show our chemistry to all the conspires. I will be happy if we lose too

Naira: What? We won’t lose. We will win because we are very good dancers, how dare you say you are happy with losing

Kartik laughs

Kartik: Haay My sherni is back. Now come on eat and you have to get ready with your costumes

Naira: I won’t eat

Kartik: Naira….

Naira: You feed me

Kartik: Okay [he smiles broadly]

He takes the noodles and starts feeding Naira. Naira stops him after few spoons and gets the spoon from him and feeds him.

Like this they finish the meal by feeding each other. Tara who happens to be nearby sees this and gets jealous. Vikram and Varun come in and see Kartik and Naira having some good time leave from there with a huge smile on their face.

Naira’s phone buzzes and its a message from Naksh.

She sees the message and gets excited

Naira: Heyyyy 

She kisses Kartik on his cheek in happiness. Kartik blinks in surprise

Naira: Kartik I have two sweet news for you

Kartik keeps his hand on his cheek and: They can’t be sweeter than this

Naira: Oh shut up and listen to what I say

Kartik: When did I refuse to listen to you

Naira stares at him teasingly

Naira: Aditya is into custody and the murder case is reopened and the next one is Naina bhabhi is alright now

Kartik: What?? Really?

Naira: Yes Kartik she woke up from coma

Kartik: Thats awesome Naira

They hug each other in happiness. Just then they hear that the competition will begin after 2 hours.

Kartik: Naira…just 2 hours more. We must

Naira: Get ready OMG….

They rush to get ready the scene freezes.

The scene shifts to a cafenear Mishti’s college.  Its assignment due date

Mishti and her friends are arguing about something

Neha: Mishti how can you be so careless?

Mishti stays silent

Kiran: You must rectify the mistake made by you..we can’t suffer for your mistake. Submission is at 5 pm. Its 3 now. Get it ready and come. Or else accept your mistake to the HOD and get our marks

Mishti cries and her friends leave. Abir who has come to the same cafe with his friends notices a gloomy Mishti and comes to her

Abir: Mishti..

He keeps his hand on her head. She looks up.

Abir: What happened? Why are you crying ?

Mishti wipes her tears and: Nothing Abir

Abir: Mishti.. don’t try to hide your tears from me. If you share your problem you will feel light and if possible I can help you out

Mishti shares her problem

Abir pats her hand comfortingly

Abir: Don’t cry. Everyone commits a mistake but the important thing we must realise what the mistake is. Now you have realised your mistake. Thats great. I’ll help you out now. I don’t know your subject but I’ll do all random errands to help you.

Abir and Mishti work on her assignment and the scene freezes.

Kaira’s college is shown. The stage is lit. Kartik and Naira are called to perform on stage.

Zameen-o-aasmaan ne kya baat ki hai
Giraake parda koi baat ki hai
Jhuka ke aankh se
Din mein raat ki hai aa.

Saajan aayo re
Saawan layo re
Saajan aayo re
Saawan layo re
Main poori bheegi re
Mann behkaayo re

Na-dhir-da-na dhoom ta-na-na

Saajan. saajan.

Saajan aayo re
Saawan layo re
Main poori bheegi re
Mann behkayo re

Rimjhim rimjhim badra re
Tere nain kyun kajra re

Rimjhim rimjhim.
Rimjhim rimjhim rimjhim badra re

Sajan aayo re sawan layo re
Sajan aayo re sawan layo re

Na-dhir-da-na dhoom ta-na-na 

Sajan. sajan.

Saajan aayo re
Saawan layo re
Main poori bheegi re
Mann behkayo re

Rimjhim rimjhim badra re
Tere nain kyun kajra re

Rimjhim rimjhim
Rimjhim rimjhim rimjhim badra re

Sajan aayo re
Sawan layo re
Main poori bheegi re
Mann behkayo re.

Na-dhir-da-na dhoom ta-na-na

Saajan. saajan.

Saajan aayo re
Sawan laayo re


Kaira’s chemistry sizzles on stage. They are surrounded by a huge round of applause.  Naira gets happy and holds Kartik’s hand tightly in excitement.

Kartik [in a whisper]: I told you na..we are gonna rock

Naira: I love you Kartik

Kartik: I love you too

The screen closes.

After all perfomances Kaira win the competition. They hug each other in happiness and the scene freezes.

Scene shifts to the hospital. Akash is sitting with Naina

Naina: Akash when are we going home?

Akash: Doctor will tell us when he comes to check you

Just then the doctor arrives. He checks Naina.

Doctor: Mr.Akash your wife is alright. Her reports are satisfactory too. She will need a physiotherapy but that can be done at home too as she is able to walk around

Akash: That means I can take her home with me

Doctor: Yes

Akash jumps in joy. Seeing him everyone laugh.

Doctor: Just complete the discharge formalities

Akash: Sure doctor i love you

Doctor: Huh?

Akash: Thank you for giving my life back to me..thats what I meant

Doctor smiles and leaves. Akash goes to Naina and hugs her. She smiles.

The scene freezes.


Jeevika delivers a baby girl but after hours of birth the baby goes missing. Jeevika frantically searches for her baby but she could not find the baby.

Suddenly she wakes up from sleep. She sweats profusely and she touches her abdomen. Viren wakes up sensing her movement and switches the lights on.

Viren: Jeevika..What happened?

Jeevika hugs him in fear.

Jeevika: Virenji…

He gives her water and wipes her seat from her face.

Jeevika tells him about her dream

Viren: Jeevika don’t worry its just a dream. I think you are overthinking regarding our baby’s arrival. Nothing wrong will happen. Sleep now.

He makes her lie down and carcasses her head comfortingly. The scene freezes



  1. Lovely Episode 😍🥰👍❣️
    Dear I would like to give you a suggestion for upcoming episode 🙂 if you like it then add it else it’s all ok..
    Prerna and naira gone to market. Mr.Bajaj thought to kidnap her there he send some goons to kidnap her by mistake the goons kidnap naira and prerna doesn’t know this
    If u like this twist then u can add..
    Thank You

    1. Sai07

      Hai Manvi! Glad to meet you here. Happy to know you liked this episode. Such a good suggestion. I’ll surely add it in upcoming episode. Please keep supporting.

    2. Thank You So Much 💖💖

  2. Lovely episode…..waiting for romantic scenes of kaira….😘🥰🥰🥰

    1. Sai07

      Thank you so much Sapna🤗🤗

  3. Such a nice episode
    Kartik consoling Naira was the best scene aajkal KaiRa ke scenes bahut accha hai
    AnuPre ki ek doosre ke liye pyaar aur loyalty is really nice
    Akash aur Naina ki story line bhi bahut accha hai
    Thankyou for keeping my suggestion

    1. Sai07

      Hai Alfiya Anver! Glad that you liked Kaira scenes and Anupre bonding. Happy to know that you like Akash and Naina’s story. It’s my pleasure to keep your suggestion. 😍

  4. Jasminerahul

    since anurag signed the deal what will be bajaj’s next step?good that anurag told prerna about bajaj. prerna saying that for his success she is willing to be on danger. .all the dialogues n kiss were romantic. liked kartik telling naira that winning is not important but participating with passion is more important.kaira dance was beautiful.happy that naina is allowed to get discharged. nice scene.jeevika’s dream was shocking.will this dream come true? nice pics.If possible plz show akash naina love story. .their first meeting they fell in love …proposal n wedding in flash back.your collages are excellent especially for NaiKash scenes

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine!! Mr. Bajaj is going to get his revenge and it will be shown with twists and turns in the future episodes. Glad that you enjoyed Anupre dialogues and kiss. Happy to know that you liked Kartik consoling Naira. Jeevika just had a nightmare it won’t get true. Naikash love story will be shown in the next episode. Delighted that you liked the collages 😍

  5. When will you upload next episode?

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      Next episode will reach you before 6 pm today

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