Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 4

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Anurag sees a glimpse of Prerna’s photo. He movies closer to dadi. Just then his phone rings. He sees display. Its Kartik. He picks it up.

Anurag: Kartik kya hua? Why were u angry yesterday? Why did you go early in thye morning?Are u okay?….

Kartik: Bhai.. BHai… Relax.

Anurag becomes angry: Relax? How could u say like that? U Do u know how much we were worried for u.

Kartik: Bhai. Sorry. Its all my fault. My choice of friends is wrong. Hereafter I will be ur ideal bhai.

Anurag: But what happened.

Kartik: Nothing much. Some self realisation. Teeke bhai class mein jaana hein.

Anurag: Good to know that how have changed. bUt suddenly.

Kartik: Somethings happen suddenly..

ANurag: Ok I am happy.

Kartik: Haan bhai. Will meet in the evening.

He cuts the call. Goes to class.

Anurag goes to Swarna and hugs her from behind. Swarna is surprised to see him. She caresses his cheek

Swarna: Anurag?

Anurag: Maa Kartik is alright. I know you were angry with him for yesterday.

Swarna: Mmm. His behaviour for the past one year is not good.

Anurag: I told u na maa he is my bhai. So he would not go wrong.

Swarna: Haa. Just I was afraid whether more laad will spoil him. Thank god. He is ok. Yesterday I was scared than angry.

Anurag leaves her and touches her feet. Anurag: Maa bless me today is a very important meeting. Have to go.

Swarna: But.. Mm ok My blessings are always with u.

He is about to go to dadi. But Anurag gets a call from office asking him to come fast. So he does not see Prerna’s photo completely.

Anurag leaves for office. Meaniwhile Shankari tells Dadi about Prerna and her family.Dadi is happy.

Swarna comes to dadi . Swarna: Maaji..

Dadi: Haan swarna yeh hai ladki ki photo.

Swarna gets it .

swarna: Maaji yeh bahoth sundar hai. Just perfect for my Anurag

Dadi: I too like her. Khandan bhi acha hai. Hope Anurag likes her.

Swarna: Haa vahi tod.

Shankari: why wont he

Dadi: For that he shld see the photo na. He wont

Swarna: HMM. But one person can make him see the photo.

Dadi: KOn?

Swarna: Kartik

Dadi: But he

Swarna: Maaji I just was about to tell u. Kartik is normal now. Anurag told me he has become our old vaala Kittu.

Dadi: Hmm. See Anurag was right. He showered him with love though he was in bad company. Today he has become our old Kartik.

SWarna Haan Maaji. Evening I will give Kartik the photo and the responsibility to make Anurag see it.

Dadi nods. Scene shifts to Prerna’s house. All see Anurag’s photo.
Viren: Very handome. Perfect for Prerna.

Maa: But she is not interested in marriage. What to do.

Jeevika: Maa. Aise nahi. She is very shy. Thats why whenever we talk about marriage she acts like that.

viren: Right. What do we do now.

jeevika: If we give the photo in her hand she will refuse. We shall keep it on her dresser and inform her outside. If she is alone she will see it.

Maa: Aur manaa bhi nahi karegi.

Viren: Whoa my biwi is very clever.

Jeevika blushes. Maa smiles.

Scene shifts to Kaira’s college. Its interval.

Kartik’s friends come to him.

Kartik: Go away. I dont wanna talk to you brutes. He turns and sees Naira standing with her friends behind him. Kartik tries to move away

Naira: Please rukiye.

She goes to him. Naira: Sorry!

Kartik: Why are u saying sorry. I must say.

Naira: I separated u from ur frnds.

Kartik: For that I must say thanks. Really till now how bad was I. Even my family tried to change me. But u changed me thanks. I really understood who they are. Ab mujhe koi dost nahi.  I am alone but happy.

Naira: Dont say so. I will be ur friend

Naira smiles and takes her hand forward. Kartik brings it forward but takes it to brush his hair. Naira turns red. Kartik laughs. He give his hand. Naira pushes it.

KArtik: Oh Sorry. Just fun. Friends… He brings his hand forward.

Naira smiles. and shakes hands with him : Lets be friends. Jai veeru vaala

Kartik: Kya?

Naira: Haan sholay vaala

Karik: Hmm thats right.. OK Veeru

Naira: Haan Jai.

Both smile. Time passes.It becomes evening. Kartik goes home early.Hugs Dadi and swarna.

Kartik: Sorry maa. Sorry dadi. I have hurt you. YOu may punish me

Swarna: So see this photo of ur  bhabhi

Kartik gets the photo. He smiles.: Beautiful . What did bhai say maa.

Dadi: Abhi tak he has not seen

Swarna?: You must make him see

Kartik: Sure maa. Itni sundar bhabhi ko kon manaa karega.

Swarna smiles.: It ur duty.

Kartik bows down: Sure maaji.

SWarna hugs him.:Good to see u like this.

Kartik thanks Naira in his mind. Just then car horn is heard. Kartik: Shh. Secret. Ab sab chup. He hides his hand with the photo at his back

Anurag enters with Mainsh. Manish who has already seen Prerna’s photo smiles.

Kartik winks at him: Bhai papa… Sorry for yesterday.

Anurag: Its ok. But what are u hiding.

Kartik: Nothing. Its a surprise.

He holds Anurag’s hand and takes him up.

Anurag: But what is it.

Kartik: Aao na.

He takes him to Anurag’s room.

Anurag: Kartik tell me.

Kartik gives him Prerna’s photo with the blank side towards Anurag

Kartik: Bhai yeh bhabhi ki photo hai. Please see it.

Anurag turns the photo and sees Prerna in a pink shifan saree. He is mesmerized

Kartik: Do u like her.

Anurag in a mesmerized tone: Haan

Kartik shouts:Heyyyyyyyyyy. Wooooooooooow!

Anurag  jerks: Voh.

Kartik hugs him.

KArtik: Thank you bhai. I knew that you cant resist liking her.

Anurag turns red. Kartik rushes down stairs shouting: Mubarak ho. Woow. Maa.. Dadi… Papa….. Bhai has liked bhabhi. Wohhoo.

All are happy and go to Anurag’s room. Anurag is seeing the photo.

Swarna: MMmm. Do you like her.

Kartik: Maa. Kya aap bi. Will he be seeing the photo for such a long without liking?

Manish: Haan. THats right. Now lets hear from you Anurag.

Anurag: Yes papa. I like her.

Dadi: Till now someone was refusing to get married….

ANurag: Par dadi.. He turns more red.

MAnish: Maa is pulling ur leg. The girl is beautiful… So he could not say no.

Swarna: Thats right. Manishji lets make the further talks.

All agree. Scene shifts to Prerna’s house.Prerna come from office.

Jeevika: Prerna there is surprise for u on the dresser.

Prerna: Kya hai.

Viren: See it yourself.

Prerna goes to her washroom gets changed. She is wearing a yellow tee and night pants. She goes to the mirrow. Brushes her hair. Bends to see Anurag’s photo upside down.

She turns it and sees Anurag. She see a letter under it. She takes and reads it.

Letter: Prerna yeh hai Anurag. A rishta has come for you from their family for him. Hope u like him. Tumahri parivaar .

Prerna blushes and sees the photo again. She gets shy and blushes harder. JUst then Jeevika nd Viren see through the window. They are happy to see Prerna blushing.

They go to knock the door but it is not locked. So they go inside.

Prerna notices them coming and puts the photo down.

Jeevika: So..

Prerna: So?

Viren: Pasand aaya?

Prerna blushes and turns. Jevika goes near her and turns her towards her. Prerna hugs her. Viren smile.

Viren: This means yes right?

Jeevika: Haan Virenji. She lifts Prerna’s head. Prerna’s face is red due to blush.

Viren is very happy. He goes down to infrom mama and papa. They are happy to her.

Jeevika: Prerna can we make the future talks.

Prerna: Haan. She hides her face with her hands.

Hope u liked it.

Precap: Anupre meet. Kaira bond.




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