Love Makes Life Beautiful Episode 19

Hello everyone here is the 19th episode of Love Makes Life Beautiful.

Naira , Keerthi and Prerna share some good moments. Anurag looks at a lost Kartik and shakes him. Kartik is back to senses

Kartik: Bhai..

Anurag: Where were you lost

Kartik smiles sheepishly and: Nowhere bhai

Just then Naksh comes to Congratulate Anurag.

Naksh: Congratulations

Anurag: Thank you Jijaji

Kartik: Jijaji now you can’t escape from me

Naksh smiles.

Naksh: I’m happy that at last Keerthi’s longing came to an end. Thank you for inviting us Kartik and Anurag

Kartik: Arrey family  mein kya formality

Naksh: You are awesome.

Naksh hugs Kartik.

Anurag: Hmmhmm Jijaji Aagay toh bhai paraya hogaya

Kartik and Naksh break the hug. Kartik laughs out loud.

Kartik: Bhai…bhai…so cute when ur jealous.

Kartik goes to Prerna, holds her hands and brings her to Anurag.

Kartik: Abhi bhabhi aagay toh Aapko mein nahi chahiye na,Isiliye Jiju ek saath team bana raha hoon.

Prerna: Arrey what is this Kartik?,just now you welcomed me to ur gang and now you are saying like this

Kartik: voh…

Anurag: Chup bilkul chup. I know what you are gonna say.

Anurag hugs Kartik

Anurag: Kartik whoever enters my life has their place in my heart and life,that doesn’t mean you lost your place in my life. I know that it is the same for me in your life.

Dadi and Prerna’s parents come there.

Dadi: If the bhai bhai emotional scene is over can we take Anurag with us for few rituals

Kartik: Kya Dadi humari emotions ko scene Bulaliya Aapne (He keeps his hand on his chest and pretends to be sad)

Dadi: Kittu bas, drama band kar. Muhurat Nikhla jaa raha hai.

Dadi takes Anurag with her and Prerna’s parents and Jeevika take Prerna with them for few rituals.

Kartik goes to Naira and: Naira your dress is awesome.

Naira looks surprised at Kartik.

Naira: What…?

Kartik: What.?.I’m just complementing. Accept kar

Naira: Awww…thank you Kartik…. but till today you haven’t complemented me

Kartik: Woh..woh till today tum ladki kam Aur dost Zyada lagti thi

Naira: Aaj achanak kya Hua?

Kartik: I think this lehenga , jewellery, loose hair make you ………

Swarna: Kartik….beta come here

Kartik : Naira I’ll be back in a moment

Swarna: Kittu….

Kartik: Baap re Kittu ….Maaa I’m coming

Kartik runs to Swarna. Naira laughs. The scene freezes.

Anurag and Prerna are left alone  after the rituals as both the families are busy in hosting the guests.

Prerna takes him to her balcony with the help of Jeevika

Anurag: This balcony was the start of everything right

Prerna: Hmmmm

Anurag: I guess this place will have many more significance in our lives. We should come here during every special moment voluntarily even if it doesn’t happen coincidentally.

Prerna: Hmmm

Anurag: Prerna….what happened why are you silent?

Prerna smiles and: Nothing I’m just admiring our thought similarity

Anurag: I….I didn’t get you

Prerna: When I brought you here I was thinking of the same thing. I thought I’ll quiz you and bring out these words but….but…you told it yourself

Anurag: That’s good….na?

Prerna: Han

Anurag moves towards her and holds her hands.

Anurag: Prerna look into my eyes. You will see only you.

Prerna: Of course you are looking at me I’ll be seen in your eyes..basic science

Anurag : Arrey…I’m saying something romantic and you are joking

Prerna: Yeh romance tha? hey bhagwan phyasaliye mujhe abhi

Anurag leaves her hands and: Matlab…matlab kya hai Teri

His face turns red. Prerna laughs.

Prerna: Arrey I was pulling your legs

Anurag: Acha…once engagement got over that timid and shy Prerna is lost. Pehle tum blush Karti thi even if our eyes met or I told your name,now suddenly such a change.Wow

Prerna gets closer to him. She holds his hands and: Till your ring was put in my ring finger only my heart belonged to you but now I belong to you

Anurag: What is the difference

Prerna: Now my soul too belongs to you. Now care and possession have overtook the shyness. I am free to express myself to you

Anurag: you mean you didnt express yourself till now, evrything was a lie?

Prerna: Aisa nahi…till now you ….. you were someone new in my life….but..but now your a part of my life. Our relationship has got a name, my love for you has got a valediction…aap ko…samaj mein aa Rahi Hena

Anurag smiles at her…..Anurag: Your eyes convey things better than your words yet I wanted to hear them

Prerna: Acha so you knew what I felt yet you acted like you didn’t know

She pushes him and turns to leave. Anurag balances himself and holds her hand to stop her.

Anurag sings:

Kaise Bataaye Kyun Tujhko Chaahe

Yaara Bata Na Paaye

Baatein Dilon Ki Dekho Jo Baaki

Aankhein Tujhe Samjhaaye

Tu Jaane Na Aaa

Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na Aaa

Tu Jaane Na

Prerna turns towards him and keeps her finger on his lips and: Shush… dheere se..someone might hear it.

Anurag removes the finger from his lips and holds her hand tightly

Anurag: Toh tu Jaane na yaar.

Prerna blushes. Anurag pulls her towards him. Their eyes meet,their heartbeats get after.

Milake Bhi Hum Na Mile

Tumse Na Jaane Kyun

Milon Ke Hai Faasle

Tumse Na Jaane Kyun

Anjaane Hai Silsile

Tumse Na Jaane Kyun

Sapne Hai Palakon Tale

Tumse Na Jaane Kyun

Kaise Bataaye Kyun Tujhko Chaahe

Yaara Bata Na Paaye

Baatein Dilon Ki Dekho Jo Baaki

Aankhein Tujhe Samjhaaye

Tu Jaane Na Aaa

Tu Jaane Na

Tu Jaane Na Aaa

Tu Jaane Na

Plays in the background……

Jeevika : Prerna….Prerna…..

Prerna and Anurag get away. Just then Jeevika comes there.

Jeevika: Prerna…Anurag Ji it’s been long since you both came here, and Anurag Ji your family is about to leave so you both have to come down..sorry

Anurag: Bhabhi no problem We will come. And you please don’t call me Ji.Anurag is good

Jeevika: Okay Anurag

Anurag goes down first followed by Prerna and Jeevika.

Dadi: Arrey Chinnu where were you

Anurag: Woh…Dadi

Kartik: Dadi washroom..bhai washroom mein the

Dadi:Acha…good..I think we shall leave now…

Anurag whispers in Kartik’s ears: Thanks bhai,bachaliya by the way how did you know?

Jeevika and Kartik share a hifi

Jeevika:I told

Kartik:What are you thinking about our squad. Our prime duty is to help you and bhabhi.

He salute Anurag. Anurag quickly removes Kartik’s hand and hugs him

Dadi is about to ask something but..

Prerna comes and gets blessings of Dadi

Kartik: Thank god bhabhi saved us from Dadi’s questions

Anurag and Jeevika smile.

Prerna then gets blessings of Manish and Swarna

Swarna: 3 months more for you to come to our house but i feel like taking you along with us

Kartik : Maa you are right. not only you our entire family too feels the same

All laugh , Anurag feels awkward so….

Dadi: Akshara Ji please come home

Keerthi: Nani Ji… Papa is at home, he has his physiotherapy some other day we will come

Dadi: Arrey I forgot about samdhi Ji’s accident. We will visit him and properly invite you home.

Akshara , Keerthi , Naksh and Naira leave.

Anurag, Kartik,Dadi, Swarna and Manish take their leave. The scene freezes.

It’s night and Kartik is in his bed tossing and turning unable to sleep. Whenever he closes his eyes he sees Naira.

Kartik gets up and sits with his blanket covering his head like a saree pallu.

Kartik : Arrey Kartik what is going on Why are you imagining Naira in your dreams, is this ……this love….no ….no….it can’t be so. She is my friend I can’t….why not the great mahans have told that Pyar Dosti hai…..Arrey this is life not a Bollywood movie. But why not…why can’t I love her…..why not……love isn’t wrong….what if she doesn’t love me and considers me as a friend…Arrey Buddhu…pyar is not Vyapar… say that if I love you , you must love me back….matlab…I can love her even though she doesnt reciprocate …arrey…..I’m……I’m ….in love….woohooo……I’m….in love…. I LOVE NAIRA…

The scene freezes


  1. Jasminerahul

    loved anurag telling that whoever comes in his life kartik’s position in his life will not change. kartik giving compliment to naira was sweet.kartik realizing his love was nice.anupre dialogues were very romantic. loved it

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    Thank you so much pa

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    Thank you so much Jasmine. The next episode has been updated. Please share your thoughts and thank you for your constant support

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