Love makes a change CHAPTER 51

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One day:

Suj: Ram I thought to arrange a puja as after so many years we got our happiness back.

Ram: Ha sujata we’ll call the panditji.

After consulting, panditji asked them to have the puja 2 days later as there is a good muhurth.

2 days later…….


Kids have already got ready so they went down. Swara got ready is a beautiful pink saree and her hairs are still wet. Sanskar came out while buttoning his kutra. Swara was taking secret glance of him making sure that he hasn’t seen her when she sees him. She was smiling secretly seeing him struggling with buttoning his kurta all with a pissed off face. She couldn’t control anymore so she went near him but she hid her smile and went with a blank face. She went close to him and forwarded her hand where he was not able to button and he was struggling. Sensing her close to him he looked up while swara was looking at his button and his hands left apart seeing her close to him after so many days. He was continuously staring at her while she hiding her blush and was buttoning his. After buttoning she again turned to get ready while she blushed remember his constant gaze on her. While he smiled as he felt that she is melting for her again. Soon both got ready and went down. All sat down and the puja started. Ritu was on swara’s lap, dev with laksh and Disha with ram.

SAN: Ritu.

Ritu: ha Chachu

SAN: It’s boring na come let’s play.

SWA: Ritu u should pray now not play.

Ritu: Chachi but it’s boring.

SAN: Ya ya come let’s have some fun. It’s too boring.

Ritu: Han Chachu, Chachi u too join us.

SWA: Ritu baby it’s wrong u play with yr chachu after that.

Ritu: Go Chachi (pouts) I’m going to Chachu.

Ritu got up and sat on sanskar’s lap. Sanskar took out his phone and both started to play angry birds?. Swara signed thinking both will never change. After the puja all sat had their breakfast and all sat down on the couches.

Dev: Dadu Dadi can we go out?

Ram: Sure dev.

He took dev in his laps. Seeing this 2 other fumed.  It’s none other than Disha and Ritu. Both went near ram.

Diri: Then us?????

Both said in the same time while pouting making others smile.

Suj: Arrey all 3 forgot yr Dadi na? Go I’m not going to speak to anyone of u.

Dev: Dadi who u say like this.

He jumped from ram to sujata and hugged her. Sujata smiled and hugged him back and signed diri to go to their dada. Both went and ram took both of them. All started to giggle. Dev looked at everyone like y they r giggling. Then only he understood that it was diri’s plan(Disha and Ritu) . He looked at them.

Dev: u both did unfair. (Pouts).

Disha: No no only u used to sit na now we both are also sitting.

Both shows their tounge out. Dev too does and all end up in laughing. After sometime all went to their rooms and asusal kiddos  running and playing in the mansion. Swara came to the out from the washroom and was about to go down but the carpet slipped her and she closed her eyes tightly as she was going to fall but in a nick of time sanskar caught her. Swara slowly opened her eyes as she didn’t feel any pain. Both shared an lovely eyelock and soon they broke. Sanskar made her stand properly while she was looking all down. Both were about to leave in neither directions but they couldn’t and both got unbalanced and fell down on each other and rolled a bit. Now swara was up and sanskar was at down. Swara tried to get up but she couldn’t. Then only both looked down and saw her mangalsutra and his chain was hitched together. Swara was trying to take it but couldn’t. Sanskar seeing all her efforts he smiled and he bend a bit to help her. Sanskar also tried but he too couldn’t.

SAN: Swara first wait let’s get up together and then we’ll look up with this.

Swara nodded. Sanskar placed his hands on both her waist while she placed hers on his chest. Soon both got up and now both were standing. Swara immediately felt suffocated due to his hight her mangalsutra was lifted a bit higher making to suffocate. Seeing this sanskar immediately bent a little down.
Swara was a bit reveled.

SAN: Swara one minute.

He said and removed his chain and gave to swara.

SAN: I know u can’t remove the mangalsutra so u give the chain later.

Saying this he smiled and swara nodded. Sanskar went out and swara started to blush. She looked at the chain and it was the chain which she made him wear when he proposed. She smiled at it and sat on the bed and started taking out it. After a lot of struggle she took it out. She took the chain in her hand and kissed it.


Swara and ragini came to the drawing room and saw sanskar, dev, disha and Ritu playing and drawing paintings. There hands were full of paint.

Rag: Kiddos what u all have done? K come now ill make u wash ur hands come.

Ritu: Ma but we want to paint.

SAN: Let it be ragini I’ll take care of them.

Dev: Ha ha correct papa.

Rag: U all continue it after having ur snacks.

Kids went with ragini and swara came a bit near him and forwarded his chain while looking down. Sanskar got up and went near here.

SAN: Do u expect me to wear this chain with this hands?

Swara saw his hands which was full of paint. She nodded no.

SAN: Then??? (Something popped in his head) then y not u make me wear it?

SWA: U wear it later.

SAN: I want to wear it now.

Swara came closer to him while all looking down, sanskar was shocked as he thought she will not do this yet he smiled seeing her coming closer to him. Swara came more closer to him and tip toed a bit to reach his height. Swara placed the chain on his neck and started to hook it up while sanskar was all admiring his wife. Swara was all controlling her blush as she was feeling his constant gaze. Finally she hooked it up and started moving out.

SAN: Thank you.

He said making her to stop. She turned towards him not fully but a bit.

SWA: It was u who told no thanks and sorry in friendship but we r husband and wife, do u want me to accept yr thank you???

She turned towards her side and left with a smile. Swara’s were registering now only for him.

SAN: That means swara….. Swara has started to forgive me…. Yes that’s great. Yes.

He said and jumped in happiness and all this was seen by swara who was hiding and seeing his expression. She smiled and was about to leave but she gulped seeing ragini standing folding her hands near her chest with a questionable look. Swara smiled sheeplessly. Ragini pulled swara and went to Raglak’s room.

Rag: What was that swara?

SWA: What???

Rag: U can’t sell ur innocent acting here. So tell have u started forgiving sanskar???

SWA: Ha….I was not angry on him but upset so……

Rag: U have planned to hook up again???

SWA: Ha…not that soon he left me in pain na so a little more punishment for him.

Rag: Till when???

SWA: Next week.

Rag: Y u r waiting till that swara u can say it today itself na?

SWA: Idiot ragu next week is yr wedding anniversary na?

Rag: ha I forgot.

SWA: and the day I met him for the first time. (Dreamily)

Rag: Swara stop ur dreams otherwise u’ll miss the day itself. (Teasingly)

SWA: Ragooo (blushes).

Rag: Oh my God swara itna blush leave some for him too (teasingly)

SWA: U r dead ragu (blushes more harder).

Rag: Swara nooooo (stood up).

SWA: Not no yes (started chasing her).

Swara started chasing ragini while Rago is running to save herself from her sister. Laksh came and all happy seeing his wife and bestie all happy like before.

Lak: Hello I’m too there.

He said making swaragini to stop. Both looked at him and then themselves.

Rag: Laksh come sit.

Laksh too sat without knowing the coming consiquence. Both smirked at each other and started hitting him with pillows. The room was filled with laughter. Sanskar saw them playing happily and smiled whole heatedly after many years. After sometime swara went to her room and started to talk to someone which is muted.

SWA: Oh com’mon u have to do it……….no ways I wanted that color only……k then I will call u…….. make sure u conform it.

Sanskar came in and started searching for something. Swara saw him as he looked very serious.

SWA: Sanskar what r u searching?

SAN: Ha.. swara I’m searching for my contract file. It’s blue in color have u seen it?

SWA: Ha I think I saw wait.

She said and came near him and started searching with him and finally swara found out.

SWA: Sanskar ur file.

She said forwarding towards him. He immediately took it from her hands.

SAN: Uff u got it.

He turned to leave but again he came and
gave a tight peak on her cheeks and left. Swara was all shocked due to his sudden kiss again she blushed.

SWA: One day I’m going to become blushing queen because of him.

Swara shook her head and left.


Sanskar went to his office and attended his meeting soon he the deal got finalized. He was all happy and he came to his cabin and sat on his seat.

SAN: Uff finally I got the deal if swara couldn’t have got my file then……then….(he realized something) Wait wait was swara talking normally with me and I kissed her god…… Just now she is recovering and what have I done. Only god knows what will happen.

Saying this he left to his mansion all praying. After having their dinner all went to their room. Sanskar went inside their room and saw swara and kiddos playing. Seeing sanskar kiddos ran towards him. Kiddos played for somethime and after that swasan made both the kiddos sleep. Sanskar was all the way looking at swara’s reaction but she looked normal. So to make sure she is not angry.

SAN: Good night.

SWA: Good night.

Swara said and laid on the bed. Sanskar smiled as she was not angry and he too slept. Swara closed her eyes and remembered all the things that happened today and blushed. Even sanskar was thinking about that only. Soon both slept.


PRECAP: Family plans to celebrate Raglak’s anniversary.

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