Love makes a change CHAPTER 50

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Ram: K k enough of yr talks. I’m very hungry.

SWA: k come everyone, let’s eat.

All sat down and swara and ragini started to serve.

Ram: Arrey y u both r serving we’ll take it by ourselves first u both sit.

SWA: but dad woh….

Ram glares at swara.

SWA:k dad we will sit.

Ragini sat beside laksh and Ritu was on laksh’s lap.

While swara was all thinking should she sit beside sanskar as she was feeling a bit uneasy.

Dev: Mumma sit na.

Saying this dev made swara to sit beside sanskar and Disha went and sat on swara’s lap while dev sat on sanskar’s.

So all started to eat while feeding their kids in between too. Dev was eating silently for the first time. Disha as usual eating and Ritu telling all her stories which she saw as a dream.

SWA: Dev.

Dev just hummed and was busy eating.

Disha: Deeeevv…..

Dev: What?

SWA: Have ate like this at least once when I used to fed u?

All giggles.

Dev: because……

Dev stood up from Sanskar’s lap and pinched swara’s cheeks with his little hands.

Dev: u r my cuteeeee Mumma.

SAN: Then me?

Dev turned towards sanskar and gave him a peck in his cheeks.

Dev: My cuteeeee papa.

All smiled.

Disha: Then me? (Pouts)

Sanskar and swara came close to Disha and kissed cheeks at the same time. Swasan looked at each other and shared a small lovely eyelock.

Dev: papa, Mumma I’m going to play.

This broke there eyelock and both got up from that position. Soon all ate and sat on the couch.

Dev, Disha and Ritu were running all around and playing. All family members were talking, no one went to work as it was Sunday. All were having nice time and swara looked at the doorstep and her smile eventually decreased seeing this all looked at the direction where swara was looking. It’s was gagodias.

Swara stood followed by others. Gagodias came inside.

Shomi: Swara how r u beta? (Glassy eyes).

Swara looked away.

Shek: R u still angry on us?

Swara still didn’t react.

Shomi came near swara to hug but Swara went behind. She closed her eyes tightly and all she remember was the taunts of theirs which they did when when she left this house 4 years ago. Those words were ringing in her ears like mantras. Her eyes turned glassy.

Shek: Won’t u forgive us?

SWA: What do you want to forgive?

Shomi: Swara (shocked)….

SWA: Please, don’t…… U both will never know how much I suffered hearing those from u both. How can u believe those photos instead of believing yr daughter? Don’t u both know about me?

Shomi and shekhar lowered their heads down while all others eyes turned glassy her voice is more than enough to tell everyone how much pain she has gone through. Sujata entered in this scene and she immediately hugged swara. Swara didn’t reciprocate.

Suj: Swara (cuped her face) I….I’m sorry beta. I don’t know and i…..I’m feeling ashamed of what I did beta. I….I really don’t know what I was doing that time. I’m regretting for my words I said…..will u forgive me swara?

Swara was feeling herself very heavy. She immediately ran to her room as she was remembering each and every thing which happened that day. Sanskar was feeling more guilty. He went behind swara and saw swara sitting on the bed crying badly. He felt like sword piercing his heart seeing her crying. He went near swara and sat beside her. He placed his hand on her shoulder. Swara immediately hugged him and was crying, he too hugged her controlling all his tears. He felt immense pain seeing her crying just because of him. Swara still didn’t realized that she was hugging sanskar and crying. Very soon she realized and broke the hug. Still was still sitting only but she didn’t show her face to him. Sanskar felt really bad. He stood up

SAN: I’m sorry.

This was a whisper. He went away with heavy heart. Swara cried even more remembering that movement and she sat down on floor. While at down stairs gagodias came near ragini while she went away and all started to go leaving behind
Sujata and gagodias. Sujata ran inside crying and gagodias left with heavy heart. It has been afternoon but still no one came out of their rooms. Now kiddos were very hungry.

Dev: Ah…I’m hungry.

Ritu: Me too.

Disha: Y no one came to eat?

Dev: K come we’ll go to chachi’s room

All 3 went to Raglak room and started to knock the door. Raglak who was crying wiped their tears.

Lak: Ragini u go and wash ur face and come otherwise kids will find out I’ll manage them.

Ragini went inside the washroom. Laksh opened the doors.

Dev: Chachu y no one came to eat? We 3 very hungry.

Lak: Aww k come we’ll do something.

Ragini came out.

Lak: Ragini kids r hungry.

Rag: K come I’ll make something. Come.

They went to kitchen while dev sneeked out from them and went to terrace as he wanted to go there. He saw someone sitting.

Dev: Who is that?

Hearing this sanskar immediately wiped his tears.

SAN: Dev

Dev: Papa.

Dev came and sat on sanskar’s lap. He saw sanskar’s eyes all red.

Dev: Papa y ur eyes is red?

SAN: Woh….ha dust went inside.

Dev immediately stood up blew air in his eyes. Sanskar immediately hugged dev.

Dev: Papa what happened?

SAN: Nothing.

Dev: No one came to eat u know even Mumma didn’t come.

SAN: U call ur mumma I’m coming down.

Dev nodded and went to swasan’s room. Sanskar took a breath and came down. Dev knocked the room.

Dev: Mumma mumma….

Swara turned and looked at the door and managed to say.

SWA: Coming.

She stood up and wiped her tears but her face looked pale and red. She opened the door.

Dev: Mumma come down na I’m too hungry.

SWA: k u go down I’ll come.

Dev nodded and went down. Swara washed her face and came down. Already Raglak, sanskar, ram was present. Ragini was arranging the table. Swara helped ragini.

Rag: Swara u k?

Swara nodded and gave a faint smile. All sat down to eat.

SWA: Dad where is mom?

Ram: She is in room.

Swara got up and went to the room.


Sujata was still crying and uttara was consoling her. Swara went inside and signed uttara to leave. Uttara left and swara sat beside sujata.

SWA: Mom.

Sujata looked at swara and swara hugged her.

SWA: Mom it’s k u….can’t do anything and was right that time moreover u didn’t taunt that much also. It’s k mom……

Suj: I’m sorry beta.

SWA: it’s k.

She broke the hug and took swara to the hall.

SWA: Dev Disha come here.

Both came.

SWA: This is yr Dadi.

Kids: Oh….. Hi Dadi.

Sujata hugged both of them. All smiled soon everything was coming back to normal. It was evening.

Ragini and swara was serving tea and snacks for everyone. While swara got a call so she excused herself and came to the corridors and attended the call and came back and sat beside ragini.

Rag: What happened?

SWA: Ah nothing big rags I’ll be doing a live night concert today.

Lak: Wow swara.

Rag: When will the concert get over?

SWA: Maybe 1 o’clock I guess?

Suj: Swara till 1, u should tc of your self too beta.

SWA: Mom I’m used to these so no problem.

Lak: This is ur first concert after showing ur reality na?

SWA: ha laksh.

Rag: Then all will go when say?

Ram: Sure.

It was night, after dinner all started to get ready. Swara got ready in a smile yet elegant full frock. All came at the hall after getting ready.

SWA: U all go in a car and I will go by scooty as I have enter through the carpet.

Ram: k come let’s go…..


So many people were gathered and swara entered while the media was taking many pictures of hers as much as they can.

Swara went and stood in the stage. All the family members were at the first.
Swara started to sing and that is where is she smiled whole heatedly. Only music gave the smile. Soon the time was getting 12. Swara was signing seeing the lyrics from the phone so in the meanwhile she messaged laksh to leave as already kids have slept in their arms. All left while sanskar didn’t want to but left due to kids.
All came and slept but sanskar didn’t sleep he was all the way looking out for swara’s arrival. Soon it was drizzling and now it started to rain too but the concert was still running out as only few people left while others were still interested listening to her songs. While here sanskar was roaming in room. He wanted to leave but what if kids got up. This was the only reason which stopped him otherwise he would have gone to see her. It was 1 now and the concert ended. Swara went to the backstage and all congratulated her. She was completely drenched too. She went to her scooty and started but due to some problem it didn’t start. She started to walk pushing her scooty with her while rain was still pouring. Finally she reached and sanskar came downstairs. Swara hand overed the scooty to the watchman and came inside. She was already shivering and now she started to feel dizzy. She was stumbling and she stopped herself by catching a pillar as she couldn’t walk anymore. Sanskar came down and in no time swara fainted by sanskar caught her right in his arms.

SAN: Oh no she is burning in fever.

He became highly tensed for her and took her in his arms. As she was totally drenched he didn’t know how to change her dress. So he called uttara to change her dress. After changing uttara left as sanskar asked her to leave and told her he will take care. He took a wollen blanket and covered her while she caught his hands and kept it closer to her as she felt very cold and his hands was giving the warmness which she wanted. He placed a cloth after dipping in cold water and he slept beside her taking her in his arms, while she adjusted herself in his arms. Sanskar closed his eyes feeling this movement as after many years she was in his arms. Soon he too dozed off. Sunrays hitted them while all were still sleeping. Swara nuzzled in him. After sometime she felt his touch and opened her eyes and saw herself in his arms and saw him still sleeping. She smiled seeing him sleeping.


I don’t know sanskar what u do but I can’t even be angry at u. I can’t see u in pain but Still whatever you did was wrong so that’s y I’m acting to angry but to the fact I’m just upset but seeing yr care and love for me u r making me fall for u more deeper instead of I getting angry. I couldn’t control myself but I will….. I will ignore u wantedly so that u will not do this again and if u fo it again I don’t know where I will end up too. POV ends.

She slowly got up from his grip and went to freshup.

Soon days were passing dev, Disha and sanskar was becoming very much closer than before. Swara still didn’t talk to sanskar but sanskar was determined to get back her trust and her too?.


PRECAP: Maheshwaris having puja, some kiddos movements, swara planning for something something ?………..

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